I found out that his married?

I was introduced to this guy a few months ago by a common friend. After exchanging numbers we became very close to each other and started talking to each other daily. I've never felt attracted to him however, he started showing too much interest. One day he told me he had feelings for me but didn't want to have a serious relationship only casual sex. I said no because I only see him as friend and I'm not attracted to him by any means. We have lots of fun together and he always respected my decision. A few weeks ago I found out his married and his wife is out of the country. I got mad at him for lying and decided to block him everywhere but he managed to reach me out and I gave him a chance to explain himself he said he hasn't been honest and that he loves his wife very much and never cheated on her. I accepted his apologies and said I'll be more than happy to have his friendship and told him we would never get involved. He keeps trying to hook up with me. I really appreciate his friendship but don't know if we should remain friends or not. What should I do?
I found out that his married?
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