My boyfriend said I’m too affectionate and stayed in a hotel secretly, am I overreacting?

My boyfriend of 4 years and I’ve been living together for 7 months. Recently he said that I was too touchy and affectionate and he needed some space (he was careful and polite). I was very upset but I just said “sure” (I am kind of a sensitive person when it comes to these situations). he was gonna go and spend a couple days in his friends house and I said okay. his best friend called me randomly and when I mentioned my boyfriend he said “he is not coming.” I was extremely paranoid so I (wrongly) looked at his credit card spending and found out that he booked a room in a hotel for a week! I went to the hotel because I thought he was cheating on me. Turns out he just wanted some time alone because he was smothered due to lockdown so he just lied to me not to hurt my feelings and was gonna come back to home a week later. he literally lied and ran away from me! He said that he was very sorry multiple times and said that he didn’t tell me because he thought I wouldn’t have understood. But that doesn’t mean he can lie to me and then just leave!! We had a pretty huge fight. I told him that I was hurt that he lied to me but I was even more hurt that he thought I touched him too much, I felt unwanted! He kept saying that he had the right to feel that way and need space but he didn’t have the right to lie so I could only be mad about the fact that he lied, not about him wanting space and distance. That really bothered me so we fought some more. It has been 2 months since this all happened and I still refuse to touch him at all. I know it’s immature but I feel so humiliated and I’m mad at him so I don’t wanna touch him. He is mad at me because he says that 2 months is a very long time So he basically hates it and that’s exactly what I wanted. I have been avoiding touching him for so long just so he could know how much it hurt and I kept saying “this is what you wanted isn’t it?”. Again, I know very wrong but I really am still soooo mad at him! Can you please comment and help?
My boyfriend said I’m too affectionate and stayed in a hotel secretly, am I overreacting?
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