How often are athletic girls attracted to non-athletic guys?

Some girls prefer to date bigger and stronger guys because they want to feel safe, protected, or traditionally feminine with their partner. Then we have ladies who are strong/athletic themselves, and often they also prefer fit guys because they want a partner who can keep up with them physically.

What I've wanted to know for a long time is: are athletic girls ever attracted to non-athletic guys? Lots of folks say "you can't generalize what people like" and that's true in principle, but I've never actually heard of a couple where the woman is clearly stronger/more fit than the man.

So: if you're a sporty or muscular lady, would you ever consider dating a man whom you know you can outrun, or out-lift, and so on? Have you ever been romantically or sexually attracted to a man who is smaller or physically weaker than you?

And for guys: have you ever been with a girl who is more athletic than you? What was your experience with her?

(For context: I am a 5'3" male who is stocky, but not athletic. Been happily single my whole life, but I know that the odds are against me if I ever decided to try dating. And I understand why most girls prefer taller and stronger guys. But, I'm also a huge sports fan, thus I've always appreciated athletic women. In fact, I'm much more attracted to taller, stronger girls than smaller, skinnier girls. And I think it's stupid when guys feel emasculated by athletic women).
How often are athletic girls attracted to non-athletic guys?
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