Here is your "Alpha Male" ladies. Want to know what they really are?

First, let me give you the honest truth of what the male types are.

Alpha Male: Loud, obnoxious and is highly misrepresenting of what they really are. If it came between your life and his, he would throw you under a bus in a heartbeat to save his own. This can be seen time and again when the Alpha Males tells his wife/girlfriend to hold the weed when they are pulled over by police and then claims the weed is not his own. They are more likely to be cheaters in an attempt to spread their tainted seed to as many women as possible, thus introducing their bad genetics in to the gene pool. It is how they have survived for as long as they have... they are the ultimate self preservationist.

Beta Male: Almost always in touch with his emotions, avoids fights whenever possible, has no need to prove himself because life is not a competition for him, but rather just lives life to it's fullest potential. A Beta Male has the highest potential to have fun with, which quintessentially (but not rightfully) has a tendency to place them in to the friend zone. Beta Males are however likely to put their own life on the line to save yours.

Sigma Male: Typically an introvert, quiet, carries himself well. Alpha males are nothing more than an annoyance to the Sigma Male and if push came to shove, the Sigma Male would make short work of the Alpha Male. The Sigma motto; "The wolf gives little notice to the ramblings of the sheep" in reference to the Alpha Male. The Sigma Males are generally thought of as Warriors, are unafraid of anyone, has no need to impress anyone, he is very likely to risk his life to save yours... and survive. Sigma Males are unimpressed by most anyone else, and a Sigma Male can in short time spot another of his kind and acknowledge each other with a simple nod of respect for one another. Sigma Males are the rarest among the males.

How many of you have figured this out for yourselves already? What were your experiences?
Here is your "Alpha Male" ladies. Want to know what they really are?
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