Cheaters: is it polyamory that you want or a one-sided monogamous relationship?

I asked this question because I think most people ESPECIALLY MEN who claim to want a serious committed relationship only to cheat on their spouse/partner sooner or later really don't want what they're asking for because I believe it takes away the thrill of sneaking around that makes cheating no longer fun especially if they grant their partner permission to date other people.

But men are notorious for this behavior because I've been a witness of this myself. I've watched MY OWN BROTHER cheat on his then girlfriend many times in our home yet will hack her e-mails, confront and belittle her for cheating on him after he just fucked some random girl he barely knows in our house 2 weeks ago.

I've watched a movie where throughout the entire movie, the man's girlfriend were continuously calling him out on his infidelity with many women he knew (with accurate evidence) despite how much it angered and hurt her the only response he gave to her was that although he does love and want to be with her that he will occasionally sleep with other women from time to time and telling her to accept it but later on in the movie he gets angry and upset when he discovers that she has been talking to an ex-boyfriend who was incarcerated and accusing her of dating him while they two are in a relationship. And I know that this is just only a movie but this type of stuff happens in real life because I have seen it many times.

I'm not saying that everyone is a hypocritical cheater I'm just asking this question because a lot of times hypocrisy and selfish reasons are the reason why most people cheat in my opinion.
Cheaters: is it polyamory that you want or a one-sided monogamous relationship?
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