We made things official; I would appreciate advice on moving things forward in a new relationship?

I need advice as this will be my very first relationship; I'm 25, and he is 26; we met on hinge in June, and Our dates have included Dinners, Bowling, Mini golfing, Board game cafes movies and shopping.
I introduced a conversation card game to our date nights, which has helped us open up more, so we have touched upon many topics, from family, marriage, values, dating etc.
He is inexperienced in dating as this will be his first relationship, so we are both new to this.

We have been on dates during the following days; June 18 (the first time we met in person), June 25, July 9 July 16 and July 23, 2022, August 1, 2022, August 13, 2022 and August 27 2022, but he solely began calling them a date on July 9

During our brunch date yesterday, I brought we're not strangers honest dating expansion card, and one of the cards in our pack asked the following, " How do you define "dating"?
So he answered this question and then told me that he had been wondering how many more dates we should go on before making things official and wanted to know how many dates I wanted to go on before I felt comfortable taking things to the next step. He also told me that he had asked his friends for opinions, but they had told him to let things happen organically, so funny enough, I had been thinking about the same thing but wanted to let him take the lead.

He then said he liked me a lot and wanted to take things to the next step; I was blushing and got so shy, but I told him I was ready whenever he felt comfortable moving things forward. So 2 seconds later, he asked me if I wanted to make things official, and I said yes ! woohoo!

So now we both looked at each other, trying to figure out the next step, lol, but it's not like anything significant has changed since making things official yesterday so I would appreciate some advice on the next step. We are both shy and haven't kissed but hugged, so I would like him to take the lead on physical stuff, but I would appreciate any other advice

We made things official; I would appreciate advice on moving things forward in a new relationship?
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