Was I rude in this volunteering role, and should I really care if I was?

I volunteered earlier this year at a legal support charity for lawyers needing accommodation and mental health support.

I worked in a small office with four other people, including the manager, who wasn't there all the time as they had to attend meetings at the head office a few days a week.

The four others were all hot girls, and I hate them with a passion, since they're all fucked-up and low people. every last one of them. I used to give them some bad looks, and one day I wore my Man United top, and one of them was a Tottenham fan. In the kitchen, she asked me "United? why UNITED?" I responded "Well, we got three champions league and 20 league titles. WAAAYY more than your shit club. So I guess I have more brains and smarts to match our bigger trophy cabinet, don't you say? You can't be that smart if you follow a club with only two league titles!" She looked really shocked, and then she must have told the other girls because for the rest of the week, they gave me the silent treatment and such dirty stares and glances.

The office manager came in at the end of the week, and asked me to speak with her alone. She said that the girl in question had told me about the incident, and she asked if there was a problem. I said no. She then said that she thinks I'm a good worker, and that she wants me to continue contributing there. So she said if there is any problem, to raise it with her.

To be honest, I didn't care, since all hottie girls are bad scum. I'm looking for a reason to care, tbh.

Was I rude in this volunteering role, and should I really care if I was?
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