Was I too harsh in getting angry with my wife for her driving?

Was I too harsh in getting angry with my wife for her driving?

This happened just a couple of hours ago. We go to get some groceries, she's driving. She drives, and looks at her phone, constantly. I tell her twice to watch the road. I couldn't tell her the third time, because she burned a "stop" sign and almost got us t-boned by a truck.

We were both shaken but she managed to pull over into a parking lot, and at that point I exploded, because she could have killed both of us, left our daughter and orphan, and make my mother lose another children and her parents lose their only daughter; all because she could not stop checking her damn phone.

I didn't raise my voice too much but she still sobbed and sobbed, and eventually I drove us home. She's sorry and I regret being that harsh, but you simply don't drive like that. It's not only dangerous for everyone, but also illegal and it can result in an hefty fine, plus outright voiding the driving license and seizing the vehicle.

My mother agrees with me but says I'm being too harsh and just making it worse. Frankly I think that this should be a lesson, because I find it terrifying to even think that she drives like that every day, and with my daughter to booth. I'm not risking losing my wife and daughter because of the plain idiocy of not leaving the damn phone alone while driving.

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Thank you everyone for sharing your opinion, I wholeheartedly appreciate it. Some clarifications - I only raised my voice in the heat of the moment, not through the whole drive back.
She's a fairly inexperienced driver - she got her license when she was my age three years ago, while I got mine as soon as I was 18 - I don't judge her inexperience, but her grave mistake in that situation.
We made up in the evening - she apologized for her recklessness and I apologized for raising my voice.
Was I too harsh in getting angry with my wife for her driving?
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