Ladies and Gentlemen which sort of romantic relationship would you prefer to have?

Male Led Relationship: Just the usual traditional marriage where the man is in charge. The guy gets the final say while he is the one who makes the money and make the decisions. His wife is essentially his responsibility and she usually stays home and do the cooking, cleaning and raising of the children. He is basically the boss!

Female Led Relationship: This is essentially the reverse of the traditional male leader and women follow relationship. In the female led relationship the woman is in charge and have the most say at the house, she will most likely be the main breadwinner and her husband is her responsibility. Her husband might take up the traditional feminine job of being home maker but still she is the boss and have the final word.

Partnership Relationship: In this relationship there isn't really a main leader because both the man and woman equally have a say in the couple. This relationship requires more compromise but still both the guy and girl have the same amount of power so no one is the final decider.

So men and women in terms of finding a potential partner which sort of lady or man is in your mind?

Personally myself I prefer if me and my future girl compromise and share equal say and responsibility I don't favor this one gender lead and the other gender follow concept. I rather choose a partnership but what about you men and women which relationship look more appealing in your eyes?

Male Led Relationship (MLR)
Female Led Relationship (FLR)
Partnership Relationship (Both man and woman has an equal say in the couple.)
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Ladies and Gentlemen which sort of romantic relationship would you prefer to have?
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