Relationship Limbo "You're MY girl"?

So, me and this guy have been dating for about 7 weeks (seeing each other every weekend). We have sex and sometimes I'll stay with him from Friday to Saturday. If he has to, he'll go straight to work after we wake up, or if he has the day off we spend Saturday together. Sometimes we'll hang on Sunday after he leaves work.

We're in relationship "limbo" right now, I guess, because we're not quite bf/gf, but we are both not seeing anyone. We met on a dating site and he told me he erased his account, and later I told him I toook mine down too. We keep in contact via text (never really talk on the phone).

We have great conversations and when we have moments when we're not talking, it's not awkward. We cuddle after sex, he spoons me when we sleep, gives me random kisses on my back and body when we're hugging, and is just a really romantic guy. He's given me flowers, a corsage (I mentioned I never had a prom, so he "took me to prom") and made artwork for me (he's an artist w/his own studio).

Whenever we go out drinking, he always makes a toast "to us" and mentioning future plans (concert, comedy shows) to take me to. All signs point to us being in a girlfriend/boyfriend situation type thing, but it's not official.

This past Sunday night we were at a bar with one of his friends and he said to me, "Girl, you got it all: you're smart, funny, laid-back, and you get prettier every time I see you." Then later in the night he was holding my hand, poking me, and asking me for kisses on the cheek. He kissed me in front of his friend (hadn't shown PDA in front of his friend until then). Later on we were talking in his room and he called me "beautiful in more ways than one." Then, of course, we start making out and getting down to business and he says to me "You're MY girl" in a sort of possessive, but sweet way.

So, what do you guys think? Is this guy gonna ask me to be his girlfriend or does he assume we are gf/bf? OH, also, we are friends on Facebook and we both have "single" as our status. Haven't changed it at all. Which I don't really care, Because it's just Facebook. I really enjoy his company and where the relationship is righ tnow, but I just want some outside opinions, especially from the male of the species. He's told me before that he was looking for someone that would like him for him. He's been with a lot of females before and says they've all "misjudged" him or that they were good-looking, but weren't very complex and/or intelligent. I'm using my woman's intuition and I know he obviously likes me, but do you think he'd want to be in a relationship with me?

Sidenote: I see his parents at his house all the time, but he hasn't really "introduced" me to them.
Relationship Limbo "You're MY girl"?
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