What can a guy who wants kids of his own do if he can't find a partner?

Now this is more so thinking in the future I am in my early 30s so I do have time but as it asks I want kids of my own someday. It is something I have always wanted to be a Husband and a Dad.

I worry because I have dating and had a few relationships since my last serious one but those never grew into something serious. Now I would rather not adopt because I want my children to at least have some biological connection to me (not trying to knock adoption I think it is very admirable for people who do it but it would be my absolute last choice).

The reason why I am concerned is to have children especially more then one you have to factor your own age in and it takes time to foster a relationship to where someone would want that with someone else at least one that has a better chance of lasting.

I think worse case scenario I could utilize a surrogate to have kids but I worry that might be a selfish decision as to what that would do to my kids growing up without a Mother in their lives regularly. Plus I have heard some surrogates even with payment and understanding laid out will sometimes try to reclaim the kids they never wanted in the first place. I know that might be paranoid but one has to consider various possibilities when such a life changing decision is on the table.

Ideally I would want to meet the right woman marry her and have a family with her but based on my lack of success and the landscape of dating today I worry about those odds in the next 5 to 7 years.

What do you think about these various options and do you have any ideas, suggestions, thoughts or advice? Let me know below and thank you for your time.

What can a guy who wants kids of his own do if he can't find a partner?
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