Would you leave wealth behind to be with someone who is poor?

Would you leave the material things and a wealthy lifestyle behind to be with someone poor if it's real Love? Short story to my Q&A I grew up in an adopted home, both parents worked good-paying jobs, so we never went without food, water power, we weren't rich but wealthy. When I was young I went through a phase of wanting the fancy things in life until I realized money can't buy happiness, because I wasn't taught lessons with money my parents always gave me what I wanted. anyway, my boyfriend of 6 months, lives in a poor community, and barely has food on the table, he has the power on in his house but for a while, they don't have enough to pay the water bill. They've struggled in life. I never knew how bad poverty is until I met someone who has lived in it or you in it.
Anyway, we are madly in love with each other and being with my boyfriend and seeing what my future could be like if I stayed with him. I realized what kind of commitment I'm going have to take, what I'm going have to leave behind to be with someone worth it as him
Yes i would i can't live that life
Im stayed through thick and thin
I'm not sure
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Would you leave wealth behind to be with someone who is poor?
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