Do you try to see positive even when life throws you pain?


Ngl, this past week has been the toughest and the most painful I’ve ever experienced in my life.

I broke my leg in 2 places, due to silly competition I was playing in high boots that were totally unsuitable for competition.

Due to my silliness I experienced awful pain and fear.

I also underwent a major surgery, that put titanium in my leg and now I have to go through long 4 months of rehabilitation and hopefully the only thing I’ll worry about will be the scar - 6 months later. I do hope so.

But… Now, what I feel grateful about is that during this time of hardship I received the support of my family, friends and strangers, some “friends” left me alone. I am also grateful about that as I saw they only wanted friendship with me in my good and happy days.

Some people who I might have not been friends with in the past, showed me so much support and humanity that it left me in tears.

My boss’s brother has been with me through it all in the hospital , he’d come every morning at 05:00 and would leave every evening at 07:00. He took care of me so well.

My company covered all the charges of hospital and they even hired a caretaker for me who’ll live with me for a month, so that I can have someone to help me with housework, cooking and all, and I won’t have to put any pressure on my leg, so it can heal soon and well.

I don’t know what will happen in 2-3 months, I can only hope for the best.

But so far, this experience taught me a lot…

And in a way, probably made me stronger, because I was feeling so lonely and so powerless, still I had to be my own hero.

I also had some nice fun experiences, from the emergency doctors who were very cute to me, one even asked my wechat, to the surgeons who were also very nice, to the delivery guy who was bringing me food at hospital, and telling me that our meeting was a fate and that he can help me with anything I need, to a stranger man who told me, I am his sister and helped me a lot.

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It’s kind of a pleasure to know, even in my worst shape, and in worst pain I’ve experienced I’ve still managed to cause positive feelings in people.

Now it’s time to start a long rehabilitation and hopefully it will go great. I’ll never wear those heavy boots again.

And I’ll never compete so hard to have my bone broken again haha
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I need to mention @love_conquers_lust who created a very encouraging AI picture for me - of a happy girl running in the field. It was very encouraging to see it on the day of my surgery and imagine that it will be me 6 months later. Thank you. 😊
Do you try to see positive even when life throws you pain?
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