Mate poaching: why do some people do it?

A friend of mine tried to poach not one but three guys I dated off me. You could argue that mate poachers don't exist, as it takes two to tango, but mate poaching is about someone purposefully trying to attract, manipulate or prize away someone from their current longterm relationship.

Some tactics involve manipulating both people in the relationship against each other, or infiltrating the relationship under the guise of friendship and trying to persuade the couple to break up. Or putting down/humiliating their rival in order to seem like the more appealing option.

Studies have said that both male and female mate poachers tend to be higher in dark triad traits, such as machiavellianism, psychopathy and low empathy.

A study on mate-poaching says this:

"For poachers, the primary challenge is persuading a person to leave their current partner without raising the partner’s suspicion or incurring the partner’s wrath.

Targets of poaching, meanwhile, must carefully weigh the anticipated benefits and costs of defecting, while potential poachees must remain vigilant and successfully fend off would- be poachers (i. e., mate guarding)"

They say 49% of men have tried poaching a mate off of another man, and 63% of women have tried poaching a mate off another woman. An alarming 80% of both men and women succeed when they try, but the relationship quality of mate poachers is very low. Aka they tend to have toxic relationships.

What do you think about mate poachers? Do they exist and if so, why do you think they do it?

Mate poaching: why do some people do it?
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