How long should I wait until I see my LDR in person?

We started dating at the beginning of this year, so it has already been about 4 months. We have exchanged photos and have been calling almost every day, we practically sleep on phone calls. We are going to start video calling by beginning of June and see what happens.

I have my university studies left to do for the remainder of this year, so my timing is not great at all. I have certain time gaps which I can see him:

End of June, End of October, November or beginning of December. I was going to discuss these options with him as he is also saving me money. I was going to visit him for 2 weeks and if things work out, I will visit him again in February next year for a month before I start university again.

I am only concerned about things becoming boring or stale, and usually the "honeymoon" phase ends at 6 months. So, I thought about June seeing him then, but I thought it would make a good test on our relationship too. I've known this guy online for 3 years now and we decided to take things to the next level. We watch movies, play games together, take photos and share them, we do a lot together. It is comforting.

I would prefer seeing him because of his own circumstances. What timeline would be best to see him? I can discuss with him later.

End of June
End of October
November - December
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How long should I wait until I see my LDR in person?
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