Why is my guy friend always concealing things from me?

He just told me he got in an accident and said he hurt himself while riding a motorcycle and I felt that he should know he's not good at it so why do it? I just feel he always self-destructs. I got triggered when the time he was also in danger and his partner was abusive and threatening his life, he also involved me in it and texted me.

Since then, we had evolved into a codependency where his issues became mine. When i had enough, i left but he continuously messaged me and so we became friends again. For the past three months he had been helping me in my sickness constantly asking how i am and acting like my doctor. He even visited me in the hospital. Always praising me and comforting me. Plus, he even talked to me whenever he has panic attacks.

Then, now he betrayed me again and did not tell me he will travel and went with someone else traveling somewhere. I always feel im kept in the dark. He never told me he had a partner in the past and only told our common friend. He told me instead that it was his room mate. Whenever we talk, he always goes out of his house to talk to me because he said someone can hear.

At times, he prefers me to message him through text and not in social media. I feel like he is hiding things from me. Then now when everything sucks, he is expecting me to comfort him.

I'm really just wanting not anymore to be part of his life.

Why is my guy friend always concealing things from me?
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