Does an engagement take nearly 3 years?

My family and friends are very worried for me. There is no wedding date set up yet. My fiance keeps postponing our wedding date and there seems to be no real good reason anymore. The last time it was because of a job promotion he needed to get and the other time it was because he wanted to wait till I got my Master's degree. That already happened and now it's getting postponed again for 6 months.

I'm now wondering if moving in together was a bad move from the very beginning. Even though I've established a timeframe from the start that I wouldn't be a girlfriend for more than 2 years (after that, it was either breaking up or engagement), now I'm feeling as if he might have proposed just to keep me. I feel like he went a step further and instead of ''keeping a girl as a girlfriend for years'' went on to ''keeping her as a fiancee so she shuts up''. I don't feel secure anymore. It's weird. I have my ring and yes I'm his fiancee but I'm feeling no different than being downgraded to girlfriend status; basically no different than the ''forever girlfriend''.

Does an engagement really take nearly 3 years (it's been 32 months in total now)? I always thought being engaged was for a short time, more like a brief review of our whole relationship. We don't have children. I don't want to get pregnant without getting married but now it feels like I might be wasting my time. I just turned 30 last week.

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I would like to add that he's been pushing for kids a couple times last year. I don't know want to without the wedding taking place though.
Does an engagement take nearly 3 years?
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