AITA for getting rid of this guy for this reason?

I (40/f) was seeing a man (39/m) for the last two months and he seemed great at first, until I found out he’s an electronics snob. He spends a ridiculous amount of money on electronics, upgrades everything by purchasing more electronics within a year and although I thought it was a bit nuts (because I grew up poor and am very thrifty), I didn’t say anything. I just figured that it’s his money and if he can afford it, it’s fine.

I’m the opposite. I’m a veteran who used the monthly education stipend from the VA, which helped with money since I was going to school online, working part time and taking care of my sick parents. My parents nts are better now, I’m working and finally saved and built my credit up enough to purchase a house on the VA’s dollar.

After moving in and getting settled, I threw a house party and invited him, thinking that since we’ve been seeing each other, it would be a nice way to meet my friends and celebrate my new home. He comes in, goes into my bedroom and sees my old radio alarm clock that I’d purchased from the exchange right after I joined the military and starts making fun of me for it. My reason for keeping it was “it still works very well and I love my little radio CD player alarm clock. I’m not getting rid of it”, so he then says “ok I’ll smash it to pieces before I leave!” Thinking he was kidding, I simply replied “oh shut up” and laughed it off, then stepped away to use the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom, he literally took the alarm clock (with my fave cd in the CD player) outside and ran over it with his truck, then hands me the broken pieces and says “now you don’t have a choice but to upgrade”.

I was so angry that I called him an asshole, threw him out and dumped him. Luckily my friends hadn’t arrived yet. My friends arrived and asked where he was, then when I told them what happened they said dumping him was a mistake. Are they right? Am I the asshole?

AITA for getting rid of this guy for this reason?
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