My boyfriend hung up the phone on me? Now I don't trust him.

OK my boyfriend and I got into a huge argument couple a days ago and he called me to confront me on what I did and I explained everything to him , and how it was a misunderstanding, but he just hung up on me , and it even hurt me more. right now were OK , we went out for lunch today he said he was sorry, and I apologized as well, but I'm still kinda upset he did that to me, I'm still angry :/ and I question weather if he really LOVES me or NOT? because if he loved me he wouldn't have disrespected me while I was explaining by hanging up. I don't know... guys have you ever hung up the phone on your girlfriend due to anger before? right now I just feel a little sad thinking about, I want to let go of it but I keep dwelling on the past of him hanging up on me like that :/ .. it just upset me

i just don't trust it anymore when he says "i love you" I don't believe the fact that he even loves me because of that...


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  • Your boyfriend didn't mean to hurt you. He is just nervous and you might have triggered him during the fight. Please accept that people think and act differently. He apologized and that is what is important. Many guys don't apologize by the way and leave their girls crying and hurting for days and even weeks. Moreover, being bitter will hurt your relationship on the long run so try to forgive and forget and talk through your problems and worries or whatever rather than repressing and feeling bitter and angry. Please don't dwell on it more than that :)


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  • no offense, but you're being overdramatic. its okay, most teenage girls are from time to time. I did much worse things to my girlfriend when I got mad and guess what? she dumped me. now 10 months later, I love her to death and I would do anything to make things right. unfortunately she still feels hurt so I can't make any progress yet.

    so yeah I admit guys can be insensitive. hanging up while you were trying to explain is not only rude but its disrespectful and hurtful. however keep in mind that if this is one of the only bad things he does, try not to overreact and get "crushed" by what he did.


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  • Do you usually have fights like this? If he doesn't act like that all the time, I would try to forgive him. We do stupid stuff when we're angry, I've probably done worse to my boyfriend when I was mad, even though I love him to death. I'm just not very good at controlling my anger, lots of people aren't. But he apologized, and that's a good start. Just try to get him to let you know next time he's angry and needs to cool off, that way you can back off for a while. It doesn't mean he doesn't love you. There are always things we can work on when it comes to communicating with each other.

  • This might be a good opportunity to address him on it. Try sitting down and explaining to him how badly that hurt you and in the future you would appreciate it if when he feels like he doesn't want to talk to you right now to tell you up front before just hanging up. That way you know

    1.) OK he is gonna call me back...once he cools down.

    2.) he has enough respect for you to at least let you know he is extremely upset with you.

    Also, it may be a good idea to bring up that if he isn't completely cooled down to text you and let you know he doesn't want to talk just yet...that way you know to just leave him alone for awhile.

    This is what my boyfriend and I do and it really helps with communication.