LONG DISTANCE - should we continue if they're about to move further away?? ADVICE/ PERSONAL EXPERIENCE??

I've been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for almost 3 years. We both are "in love" and love/ respect each other and most aspects of the relationship work well. He's my first serious/ sexual relationship, I'm his second serious/ sexual relationship but his first was less emotionally involved - rather shallow and mostly about sex.

Right now we're about 4 hours apart when driving, for most of our time he was about one hour away when at school. There's a chance that he's going to be getting his first real job and it's going to be in a different part of the country and the driving time would increase to about 11+ hours.

As I said, I love and am "in love" with my boyfriend. However, I've known that he's not "the one" for me for a variety of reasons. We have different views on politics, family size/ rearing, settling down locations, career goals, life style vs. income, religion/ spirituality, etc. However, I believe the ideas that you can learn from every relationship and not every one is meant to be a lifetime - either friendship or romantic. I don't feel like we're "done" yet and I'm not afraid to keep this going if it lasts another 3 years or however long - if there's love, why end it? We do have things in common and have introduced new things to each other and started new interests together, but I know there's more things against us lasting than staying together in the long run. We work for now, and we have a healthy/ loving relationship, so that's good for now.

However, the distance has always frustrated me. I'm really scared the increase in distance will make us more disconnected. I doubt we'd be able to afford to visit each other as often - which is only once a month or less. I've never had a serious relationship that was close by, but I know that I long to be able to randomly meet up or cook dinner with each other - the "little things".

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AND ADVICE to share about long distance relationships?!? Success stories? Warning signs? TIPS? Should I end it because I know he's not "the one" for me? Should we tough it out until it doesn't work? Should we reevaluate if/ when he moves? How long have some of your relationships lasted when they're completely long distance - never having lived close together and no plans to move for each other? PLEASE HELP! :(
LONG DISTANCE - should we continue if they're about to move further away?? ADVICE/ PERSONAL EXPERIENCE??
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