To marry or break up: A decision I can't decide!

This eternal conflict of mine has been in my mind for the past 4 years, puzzling back and forth to wondering if it would be more...

Cheaters never change?

At the expense of getting a lot of hate, I'm ending this myth now. I have a boyfriend who I would have been with 10 years now if I...

I Know It Meant Nothing

Yes, I have a problem. A big one, maybe. Somehow I create these situations in my mind and I find (search, create, develop, make) details...

What is love? How men and women communicate and think differently!

This myTake it's something I've been thinking about a lot, but I was inspired to write it from a conversation I had with one of my good...

I'm Not Religious, but I Get Signs At Every Turn

I will try to keep this as concise as possible. Never have any of my relationships ever worked out. For me, my career and being the most...

Why helping your Wife/GF with the housework is Manly

Many men think splitting the housework with your GF/wife is unmanly. But actually it's the exact opposite. This is a short mytake...

Nice guy or flirting :How to tell a difference between someone being nice and flirting?

For example: coworker This guy, for example: in meetings he always sits next to me. When I sat away from him he left the room and when...

How do I meet a kind, handsome man without baggage like a marriage and children already?

Who likes me back? Just wondering! Someone my same age (give or take a few years). Who wants the marriage and family thing... seems...

Wait or let go?

After two years of one-sided love and nearly giving up, he told me to wait for him to "learn" to love me. Should I wait? Or should I...

Girls, what would it take for me to be your boyfriend?

I’ll be a good boy don’t worry.

What's your opinion on friends with benefits?

Have you been in a relationship like that? Do you think it's better to progress from it to a real relationship, or end it at some point?

What does he mean?

I've been in love with a guy for more than a year and he's known it for quite some time. We're not dating. For all the time he's known...

Should I forgive her?

Hello, Yesterday my girlfriend of a year and half admitted that she had started talking to another boy and had taking a liking to him...

Have you ever cheated on anyone? Be honest?

Why and how did it turn out if you did?

Scale 1-10 how much do you care what others think?

Please give a reason for your scale choice.

Sending a girl emojis like 😘, 🌺, 🌷, 😉.. flirt or just “being nice”?

Guys would you send emojis like that to a girl to flirt, just be nice.. or both? Girls.. how would you take those emojis?

What personality type do you think is more attractive and why?

As an introvert myself, im fascinated by almost all extroverts for just being able to get on with others so easily without knowing them...

Should I text him tonight?

The guys I'm seeing has been texting me after work when he's free. Last night I texted him because I missed him and he replied saying...

Would You Really End a GOOD Relationship if your partner didn't want to get married?

Let's say you've been in a relationship for 8 years and it was a GREAT relationship. Would you end the relationship if your partner...

Is making the other person cry an important milestone in a relationship?

Does one person crying mark an important step in a relationship? Context: I’ve cried over my girlfriend before and now I am in a...