Better than Jordan Peterson! My Unique 12 Laws of Success - Christian Inspired

Better than Jordan Peterson! My Unique 12 Laws of Success - Christian Inspired

Everybody Has Heard of Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules of Life

I have something Even Better.

For my token image - I used 12 wise counsellors from the Ming Dynasty. It is an ancient artifact which allegorizes the timeless nature of my 12 rules.

These are my 12 Rules of Success

1st Rule – Don’t judge people either visually or sexually or morally or intellectually

2nd Rule – Submit to your parents and serve your relatives

3rd Rule – Consider the feelings of others

4th Rule – Avoid being a leech or drain of social resources

5th Rule – Don’t mock those of unfortunate backgrounds or say they deserve to be poor

6th Rule – Protect the privacy of others and be genuinely loyal to your bosses at work

7th Rule – Don’t sexually objectify others or harbour any inequality or unfaithfulness in your romantic relationships

8th Rule – Don’t misuse religious or family or social resources by being a taker and not a giver or server

9th Rule – Respect your place and the limits of you by your role by not associating with those who are in authority over you or speaking out against leaders and rulers

10th Rule – Be upfront and honest about your boundaries and confront those who fail to meet your expectations if you know your input matters

11th Rule – Don’t take advantage of a weak or helpless person even if they are flawed

12th Rule – Don’t be pessimistic or self-destructive or lazy or unnecessarily hateful and angry

Better than Jordan Peterson! My Unique 12 Laws of Success - Christian Inspired
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  • Yes, and I write the best code in the world. The best. No one writes code better than me. I beat bill gates all the time. Nobdy beats me at code, I am telling you and if you ask 'them' they will say that too. I will be the best coder god ever created.
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    • sensible27

      On a serious note... they are alright but not actually insightful or helpful or very practical. The value extraction doesn't seem to be equal, on equal levels...

    • Do you mean value extraction as the laws are not equally balanced in importance or do you mean I should not be comparing myself to Jordan Peterson?

    • sensible27

      Your laws (or where you copied them from?) don't exactly provide the same real world value. The former maybe? What you're saying seems like telling someone to be mature or get smarter... The thing is I doubt prodes/provides equal or as much value as telling someone how to get smart or be mature or do a perticular thing... They seem... for a lack of a better word in my mind... vague...

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  • These are good rules to follow
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  • Tishmaria
    I'm glad you said Christian inspired these laws are just for good morals not to be successful. They are like secondary laws not primary. And the 12 counsellors of the Ming Dynasty were not Christians. Just suggesting though.. Anyway Nice list
  • JackSmy
    NO, not everyone has heard of Jordan Peterson!!
    I kind of HATE anyone that has a LIST of shit that I 'MUST' follow!!
    Sounds like a cult!!
  • Nadim171
    I don't want to come off as rude. Consider this constructive criticism. How does any of these rules actually help you reach success? You can debunk this by observing history. Let's say a sucessful person like John D. Rockefeller. He took advantage of the weak and the poor by making his competition go bankrupt. Same with honesty. All sucessful politicians manipulate the public to vote for them.

    I think Machiavelli's the prince or Robert Geene's the 48 laws of power are better guide.
  • Grond21
    I would submit that Jordan Peterson's rules are superior. Yours have most to do with feelings. His are practical, and drastically build up your character as a person
  • realperson02
    More like laws to be good rather than successful. All the points are unrelated to success in my opinion
  • honestGUY45
    I'll bet more people haven't heard of this guy, or his rules. I'm one of them.
  • Alexhan230
    That's nice
    • Alexhan230

      I will be glad if we can be of any help