The Carnal Vs. the Spiritual - The Mystery and Utilization of Salt

The Carnal Vs. the Spiritual - The Mystery and Utilization of Salt

I've done a MyTake on salt previously but I want to improve my old views - my new understanding of Salt is that it is a symbol for judgment

But let me be clear - there is carnal judgment and spiritual judgment

Carnal judgment is not salt - since carnal judgment would be a yellowish colour

Spiritual judgment is salt - since spiritual salt is the white which is the colour of cleanliness and purity

So Jesus said "have salt within yourself and be at peace with one another."

Spiritual judgement that comes from God makes you merciful and compassionate and empathetic

Carnal judgment that comes from the human ego makes you angry and vindictive and hungry for punishment

Spiritual judgment makes you selfless and willing to share

Egotistic judgment makes you greedy and competitive and jealous when others are happy

The most important thing is you practice spiritual judgment which comes from common with God

and not egotistic judgment which comes from the carnal mind and heart and soul

In the same way that we need salt to live

So we need judgment to live

Without proper judgment - you can't work an intellectual job because you will make mistakes and be too lazy to listen to your boss - you can't work a manual labour job because you have no conscience and will endanger others out of carelessness - you can't maintain a healthy diet cause you will chose the pleasures of cheese cake and fructose corn syrup over the bliss of a long and healthy life - you can't maintain your social relationships because you will always put your needs above others - you can't get along with others because you will be too weak and selfish to have any sense of accountability

So salt is a symbol for judgment - but not any judgment - salt is a symbol for spiritual judgment

And not carnal judgment

The Carnal Vs. the Spiritual - The Mystery and Utilization of Salt
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  • I use salt as protection on my paranormal investigations
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    yus, being welltempered and kind is important to get along... but you don't have to be a doormat
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    So are you a virgin Jennifer?
    • yeah I am

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      I don't mean to intrude, but... can you say why?