Three Gateway Sins Addressed in Psalms 1 of the Bible

Three Gateway Sins Addressed in Psalms 1 of the Bible

The bible says

1. Blessed is the one who rejects the advice of the violent

2. And does not share the lifestyle of the wrong doer

3. And does not isolate himself like the willfully ignorant

4. But his joy is on the goodness of God and on this wisdom he fixates day and night

5. He is like a spirit firmly planted by forgiveness and love

6. His kindness does not wither

7. In whatever he does, he prospers

8. The violent are not so but are like garbage that the Lord drives away

9. Therefore the violent will fail when they judge others

10. The wrong diet will be inferior to the loving

11. For the Lord knows the ways of the loving

12. But the ways of the violent will perish

Three Gateway Sins Addressed in Psalms 1 of the Bible
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  • Jjpayne
    It's a good lesson to be sure. Violence is not the way. Peace is
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    • Jjpayne

      Thank you for the mho 😊

  • ohshee
    Thank you needed to read that
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  • raven6933
    Hmm the willfully ignorant, there are those whom believe that they can do whatever they please and on their death bed as God for forgiveness simply because that's what they have been lead to believe. There are several women in a group I have been following that say they are Christians and simply because they no longer wanted any part of be a cult follower and did not vote as such came under attack by their own church. Battered and belittled have suddenly realize they have been going to the wrong church even after going there since they were children.
  • Purple_Rose
    This is literally what my sermon this morning at my church was about.
    I second my boi here... wonderful take... thanks
  • ttcccccccc
    Very true just easier said then done but very true