Why the rich have a hard time entering the kingdom - Bible talk

Why the rich have a hard time entering the kingdom - Bible talk

Jesus said it is easier for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God but many men like Jacob and Abraham and Solomon and David were rich in money and men like Moses and Elijah and Jesus and Cyrus were rich in status.

What I believe Jesus might have been referring to is the riches of pleasure and social glory. While many praised Jesus, he said He did not benefit from the praise because He did not base His self worth on the social favour or disfavour of human beings and while Abraham was wealthy, he always used his riches to serve his God, his society, his wife, and his family, and never for indulgence or pleasure.

Those who pursue pleasure, lose their spiritual power, those who pursue praise, lose their spiritual strength.

Only when you sacrifice pleasure and the enjoyment of praise from human beings, can you enter the kingdom of heaven and discover the spiritual pleasure and spiritual praise that comes from seeking and serving God.

I know devout men who were motivated by money and as their lives progressed, then ended up turning away from God.

Do not be deceived! Unspiritual motives will hijack your faith in God, if not today than tomorrow it will happen.

Why the rich have a hard time entering the kingdom - Bible talk
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  • Kas19

    That whole paragraph about not seeking praise/pleasure from others but from serving god honestly made me scoff lmao. I don't think you should have a reliance or unhealthy obsession with praise/pleasure derived from others, but like, I think it's normal to seek those things.

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  • collie22

    ill-gotten gains can be hard for some to give up to enter the kingdom God

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  • OddBeMe

    No Jesus was talking about money. But the so called Christian leaders want you think it’s “social glory” and disregard the fact they’re making millions off your faith.

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  • Kayla45

    Hm, interesting my take, although I don't understand what difference it makes of you are poor or wealthy in a religious sense.


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