How I define humility and arrogance

How I define humility and arrogance

To me humility is about putting God’s interests and the interests of others above your own interests and desires while arrogance is about putting your own interests and desires above those of others or of God.

How I define humility and arrogance
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  • jasco
    Selfishness and selflessness is what your saying to me. Arrogance is more boost than anything else
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  • Jouth
    confidence above all else
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  • crazy8000
    That one are misused very often by many.

    Even preached to make people do all kind of thing's.
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  • Whatyouwannaknow
    Your right about both humility and arrogance but the truth is they are both the opposites for each other so they will naturally attract eachother. So when two people with humility that care and give and are loving and understanding of others they will end up hating and pushing the other away same with two negative people sadly thats the law of attraction and it hurts more people then it benefits and sad people hurt other people...4 some dumb reason I think its extremely retarded and backwards but its how it is... ya feel?
    • Actually two people that are the same like minded are more likely to stay together vs someone with narcissistic behavior dating an empath. Arrogance people are rude n mean and I for one won’t tolerate a mean person in my life after I worked so hard not to be one. I no longer believe opposites attract each other. Besides male / female. I have never dated a man who was kind giving and shared a long history of humility. Maybe in the beginning but than it stopped. As if like a trick or front. I would prefer to date a kind person who gives. Gives love attention time, cuddles n all the good things that come with giving from the heart.

  • Rachel420Hanma
    Shut up about god already 🙄
  • Anonymous
    Yes, I agree totally! I've seen too much arrogance on the dating sites. Kindness and humility are very valuable to me.
  • Anonymous
    Humility is feminine energy