Why honest people have an advantage in life

Why honest people have an advantage in life

At my school, the drop out rate for medical school students is under 2% while the drop out for theology students is over 40%. This begs the question of why theology has such a high drop out rate and my theory is that being exposed to false information is emotionally and mentally draining.

You have to take courses on subjects you do not agree with, courses that say everything you believe is lies, courses on nonsensical garbage you consider to be a total waste of man power in information gathering and you have to intentionally deny things you know and believe in order to make the grade. For example, when I studied the book of Daniel for one of my classes, I had to memorize something I knew to be an incorrect interpretation of scripture in order to get a perfect A on the quiz.

So people who tell lies are the same way: You do not feel comfortable disclosing your feelings towards to the person and will not allow youself to be vulnerable with the person because you do not view them as sincere. You do not show your emotions towards the person, do not allow yourself to bind with them because your guard is up, and this leads to impersonalization and objectification towards the person which mutes out your protective instinct towards them and your sense of loyalty to them.

Men want to feel the person they are with is emotionally safe because after a long day at work, your deepest desire is to relax and connect and to know you are valued and cared for, if not financially, than emotionally, which is why an honest woman who is kind is so addictive to men. Like Justin Bieber who married Hailey when he had Selena Gomez and many others after him for a ring.

Why honest people have an advantage in life
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