Two Warnings God gave me through dreams

Two Warnings God gave me through dreams

I had one dream 14 years ago during the Christmas holidays while sleeping at a vacation hotel. In my dream I was headed towards a party at my friend’s house but I was going the wrong direction and a charming guy in a tuxedo comes up to me and choked me to death and I end up in hell.

This reminds me of the story in the bible, where a seed is planted among thorns that choke the plant out, which Jesus said was a symbol for being so preoccupied with worldly cares, that you forget the kingdom of God and chase illusions, fantasies and lies instead.

The second dream I had was one where I had enough money to buy anything I wanted and could date or marry anybody I wanted but I was miserable, so miserable that I wanted to end my life, and I gave my money away and I was happy again, meaning, no amount of money can make you happy when you have no meaning or purpose or higher calling to serve.

Many Rockefellers have given away all their money and chosen to work as regular college professors, humanitarians in third world countries, or doctors in crises relief facilities, understanding that their deepest desire is purpose and meaning and not material or sensory experience. Some have also changed their last names because they know money, status and praise without work is a curse.

Two Warnings God gave me through dreams
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  • petitedollbabee
    You have some cool dreams. I’ve had plenty of dreams where I’ve felt like god is sending me messages - but never had dreams so direct as your ones.
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  • loves2learn
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Money simply does not buy happiness.
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    • dolemite89

      true but have u ever tried frowning on a wave runner before? 😛🤣🤣

    • A flowrider? I dunno sometimes I have to concentrate. Lol

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  • collie22
    Biblical dreams seem to never fade. I had a dream with Jesus and running horses around us he told me not to be afraid.
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