What I learned from the Jews this week

What I learned from the Jews this week

There are two Jewish musicians I used to follow on YouTube who sang about how our differences make us unique and are a cause for celebration and God has taught me to rely on the gifts and endowments He has given me and not on the opinions of others. I realized the only way I can succeed and achieve my potential in life is if I do it on my terms. I will give you an example:

I wanted to write a book using uncommon words in my title and a guy I went to for advice told me to use a more common word for my title, but I realized that since I wanted to write a whole series of books, where only one word in each title of my book series was different from other the titles in my series, I could change my title too and still maintain my carefully curated patterns of parallel word structure, so I had to reject his advice.

I told a bunch of people I wanted to include 366 arguments in my book for the 366 days in a year and they all told me that I should do 40 arguments because it’s easier but I thought if I came up with 365 arguments, I would only need 2-6 sub arguments for each point but if I came up with 40 arguments, I would need 18-72 sub arguments for each point to make the same length in writing, and coming up with more main arguments but fewer sub arguments was easier than coming up with fewer main arguments but 2-6 times more sub arguments, so once again I had to reject advice.

I had people telling me to dabble only in religious interests and not discuss the broader world of dating but I realized that discovering secular truths is easier than uncovering religious truths, because religious truths are a hidden reflection of obvious reality’s in the secular or physical world, and mysterious religious truths and are harder to find than obvious physical realities. So the idea that I should focus only on religion or that religious ideas were easier to study than non religious ideas for a Christian like me, was wrong. This was another piece of advice that I had to reject.

In the end, I realized what works for other people, does not necessarily work for me, and what works for me, does not necessarily work for other people. I have my own unique role in the world and nobody can do what I do exactly the way that I do it.

What I learned from the Jews this week
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