What my pastor told me about protection from God

What my pastor told me about protection from God

Over ten years ago I was having a private conversation with my pastor and I told him I did not want to listen to my parents because my parents were crazy and aggressive and they might endanger my health or my self interest if I listen to them all the time.

My pastor said when you listen to your parents, you are serving God and God likes to do things to protect those that serve God.

There were many times where it seemed that disagreeing with my mom or dad was the correct choice and it turned out to be the wrong choice and I was punished by circumstances for choosing that wrong choice.

One time I tried to force my dad to drive me to a hospital by saying I will yell and scream outside and embarrass him in front of the neighbours if he does not drive me there so he drove me there to save his reputation but when I got to the doctors office, I met a corrupt doctor who gave me a drug that made my health problems worse - the doctor wanted me to commit suicide and the drug was given to me to make me commit suicide by making me so miserable I did not want to live. He was trying to hide an error his staff made by making it appear as if I was the crazy one and not the doctor that wronged me which is why he wanted me to commit suicide.

If I had obeyed my dad and did not seek medical treatment when he was too lazy to drive me to the doctor, that would not have happened to me. The same thing happened another time too - I did what my brain told me to do and not what the scriptures told me to do and I paid the medical price for my choice.

So now what the pastor said makes more rational logic to me - that choosing God's way is smart - even if it seems like the incorrect option.

What my pastor told me about protection from God
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