Anyone else no longer fear death?

For about the longest time i did have a bad fear of death, but due to recent events in my life and such (lets just say i stared into an abyss and i came back), i find myself no longer really scared of it anymore.

So its like we all know death awaits us at some point in our life, but in my opinion its just not worth fear it, because when you really think about it we were never conscious for the billions of years before our birth so thinking of that makes me feel like death really won't be terrible.

Now dying on the other hand while i also don't quite fear it, i do understand it will suck badly usually. whatever dying illness i receive it won't be happy times for sure.

And this is not to say that when my time does come I will be in those final moments a little afraid, because truly we all are its just human nature to have that fight or flight response to it. but up until that moment, i just don't fear it anymore.

I also feel more fearless in general. not as much a coward these days. How about you guys?
Anyone else no longer fear death?
Also if you still fear death ill just say i get you! its just a huge unknown. KNOW ONE knows what really truly happens other than our bodies decomposing. But just try to think it through logically. its not as scary as you might think. The dying part won't be great but death itself just isn't to me anymore.

Also if you believe in an afterlife i do respect your faith, but please be respectful of mine and others too.
I don't fear death anymore either
I don't fear death and never have (you cool!)
I still fear death
I actually didn't fear death but now i do (please share your story if you voted this one)
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I also tend to think having found my purpose in life it has played a huge factor into my fearlessness. I have something i want out of life and keeps me going everyday.
Anyone else no longer fear death?
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