Who do you think the Anti Christ is?

He is alive and is in gov't or business world. I just named a few possibilities. He will team up with Oprah Winfrey and Joel Osteen. I really believe they will join the Anti Christ to deceive the world. Oprah because people black and white like her and Osteen because he is a slick talker that doesn't use the bible and has a huge following.

Who do you think he will be and who will be the influencers that will help him?

I think the world economy will collapse and he will emerge with all the solutions. Hunger , economy , religion. This is when you must receive the mark to buy and sell. That will be part of the cashless system created. He will use this system for all the world's economy. He will know everything you buy and sell. He will declare himself God and demand everyone to worship him and his image. He will have a social point system to punish non believers or Christians , He will be able to cut your money off using this Social System. He will make peace deal with Israel and end all wars. Provide food for the hungry. Be a pro environment champion. Will be bi sexual. His approval ratings will be 90% at first. He will be shot or injured and die then comeback to life and perform magic and wonders that will fool the world.
Who do you think the Anti Christ is?
Elon Musk
Pope Francis
Mario Draghi
Emmanual Macron
Olaf Sholtz
Jeff Bezos
Name him (won't be a woman)
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Who do you think the Anti Christ is?
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