Cultural Exchange and Interracial Unions: The Path to World Peace

Cultural Exchange and Interracial Unions: The Path to World Peace

Alright guys, months ago, I saw there was an internet survey that declared this from its responses:

Most desirable women (1st to last): Asian, White, Black

Most desirable men (1st to last): Black, White, Asian

Now, this study is incredibly biased. First, it was based off of Internet users (or random people who live in core or 1st world countries), and I assume the majority of responders were white, followed up by black and Asian (this is an assumption of MINE). I also assume that they are middle to upper class citizens most likely ages 18-30.

Now what does this survey mean? It's basically a sign that our younger generations are becoming increasingly more globalized in terms of their lifestyles and thinking. It means that we Westerners are becoming more fascinated with Hindu, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures among others. We want to see how these people live, how they talk, how they perceive and interpret life, and especially how they solve their problems. Why are we becoming more fascinated with these cultures? Because we are most tired of the stagnant lifestyle and problems we have shouldered on for generations except we won't ever admit it.

All cultures have their good and bad just like science - the most famous double edged sword. For example, you can use an atomic bomb to wipe out human populations or to power modern life as we know it (of course, you have to adjust nuclear power for that). But it is ultimately up to the wisdom and judgement of mankind to harness the good and throw away the bad for the benefit of all (or at least try our best doing so).

So here are some historical examples of how cultural exchange succeeded:

The Mongal Empire was the largest land empire in the world. The nomadic horse warriors were united under one very charismatic and intelligent leader - Genghis Khan. Known primarily for their brutality, they were, in fact, very tolerant of other cultures. Before each city, they would give the people a choice: either join or die. The cities that joined them were allowed to do whatever they wished as long as they paid the taxes. The cities that refused them were burnt down and the citizens sold into slavery. The Mongols did this repeatedly until their Empire reached from Korea to Eastern Europe to Persia. However, he Mongol Empire fell because its successors had greedily split up the Empire too soon; they failed to faciliate cultural exchange to create a new mega culture that would have been united by a common heritage and history - unity through diversity, the throwing away of our bad in exchange for their good.

Once the symbol of the granduer and might of the West, the ancient Roman Empire had fallen because it was intolerant of the barbarians that came into their northern borders during Rome's period of decay and decline. The Romans had indulged themselves too much in wealth, they were too complacent, and were blinded by visions of a once glorious past (ringing any bells?). The Romans were even more barbaric than these nomadic people who were fleeing other barbarians. They came into Rome's lands wishing to exchange their knowledge and labor for protection and rights. Instead, what they received were abuse and unfair exploitation. The men were forced on the front lines at the head of every charge as though their lives were worthless compared to Roman life. This backfired on the Romans as the city of Rome, the Queen of the West, was raped by the Visigoths - the people who once sought for Rome's blessings and protection to instead receive a sword to the throat and a threat to their families.

So what does all of this mean? It means that the more we interact and get to know other cultures, the more we broaden our views, and thus the more solutions to our problems. Everyone suffers from IGNORance (IGNORE-ance); we ignore things and just see them as "there" and not "here" while we go on with our lives, wallowing in the same daily miseries and frustrations, drinking in the same stale and dust covered wine that was once fresh juice our forefathers had drunken from. So, tell me, what kind of life do you want exactly? An endless adventure full of wonder and opportunity to learn new things and meet new people? Or an adventre of sour beer, crafty ads, and gray cigars for the rest of your life? Of course, the choice is always yours but we can always learn from and help others.

Cultural Exchange and Interracial Unions: The Path to World Peace

Cultural Exchange and Interracial Unions: The Path to World Peace
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  • Anonymous

    Nice sentiment, but I think it's wishful thinking. Despite what media chooses to push out in the spotlight, interracial unions are still rare, while both extremes of this argument are trying to say otherwise for their own purposes.

    Interracial activists: "kumbaya! *feelz*"
    White supremacists: "We're going extinct! Batten down the hatches!"

    If we cut the bull for a second and speak honestly, we can get to the heart of the matter. Interracial couples tend to be driven by the relative financial, aesthetic and political status and prestige the white race is considered to have. On the one hand we have non-white women going after a white partner with the intention of pursuing those traits for their offspring, while on the other hand we have white men going after non-white women because they are easier to get.

    Those dynamics aren't going to magically fix anything. They might even make things worse.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • abundantlyrich

    I find that people who travel to diff places and grew up with ethnics tend to be more tolerant and less discriminating than people who lived in a fishbowl all their life

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    i love genghis khan

    • KhaysunDei

      HhhahHAHHA, me too!! He actually meditated in the mountains before each conquest.

  • NedfromtheNed

    The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

  • Eternallylucky

    The survey don't represent the truth.

  • Not_Helping

    Giant set of non-sequiturs and red herrings.

  • Anonymous

    What about Latina/Indian/Middle Eastern women/men? Why no love for them?

  • Anonymous

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the flaws in that biased study :)