Graffiti is Not a Crime: The Truth is on the Wall

Graffiti And Writing On Walls In General Isn't A Crime!

No it isn't. For two basic reasons. Graffiti is a form of art, and many truths are written on walls. Many of those politically correct citizens hate it though. I believe it happens because they cannot handle the truths written on them, and they've been told that, destroying someone else's property is a crime.

I walk a lot through the day and I come across many walls. Either they have a graffiti on it, or some message as well. Those messages are often true, and I agree with almost all of them. Many people I know agree with them as well, but there are certain categories of people who freak-out when they see someone writing or drawing on a wall. Which are those categories of people? Let's see:

1) Cops

Graffiti is Not a Crime: The Truth is on the Wall

The most obvious I think. But it's their job to punish people who write/draw on walls, so if they catch someone doing such a thing they are like F*ck yeah, more job for me. One step closer to my promotion. Such a simple-minded thought, coming from simple-minded people like cops. No cop is smarter than average because if they were, they wouldn't choose to do this extremely shameful job. Have you got no shame wearing this uniform?

2) Fascists (Right-wings)

Graffiti is Not a Crime: The Truth is on the Wall

Those who tilt on the right, when it comes to the political spectrum, are almost always having fascistic thoughts. Others have more, others have less. But if someone calls them with their name (fascists) they'll whine like little babies and usually say I'm not a fascist, I'm a patriot. The last phrase is very common actually. These kind of people is very loved by the cops, and they love them the same as well. So these people are the ones who are more likely to report someone who writes/draws on a wall. Also I should mention, it's not a coincidence that fascists never express their thoughts on walls. Why do you believe it happens? Think a little bit.

3) Lawful citizens (sheep)

Graffiti is Not a Crime: The Truth is on the Wall

Those kind of people might not be so active politically, or not even bother at all, but the problem here is they're NOT so neutral. They do what the society tells them to, and they're those who have this kind of mentality. I don't bother with politics, but I think it's better to follow society rules. There you have it. Society suggests that people who write/draw on the walls are evil. So what those kind of people will do? Report you. Being naive can be really dangerous. More dangerous than it seems to be.

Sure there are more categories, but those are the 3 main ones.

Anyway I said what I wanted to say and before I finish I want to say 2 things:

For people who do this: Keep on doing it. If someone stops you or reports you it's their problem.

For people who are against it: You are the perfect slave to the system. Keep supporting it, by punishing those who speak the truth. Hope one day, you'll realize how wrong you are.


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  • I'm a lib and I support peelers, they're just doing their job. Yeah some are corrupt but many are trying to make a living and provide for their families, as well as stop, or assist with the aftermath of crimes like theft and murder.

    Anti-graffiti laws are pretty stupid. I don't really like obscene graffiti, but I've seen some beautiful artwork on the side of the underpasses.

    • It's not a job. Whoever chooses to do this shitty job, he just likes being a thug in a legal way. Fuck those pigs, never needed them and I'll never will. Even if I'm robbed I'd just accept the fact I was robbed and go on, instead of begging for their help. I don't need the help of those thugs.

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    • Glam metals really good! Yeah I never did get country, jazz, or soul


      ^That's the kind of music I listen to more or less, most of the time.

  • The conservatives can kiss my ass lol. Really I do not agree with them.

    • Yeah conservatives are bastards.

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  • Actually graffiti is a crime if it's done without a building owner or land owners consent it's breaking the law by vandalizing property and defacing the property that belongs to someone else is a crime. And is used by gangs and rebellious adolescents to tag Territory and make trouble and their "art" is nothing more then nonsense or profanity is also a crime.

    Is it always a crime? no of course not I've seen many beautiful murals and designs/painting on buildings that the owners gave the artist permission to paint/spray on. But I've also seen it done illegally and that is a crime plan and simple, whether you think so or not and if you get caught you pay the time.

    Point being if you want to do graffiti on property that's owned by a private business owner get their permission first, it's what a sensible person does. Don't vandalize their property I'm a painter myself so I get wanting to show your work off, but there is a right and a wrong way to go about it.


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  • And as I said in a question about whether the graffiti is art or a crime, there is a difference between art and vandalism.
    If you only tag walls to mark your territory as dogs use their pee, that's not art, that is vandalism. Art is when you express yourself, when you share your ideas with the world.

    I'm a police officer, and I even helped to pain a mural once.

    Whenever possible ask for permission, only the close minded ones will say no.

    • You're WHAT? I'll give you a chance. Why did you choose this shitty job you do? After your response I'll decide whether you'll be blocked or not. As you can see I've blocked some fascists who call "douchebags" people who are free-thinkers.

      So answer me, why did you choose this shitty job among so many other jobs?

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    • You don't answer why you chose it. And no it will depend from your answer.

    • Is it any of your business to know why she chose this job? You're being overcritical.

  • 6|12
    • Says the simple-minded girl who's using silly immature snapchat filters.

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    • *in my MyTake

    • Because people like you deserve all the mockery available. You're so ridiculous, and you don't even realise it.

  • While I agree with a lot of what you have to say, it's hard to take you seriously when you can't be bothered to check your spelling, grammar, and usage. You sound lazy and ill-educated.
    Maybe if you had played it smart, and taken the time to scout the area properly, you wouldn't have gotten caught "defacing property".
    This MyTake is obviously nothing more than a bitching post by another angsty teen who thinks that thy're just "misunderstood".
    We understand perfectly well: Daddy spoiled you, and mommy still hasn't taken away the titt. Grow up and catch a clue. Whomever raised you had to go to work every day to put a roof over your head, food in your belly, and clothes on your body.
    If you want to paint political statements, go do some research on the greats like Andy Warhol; turn this into profit, instead of wasting tax dollars, and costing private business owners money, every time they have to whitewash your canvas.

    • And in response to your reply to @rocket_queen
      You're making dialogues with her right now. And you clearly state that you're "not going to listen" to this "simple minded sheep"? If you can't open yourself to other points of view, clearly it is YOU who is narrow and simple-minded.

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    • As for this Rocket-Queen girl, let me tell you, I don't accept police fanboys/fangirls' opinions. Simply.

    • " If you can't open yourself to other points of view, clearly it is YOU who is narrow and simple-minded." I couldn't agree more.

  • Defacing property that belongs to someone else is in fact a crime. And committing crimes often leads to arrest. And you're here to cry about the filthy pigs who arrest the douchebag destroying someone elses property? Please just stop right there. You're the problem with this world. Punks who think they don't have to follow the rules, that they are above the law, who have absolutely no respect for other people who work hard for their belongings that you feel you can destroy in your selfish name of art, who take no responsibility for their actions, and think life should be handed to them on a silver platter because they should be privileged to sit on your lazy butt and complain about the system oppressing you because you're to lazy to get an education and a real job.

    • Blocked. Don't expect me to be friendly or make any dialogue with simple-minded sheep like yourself. You're the perfect example of #3.

  • Oh, please, please be a troll. It hurts to think that anyone can be this stupid.
    You need a reality check, or maybe a therapist. It's not healthy to be living in a delusion.

    • Please to be a troll? Trolling is worse. And a therapist really? So it's healthy to support cops but unhealthy to be against them? Are you serious?

    • No, no, this level of disconnect with reality is much worse than trolling. Maybe a therapist isn't enough. A psych ward might be better for you.

    • You are the one who needs a therapist. And I don't like having someone 4-5 years younger than me telling me about therapists and such shit. Do you think you know better?

      To me you're nothing more than a police fangirl who thinks graffitis are bad. Go read your books nerd. Blocked.

  • Well yes it is a crime. Destroying property is illegal and therefore a crime. That doesn't take away from the message or the art behind graffiti. There are places and parks specifically for wall art and they're pretty interesting. Yes graffiti is beautiful, yes there is a message, yes that message should be heard. However, vandalizing a building is still illegal and if you're doing it yes you're committing a crime. If you'd like your art to be displayed then find places where it's meant to be but destroying someone else's property besides being illegal is just a jerk move. It costs people money and time to fix it back up.

    • What's your opinion about pigs? And by pigs you know what I mean.

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    • @dragonfly6516 You won't a MyTake about cops? There you have it:

      And fuck this troll thing, it's tiring. We are free to say what we have to say.

    • *want

  • I've seen really awesome graffiti around town, I even like to take photos. I've done it too in the past, but either I had permission or it was on someplace people wouldn't mind, like a bridge. I think it's possible to make it a job, if you're very good. Then you won't have a problem about people coming after you to accuse you of vandalising, they 'd actually come after you paying to do their walls.

  • Sorry but unless they're willing to pay out of their own pocket for the property damage I'm calling the cops.

    • You call WHO? Perfect example of #3. You.

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    • Not all. Not all.

    • Unless you're alone and completely isolated from society I don't see how you could be 100% free of conformity.

  • I kinda like graffiti. It tells a story in a way that other art can't--it's everywhere, on the walls, among us--therefore it can't be ignored or forgotten.
    If mankind was wiped out and aliens recolonized the planet, I think they'd feature graffiti in their "human studies" classes.

  • i like artistic creative graffiti, but not gang graffiti. unfortunately where i live i see too much of the latter and not enough of the former.

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What Guys Said 58

  • 2|5
    • Wow this song is so good!

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    • @musicbrain5 The words of the song fit the post SO WELL! This poster sounds like one more angry misfit who romanticizes himself as the champion for those who are outcasts because they have such acute social perception.

    • I like his Glass Houses album personally, where he leans towards an edgier sound.

  • don't get me wrong. i like graffiti. if it's done well it can be artistic, topical, and important... i also like weed but i'm going to say it's not illegal

    it is property owned by someone else. that person incurs the fees to clean the "artwork" and deal with a message that they may or may not agree with

    the art aside vandalizing someone's property is a crime period. there is no rationalization. the cops are protecting the property of private citizens as they should

  • It's not your property, it is somebody else's property or the government's property. How would you like it if someone painted your house a different color or with a bunch of "art" that you didn't want?
    Graffiti isn't a crime of graffiti it is a crime of vandalism and destruction of property.

    • I live on the second floor. How can someone climb up to my balcony and do his/her job?

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    • Honestly I'm really bored to answer in this MyTake. I don't want to receive any more answers. It should be locked.

    • Then just hit the mute button at the top right.

  • So when the working man with his white van who wakes up inane crap painted all over it... if he gets pissed off that his property was defaced, he's either a sheep or a fascist. You know, he can't afford to get it fixed, every time someone sprays it up.

    Graffiti CAN be artistic, it CAN be pithy and witty, but 99% of the time it's worthless.

    • Depends on what kind of man he was. He might be deserving it.

    • The small plain white box vans are the working man's vehicle. Yet they're magnets for graffiti. I've never seen one out here that isn't tagged up. People with those trucks are just trying to make a living, and can't afford to get their vehicle repainted. People shouldn't touch his property, period.

    • "he might be deserving it"? And who are you to judge? What if I judge your mom to be " deserving of" a huge dick, so I go spray paint a huge dick on the front of her house? Is that not a crime? Would my "art" not lower the market value of her house? Isn't that like me STEALING MONEY (as in, value) from your mom? Tell me that isn't a crime.

  • It doesn't matter what moronic definitions for graffiti you have in your head.
    It is an unwanted destruction of somebody else's property, THE END.

    If somebody came and threw bricks into your windows, bulldozed your front yard or jackhammered the inside of your room would it be "not a crime" ?
    Of course not, grow a brain.

    • I don't have a yard.

    • You keep saying shit like "I don't have a fence" or "I don't have a yard" as though that's a defense against the argument. The fact is, you have property, and unless you live like some punk who has no values except "sticking it to the man," you probably want to keep your property in good shape.

    • @Kinstrome But I don't have!!! Why should I fucking lie?

  • Let me go into your bedroom or to your car and spray paint, "I like cock" over your walls and car body then. Since it isn't a crime and you being pissed just makes you a slave to THE MAN.

    • I don't have a car.

  • So I shouldn't call the cops when someone sprays a massive cock on my dad's shop the third time the month. it's the shittest form of art (other than modern)

    • Calling those pigs is worse in my opinion. Ever bothered to search for "police brutality"?

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    • 1 guy with a bat scaring 5 cops you mean? Hahahaha. Nice to know.

    • I wish I saved the clip it was pretty funny.

  • The opinions of any jackass with a spray can are more valid than anyone else's just because you say so? And anyone who disagrees are fundamentally flawed/human beings? Wow, tell us more...

    • Look what kind of people disagree. Just look. I send them back where they belong.

    • I guess what is most ignorant about graffiti is that it's completely one-sided. It brooks no response or counterargument...

      And if picking up a can and writing something on a wall automatically makes me right... what if I wrote, "just because I wrote it on a wall doesn't make it right"?

  • Cops and right wings are terrible people. Both are racists and sexists. Lawful people are people that need someone else to hold their hand.

    • Best comment here by far. I high-5 you.

  • "Art is not a crime." That's absurd. Plenty of art can be criminal. If I burn somebody's house I can call it art. If I murder somebody creatively, I can call it art. And if I vandalize somebody's property with spray paint, I can call it art, but that doesn't make it not a crime.

    But once you start generalizing cops and "fascist" right-wingers and people who are "politically correct" while, above all, calling your opponents "sheep," you have pretty much just forfeited the argument.

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