Mixed Girl Tag: 10 Questions Answered


Hello Gagers!

In case you don't know what a mixed girl tag is, it's basically a bunch of questions people have about mixed people. A lot of people are curious as to what it was like for us growing up and they tend to be really popular videos on YouTube. I thought I could give it a try for gag so I hope you guys enjoy. :)

Mixed Girl Tag!

1. What are you mixed with?

Mixed Girl Tag: 10 Questions Answered

I am Puerto Rican and Jamaican, if you're curious about what that means racially:

Puerto Rican: White, Asian, Native Indian

Jamaican: Indian, Black, Scottish

2. What ethnicity have you been mistaken for?

Mixed Girl Tag: 10 Questions Answered



White mixture

Asian mixture




3. Is your hair curly or straight?

I've got curls!!!!!!

Mixed Girl Tag: 10 Questions Answered

4. Was coming from different backgrounds challenging growing up?

Mixed Girl Tag: 10 Questions Answered

Yes and no. It was very difficult getting acceptance from anyone, it seemed as though the only people who understood me were other mixed people but unfortunately we aren't as common as people like to think.

I've faced a lot of discrimination from people of all sorts. Black, white, Hispanic. It was like I didn't fit in anywhere and people were always wanting to categorize me. My Puerto Rican family would always emphasize that I'm Puerto Rican, my Jamaican family would do the same. But it seemed like both would ignore the other parts of me.

I've seen a lot of minorities complain about the media and how they aren't represented but I think it's worse for mixed people. Being mixed has seem to become synonymous with being black and white. No one thinks about other possible mixtures especially the ones who aren't partially black, like white/asian mixtures.

Finding a character relatable on a physical level is very difficult, especially if you're a brown mixed girl with dark eyes and dark hair. Most mixed people shown are white/black with light hair and skin and beautiful colored eyes.

Also those surveys!!! They always have:

Choose ONE and then it will be followed up with

white (non Hispanic)

black (non Hispanic


Choosing is always so difficult, we're never represented in anything especially race related issues. You can see for yourself on gag with the race questions. There's never an option for us, it's like we're forgotten about.

Mixed Girl Tag: 10 Questions Answered

5. Which backgrounds did you embrace the most?

Neither, I was always proud of being mixed. I don't ever recall claiming one half over the other. In fact I get very upset when someone tries to force me to choose. As if that's even possible!

Mixed Girl Tag: 10 Questions Answered

6. Have you ever been teased for being different?

Mixed Girl Tag: 10 Questions Answered

Of course! I've been teased a lot as a child but besides the standard stuff I think everyone goes through, some of the things people made fun of were the things that were a result of my ethnic background. I had people ask me why my hair was the way it was. Or why my skin was this weird color.

When I was a child my Jamaican grandmother didn't know how to take care of my hair.The result was a long frizzy mess that made the Hispanic kids think I was lying about my race. I had to bring pictures of my parents to prove what I was and it didn't help that I couldn't speak a lick of Spanish.

As I got older and took better care of my hair and they were more open and accepting of me, but black girls would treat me badly. Girls I didn't know well would start grabbing my hair, some would accuse me of wearing a weave and others were just plain mean. They felt I thought I was better than them because I was mixed and for what I looked like. I would get nasty stares and they would try to pick apart my physical features. Everything, from my slimmer body, to the way I spoke, to the curls in my hair.

7. Have you ever been ashamed of being multiracial?

Mixed Girl Tag: 10 Questions Answered

This is another yes and no answer. I've always been proud of my mixedness and I am happy with who I am, however I couldn't help but feel offended if someone confused me with black or wouldn't accept that I'm mixed.

Growing up I have been told it was wrong for me to be who I am. I remember my earliest experience with racism was in kindergarten. I had a crush on this black boy who said he could never like me because I was "white" and I had a "white" mother. It was wrong for me to be mixed.

Black people would tell me I was "too white" for them and white people would tell "black jokes" that never applied to me.

I've been yelled at by black people that I must choose to be one race and if I didn't pick black then that meant I hated myself.

I don't feel ashamed of my ethnic background, it's beautiful but I am NOT just black girl and I am NOT just a Hispanic girl. I'll enjoy my reggae music, and my latin music. I'll enjoy the foods from both of my cultures and wear my flags proudly. However, to say just black or just Hispanic is both unfair and untrue. The fact is I'm not just a black girl and I'm not just a latin girl. I'm both.

I can't ever be anything besides both so I refuse to be called one thing over the other. Plus my black background is divided so it doesn't even makes sense to pick that when it's hardly there.

8. Do you feel that being mixed has its benefits?

Mixed Girl Tag: 10 Questions Answered

Just a few. My unique facial features, skin tone, and hair type are all the result of being mixed. I believe myself to be very beautiful and it's because of my parents. I also feel that since I am mixed I'm not attached to one race and it allows me to see everything from a neutral eye.

In the times of high race relations I don't feel like I'm obligated to stick up for one group. Because of this I can take a stand for anyone regardless of what they look like, I feel like I'm floating above the world and I'm simply observing.

9. What makes being multiracial a beautiful thing?

Mixed Girl Tag: 10 Questions Answered

Besides what we look like there's the benefit of growing up with different cultures. So many people seem to confuse skin tone with having a different culture like with black Americans and white Americans however we know that is the furthest things from the truth. Growing up mixed means we've got our plate filled with different spices of life and it enables us venture out and talk to different kinds of people.

I have friends from all walks of life of all kinds of cultures, and all skin colors. Being mixed means not being afraid of someone who is different from you racially, because literally everyone no matter what color will be different from you.

10. Any advice to someone who struggles with their multiracial identity?

Mixed Girl Tag: 10 Questions Answered

I would say don't be ashamed of who you are in spite of the ignorance of others. Being who you are is just as beautiful as anyone else being who they are. Take pride in your mixed heritage, embrace all sides. You are JUST AS MUCH as one thing as you are the other.

It doesn't matter what people CHOOSE to view you as, it isn't going to change what you ACTUALLY are. If other people reject you and mistreat you then they're people who don't need to be in your life. There is nothing wrong with being mixed. We are beautiful and we are special. Love yourself and take pride in ALL that you are not just certain parts.

Just a side note:

mixed people can look like anything, including just black, or just white or just Asian or just whatever. The images I used were to give a representation of me. I can't post any pictures so I chose to find some art that would give you an idea of what I look like.

Mixed Girl Tag: 10 Questions Answered
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  • slimstiffy
    damn. thats very sad. i kind of get what you had to go through. i was indian and lived in Europe and then moved back to india when i was a teen. when i was in switzerland i was the indian kid, and in india i was the 'foreign ' kid, even tough i looked pretty similar to them. add to that i was rather shy and slow to get to know people as a kid. as a result, it was hard for me to fit in. that being said, things were a probably not as hard as it was for you, and in my school in switzerland , there were many students of various ethnicities and a lot of them were mixed. in fact in my class, about 30% of kids are biracial. my best friends in middle shool were of totally different races and one of them was a biracial boy. in my school there was almost zero racism. when i went to india i had actually to adjust a bit more to fit in. it took me a while, but i have finally reached the point where i dont care and i embrace what i am. im not gonna conform to anyone anymore and i prefer to have my reap friends who like me for being me. and i dont care what others think of me.
    i hope you have gotten there too. its very relieving. and i think you must be very beautiful, the pictures gave me some kind of idea, what you look like.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Well thank you so much and I'm glad you could relate to some of the things I've said. I just think here in America people are still pretty weird about race stuff, it's just something a lot of us have gone through. Sometimes I'll say I still have some issues, but all in all I am happy with who and what I am.

    • slimstiffy

      yeah i too feel that in the us, race relations haven't yet worked out well.
      anyway, dont let that stop you from being you.
      i sincerely wish you good luck in your pursuits and ambitions.

    • Thank you so much, and to you as well <3

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Most Helpful Girl

  • somebodysaycheese
    My cousins are biracial ( white and black) the look more white just very exotic. I remember them coming home crying that little black kids wouldn't play with them because they are white and white kids wouldn't play with them because they are black. One of my cousins has curly hair to her butt in middle school a black girl chopped half of her pony tail off. She lived in a predominant black area and would be referred to as "Barbie" or " white girl ". I also think the fact that biracial people especially those mixed with black are forced to choose even in 2016 is beyond sad.
    It shows how racist we still are. one of my cousins said in America caitlyn jenner is a girl and a mulatto child is black. makes you think.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Absolutely it does. So many people including myself have gone through very similar circumstances. I would say the people who are of black/white mixture seem to have it the hardest though because it seems like their families tend to have a harder time accepting them. I don't understand what the obsession is with hair but I've also had black girls threaten to cut all of my hair off and then laugh about it hysterically. It's a little scary growing up if I'm being honest. I'd say the best thing is to show your cousins you love them and teach them to be proud to be BOTH that the problem is with the world and not them. So many of us growing up to hate one half because of these experiences. I feel like it takes a lot more work to instill confidence in a mixed child than a non mixed one. We face prejudice from everyone and no one seems to care.

    • Oh we do. I think its crazy in Germany biracial kids are kind of glamorized they are what we consider beautiful. The caramel skin, curly hair and light eyes is beautiful but in the u. s its very different. You guys have to choose... im sorry

    • I wish it was different but its not

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    These types of mixes require the least effort to charm me, yet make the least effort. Which is quite unfortunate for them, because of what I offer in return to the gal who makes an effort for me.

    I'm a combination of English, Irish, Scott, Welsh, possibly Dutch, Czech, and maybe some Serbian. But I'm predominantly of German origin. I guess the German is the only thing that anybody sees or cares about though. But don't let that fool you: I'm not all brats and beer. I'm more into sushi and kombucha, honestly.
    • Well you sound lovely. It is unfortunate but I think the reason may be because a lot of us wonder if white guys are attracted to us. A lot if not most of us are attracted to them, but it seems like the majority of the attention we get are from non white men.

  • musicbrain5
    Thanks for the insight. I have sometimes wondered what it's like to be mixed race. I'm not mixed race myself, and I'm not even ethnically mixed (my future child will be ethnically mixed though).

    I think our society makes it so that mixed raced people feel forced to choose between them. I knew this girl in school who was white and native American, and she said that other kids told her she was too dark to hang out with white kids but too light to hang out with natives. It's sad in a way - how we are compelled to put people in specific boxes and if you fit into more than one, too bad.
    • Thank you so much for your response and I'm glad you enjoyed the take. I think the saddest thing about it is that you see just how racist everyone can be. My first experience with this was in kindergarten! When we're children we never think it's weird who we are, we don't find it strange that our parents are two different colors.

      The only time we start questioning things is when people bring it up. When people look at us weird and try to force us to choose. Non mixed people have no idea what so many of us deal with. We're social outcasts from every racial group. The only way it would stop is if parents of non mixed children would raise them to be understanding of race and see the beauty in all races, but unfortunately a lot of them are raised to think it's a bad thing.

  • Swedgirl
    Really interesting, great take! Relatable. I'm mixed too, My mom's Polish, my dad's half Syrian half Swedish and grandma is Russian. People here in Sweden always ask about my surname, "it's not Swedish, where are you from? You don't really look Swedish but I can't really place your appearance? Do you feel Swedish, Polish or Syrian?" Those questions confused me when I was younger, how was I suppose to define myself? Who am I? Which culture is MY culture?
    Now it's easy, I figured I'm the only one who can define who I am. When people ask where I'm from nowadays I just say I'm Swedish. Because I grew up here, and I have no idea what it's like to live in Poland or Syria. Although I'm still familiar with the cultures, and I find it interesting to come from a multicultural home where we have different views on many things, which lead us to interesting discussions. We have different perspectives, and that helps us understand other cultures.
    • Wow that's so amazing and it makes me happy to know you were able to relate! I've always enjoyed hearing other mixed people's experiences growing up and I'm happy you've found something you're comfortable in. A lot of us have a hard time with our identities. I'm so glad you were able to move passed that stage, for many it takes a lifetime.

    • Swedgirl

      😊😊 Thank you for writing this take!

  • menina
    This is interesting.
    I always wonder what's like to be mixed. By reading your Take I was able to understand how you feel.
    My mother is also mixed (black and white). And she told me that once, (when she was still living in the country she was born) she had a man telling her that she shouldn't be where she was.
    He said sad that she was the daughter of white man and he didn't like white people.
    I bet those things are still happening in some parts of the world.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing this.
    • Yeah they definitely do, and trust me they come from anyone. I guess people shun that which they don't understand. It seems as though nearly every mixed person I've met has a very similar story. I don't think it will change, but we can support each other. Thank you for sharing your story about your mom. I can relate.

    • menina

      It's sad. And I also think it's sad when people tell mixed people they should pick a side. I guess it doesn't make sense because they're a part of everything they are mixed with.

      You're welcome.

  • lost_alice
    I am mixed too, I am portuguese, italian and a little brazilian. I don't get mistaken often but people have told me I look American.
    You have a cool mix there
  • Breadwinner
    Shit you puerto rican too? Thats whats up im puerto rican, cuban and African American... Mixed women are the best.
  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    My dad is white with blonde hair and blue eyes. My mom is Hispanic with beautiful light brown skin and very dark eyes and hair. My brother came out with light brown hair and dark skin and eyes. I came out very white with really dark hair and eyes. I look white but I always have people asking me if I'm mixed with anything lol like that's a normal question to ask, I've dated white chicks who secretly told me they don't like Hispanic or black guys not knowing that more then half my family is Hispanic and I've dated a black girl. Life is pretty funny I guess.
    • Yeah it is, has it ever offended you if someone asks what you are? Personally I like those questions I just don't like to be treated differently or weirdly than normal because of it.

    • Well to me there is no such thing as white or black or mixed race. Why are people identified by their skin color. Why I ain't their a blonde race or brunette race lol. We are all humans with different features.

  • lime_rampljuset
    I like this.
  • helloitsmethere
    Yay! Another Jamaican! :)
    • by the way I have biracial cousins and my grandmother was mixed with three races.

    • And my aunt is mixed as well

    • Yeah girl! And that's really nice, I'm sure there's things you could understand here having experience with mixed family members. :)

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  • Anonymous
    I love being mixed. It's the food. I know I wouldn't have grown up with such a good variety of different cultures foods if I wasn't mixed. If i were one race, it's extremely likely I would have just been bought up with one culture only and that that culture would impact on what we always ate. So yea, i love it for the food lol... it makes me more open to trying all other countries foods too. Yea... I'm greedy lol 😁