Why Is It "We" Laugh When Men Are Physically Abused By Women?

In a perfect world, neither man nor woman would feel the need to put their hands on one another. We would all be able to communicate effectively through our verbal speech and words.

When disagreement arises we'd walk away and realize exactly how much of our valuable time would have been wasted; if we stayed and allowed situations to escalate to a higher degree.

We as mankind live in a world, in which we sin.

We are in control of ourselves and how we handle the encounters we may face.

Why Is It "We" Laugh When Men Are Physically Abused By Women?

Why is it "we" laugh when a woman feels the need to put her hands on a man?

Why is it "we" sit back entertained by her vile behavior and scornful display?

Why is it "we" justify in our minds, that the reason she is hitting him is acceptable?

When a woman makes a scene with her inappropriate behavior, the reaction by onlookers is what can either fuel the event or distinguish it like a fire.

Unfortunately, in many circumstances no course of action is taken.

A woman putting her hands on a man is usually taken very lightly.

Why Is It "We" Laugh When Men Are Physically Abused By Women?

Why shouldn't it be?

After all, he's a man!

He's supposed to be powerful and strong.

He can take the blows of a woman? Can't he?

He should have enough self control to not defend himself,

because if he does only then will violence be wrong!

We will get involved.

We will attack him.

How dare he, not just stand back and deal with it!

Obscured thinking is what has allowed "us" to subconsciously become advocates in that violence against men is acceptable.

No one should hit any one!

One's gender is not the say in what is right or wrong.

A crime is a crime.

Why Is It "We" Laugh When Men Are Physically Abused By Women?

If he were to come forward with his story of abuse, his man hood would be in question.

He's crying about a woman putting her hands on him?

Well, he can't be so powerful and strong after all.

In fact, he's just a wimp!

Lets add to the shame he feels by de-masculinizing him before his very own eyes.

Lets give him reason to feel as if violence is acceptable because it comes from a woman.

Lets aid in this man not wanting to speak out and succumbing to the abuse.

The chain of events has rapidly begun to start,

When this man finally builds up enough courage to no longer take the abuse and leave,

this woman may go on and do the same to others.

She will not be stopped, because she lives in a society that blindly says her behavior is right!

Lets change this way of thinking.

Violence is violence.

It is wrong no matter one's gender.

Why Is It "We" Laugh When Men Are Physically Abused By Women?
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  • 99percentangel

    This is a huge issue that we have in our society. I'm glad you brought it up. It's not supposed to be funny or acceptable when a man gets abused by a women. It's not alright! It's wrong like you said no matter the gender.

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  • madhatters4

    agree 110%

    i think our society has guided this belief. the idea that men should be dominant and therefore not be abused. and in the case where a man is abused people laugh at it feeling that the man must be weak or the woman must have a legitimate reason for being abusive... of course this is a wrong mindset

  • ADFSDF1996

    This is a great myrake, I'm glad people are starting to realize that men can be victims too. Better late than never. 24.media.tumblr.com/...m6s15wvpZ61ranhnao1_400.gif

  • hellionthesage

    Simple no one cares about men. Women are placed so high up on a pedestal that their actions go unquestioned clearly as the video showed people assume that the man deserved it because a woman would not do harm unless it was warrented. Except that is false. Women are more likely to abuse their spouses (and children) then men are and the reason is because quite simply they never get punished for it. Men are taught from child hood "your not allowed to hit girls" women are taught from child hood "your not allowed to be hit by boys" this creates a double standard. Women know that their will be no legal social or physical ramifications for attacking a man so that emboldens them to do so. Society then rationalizes the behavior by claiming that "well he is stronger and that's why he isn't allowed to protect himself" or "he is a man so he is tough she isn't strong enough to do "real" damage"(funny, apparently men are not people and thus do not bleed or feel pain). The reason is because men always have been disposable and women have always been protected, this means violence against men is exceptable and violence against women is not createing an extreme double standard. Sadly it will only be acknowledged if women talk about it, so thank you for brining it up.

  • Jager66

    This is 100% spot on! Down with Gynocentrism in any form, be it Traditionalism, or Feminism, we need equality for all!

    Slowly but surely things are changing,

  • martyfellow

    Good luck with changing the mindset about this. Feminist media dominance means it's getting worse, not better.

    • do you think it's just feminist media that bring about this behavior? perhaps some radical feminist feel this way and perpetuate the notion that a man being abused is laughable but i also think it's just a society thing. a society that for so long said men are the superior and dominant being and so the notion of a man being on the wrong side of an abusive relationship is somehow un-masculine

    • @madhatters4 Media is reluctant to talk about this in the first pace. When they do, they say it is minor compared to violence against women in every other sentence.

    • agree most media does do that. but again i don't know if we necessarily can blame this on media alone. perhaps to an extent but i think the greater issue is overcoming centuries old gender roles and the notion that men should be dominant and therefore a man who is abused by a woman is somehow a joke or less of a man

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  • frecklejuice

    I think it's because when men get attacked by women, they don't consider it as " no big deal," just shake it off. If they report it, men are ridiculed and made fun of for being beaten up by a woman. That's why large number of rape and violence against men go unreported. More than 40% of domestic violence are committed by women against men (and remember, this is the number of REPORTED cases, so unreported cases would be far higher I would imagine). The problem is that men ridicule themselves. Men make fun of each other if they get hit by women. You see this on TV shows, movies, everywhere. Have you wondered why being kicked in the groin is considered "comical?"

    There are also a large number of men who wouldn't defend themselves against women no matter what even when they're attacked. This is because hitting a woman is considered "unmanly" and "uncool." If a girl physically and verbally abuses a guy in public, bystanders generally won't interfere. They assume that the guy did something to deserve it. Then if the guy fires back, then all of a sudden, everyone freaks out. Men will be the ones who will interfere, and tell the guy that he needs to calm down. Now the guy became the bad person. Why do you think that is? There are men who will do anything to defend women, and such behavior further reinforces modern feminists' twisted delusion that only women can be victims. This kind of behavior shows you that men are victimizing themselves. They are the ones who are reinforcing double standards against themselves.

    • atira

      Have you thought about why those men do that? Why they don't stand up for themselves but stand up for women all the time?

  • Rcjh1987

    I would never laugh at something like that EVER, having been in a domestic violence relationship 4 years ago I'm constantly reminded of what happened, I've seen numerous videos of staged violence to see who would intervene with violence and every time it was a man abusing a woman every time someone stepped in, but not a single person stepped in when roles were reversed, and that is disgusting

  • NatashaBeauty

    I don't like hurting anyone physically or verbally. I think men are mistreated a lot by women and the women are just stupid for doing it. I would never put my hands on anyone unless they put their hands on me first

  • meatballs21

    Totally agree. There is a double standard. Unfortunately, it's deeply ingrained in society, supported by women who will abuse that privilege - they'll hit and hit knowing they won't face retribution, and if there is, they can cry and wail and become the victim.


    • LionlyRose

      hahaha oh man... one has to admit that guy looks like a pussy hahah

  • Valkyrie1

    Violence should never be an acceptable behavior in today's society. Domestic abuse should never be acceptable be it a man or women. Men should not be made fun of but rather helped when they are the victims of abuse just as a woman would.

  • Rissyanne

    We shouldn't. A woman I work with was fighting with her husband. She picked up a knife and stabbed him. Barely missing his lung. The dumb guy covered for her and said it was an accident. A couple of months after that he was in the car with his daughter (not hers) about to drive away. She picks up a brick and smashes the windshield. Nothing was ever done.


    Thank you for finally saying what needed to be said for a long time. For the longest while, I was afraid that it was normal or even acceptable for women to use physical force against their husbands because I had observed it so much in the world around me. But seeing this Take has helped me to see that it is not normal nor acceptable to ever hit anyone regardless of their gender.

  • TayTay21

    I don't, and I never have. I think violence against anyone is wrong. The women who do get a kick out of this stuff clearly do not value men and have had issues with men in the past. The men in my life have been very good to me, so I value and love them.

  • HonestWhiteGuy

    I've been over at friends and seen their dads be emotionally/verbally abused by the wife.

    I think its because its usually that instead of physical and guys are expected to "deal with it" or "man up" as they say.

  • beebetree25

    Violence is violence. A woman should never hit a man, never belittle him or degrade them.

    I respect men who can restrain themselves with women who are hostile like that..

    But I believe respect goes both ways.. No guys shouldn't be slapping a woman around either.

    Everyone just play nice.

  • AlainDiazAran

    People are stupid, yes we are physically bigger and stronger than women but that doesn't mean females can not hurt males, they can even kill a man by using the element of surprise so violence is violence, no matter if it's male to female or female to male, it's a serious matter.

  • brain5000

    I feel sorry for that actor in the video who got beaten up as 165 people walked by and did nothing! Ouch!! Thanks for posting this.

    Somehow all of the guys who posted comments blaming feminism come off as pussies. "Wahh those evil feminists! I feel so helpless against their might!" No, how about men as a group need to stand up for their rights too? Sometimes violent women are armed -- it's not a trivial thing.

  • Nice_Guy_Last

    Reminds me of when Sharon Osbourne laughed about a woman cutting off a man's penis because he wanted a divorce on The Talk or whatever crap show she was on.

  • reixun

    I think the reason people think it's humorous is because women are sometimes comically smaller than men. It's like watching a little kid beat up an adult, looks funny.

    • singlebee

      Yeaa it also looks hell funny when it's the other way around... Man beating up a women

    • Toad-1


      You'd probably laugh along with Sharon Osborne about a woman cutting off a mans penis huh?

    • atira

      Would it be funny, if a smaller man beat up a larger woman? No? Thought so.

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  • ImJustCurious13

    YES, my brother was in 2 relationships that were like this. I hate how everyone laughs when a woman is hitting a man in public, but when the man hits her back everyone in a mile radius is quick to be her knight in shining armor and kick his ass, even though she started it. I need a cigarette.

    • You are totally correct. If a man defends himself from harm and knocks her for a loop it is most likely he may be the one to go to jail because it is always assumed that the man will be the abuser.

  • sovetskii13

    Great take. Good to see that there are other people who understand. I've been in this situation two times with the same girl in high school. I got slapped in front of several students. I just took it and said "What's your problem?". The next day she tells everyone that she beat me up. And a few jerks laugh at me later. The next day she tries to slap me again but I stopped her arm and pushed her back. Later that day a few students who saw that said "Why did you hit her? How could you hit her? That was so lame of you, etc.". If I'm attacked then I have the right to defend myself no matter if my attacker is a guy or a girl. I'm in danger so I need to defend myself. Unfortunately majority of our society doesn't understand that.

  • EllieLexis513

    Honestly, I laugh at the women doing it because they look ratchet as fuck, not the men, and then I can't understand why the man is with her. If it's not self defense, she has no reason to put her hands on him. And vice versa

  • BuchitaBuchys

    I agree with this take and don't condone violence.

    I don't agree with these, but it explains why they don't take domestic abuse from women as from men:
    - women are typically smaller than men. So they either find it funny like a child beating up an adult, or don't think she has the strength to hurt him.
    - Most people I know from the hood come from homes that the father beat up the mother. My dad tried to kill my mom in front of me. And it strikes more nerve to see a woman getting beaten than a man, I'm not saying it's right, but it happens. So they're more likely to intervene if a woman is being abused. I have plenty of male friends who are like this.
    - Many people will just let people get abused, and won't intervene regardless.
    - men are typically seen as more aggressive and strong, some will think "he can defend himself".

    It's wrong to let anyone suffer in my opinion. At least call the cops. Don't pull out a phone and laugh at them.

  • Heera

    Maybe no one did anything because their acting was shit. But I agree with your point, no one should be abused regardless of gender

    • Stacyzee

      Outside of the displayed video , I've witnessed people react the same way. The way people treat men hitting women in society is not as severe as men hitting women.

    • Stacyzee

      ****is not as severe as women hitting men

    • Heera

      Maybe because it's not that common. It is bad but not common, at least not in my country so I don't know how I'd react. It wouldn't be funny that's for sure

  • Bananaman177

    I hate all women because even the one who aren't currently abusing a man still laugh when it happens and they all THINK that men should be abused or that we deserve abuse because once upon a time, some man raped some woman so now every man is a rapist. Even little boys.

    When I look at a woman, I just see a lake of blood.

  • Blanchmess

    Violence it self is wrong. Nobody should abuse anyone no matter what the circumstance is. And don`t see why abuse is laughable when it comes to man getting abused by a woman.

    Double standard right there :(

  • Djaaaaaay

    I agree , although I still lmao ; unless self defense reasons. My self I don't put myself in those positions in the first place. A woman who strikes like that is making a calculated preemptive strike. Funny just which type a man they will never strike like that towards... Every woman in my life that I have come across , knows what type of man not to fuck around like that with... just seems to be just that...

  • MajesticTwelve

    I don't. I cringe, or I hope that the guy fires back.
    If I was ever dumb enough to assault someone, I'd fully expect him to defend himself. If he didn't I'd probably break it off with him because I'd no longer have respect for him as a man.
    But you know what? I'd never hit him to start out with.
    If he hit me first? The relationship would end immediately and I'd do what I could to hit back on my way out the door.

  • Dipsy

    Nice take!

    @Stacyzee but let's say such a situation happens anyway, a woman hits a man in public. As a man you obviously can't hit back, because you will go to jail if you do so.
    What are you supposed to do? Are you allowed to block her attacks, without hurting her? Or just look her in the eyes and say in a very calm voice: "Stop" ?

    Just want to know what would be the best in the situation.

  • popsickle

    I think people just don't take it seriously, which is very sad because in some cases it may be at the level of damaging abuse and not taking a victim seriously is very sick. As far as my understanding is though, very serious level of violence against men and women is done by men which I think might skew cultural attitudes because men "enduring" and perpetuating violence is a thing... even in childhood when boys fight with each other.

  • Anpu23

    There is something biological tha says that women and children must be protected.

    That women are always the victim and men are always the aggressor. When we see a woman putting her hands on a guy, our reaction is usually "what did he do to deserve that?" Right or wrong it's instinctual, and hard to overcome.

    • Anpu23

      Another thing is that the difference between tragedy and comedy is how well we relate to the victim. We have trouble seeing men as people, it's become trope that men just don't count, that they are expendable and easily replaceable. Both boys and girls learn this at an early age, by the actions of their mothers, teachers and other adults. So why would we care if some guy is being hurt?

  • Abuse is right at all. Me personally I don't hit women in a abusive mood. If I hit a women it's because she hit me first cause I feel this, if you wanna put your self in that position you and get your ass whip. We are all human doesn't matter what gender you are and there's only two genders wierdos

  • Loveherbut

    Women mostly don't use violence just because they want to they use it to expeess not agreeing with the man maybe he was rude with her in sexual harassment manner. Men can use violence just because they want to domestic violence is the worse they can beat the woman and the kids. Thats why i think its not a big deal when a woman do that.

    • Except that is the most likely reason a woman is to hit. Women are far more likely to hit a partner or child then a man is. www.saveservices.org/.../
      So basicly your stating exactly what those women and people where saying that its okay to hit a man because he probably deserved it? Why can't a man hit a woman if she "deserved it"?

    • Loveherbut

      @hellionthesage i didn't say that i said mostly women are against violence mostly only times women would slap a man if he did something sexual and mostly men when they do domestic violence are only wanted to do so because they want to or because they lose it for aome reason. I dont believe at all that men would suffer from domestic violence like women and women pay higher price because they literally won't get support from family and authorities. So i dont think men should cry and whine about it. Violence that women face are much more serious. And most families i meet men violence were much seriouse and hit the kids much harder to the point to cause them injuries. And plus i dont think a man want to slap a woman if she did something sexual most likely he would just drop his pants. i think violence only acceptable for women to put a sexual creep in his place.

    • But that's not true. All studies show that women inflict violence for the same reason men do and at significantly higher rates then men do. So what you stated is incorrect. Why would you assume that women are just naturally better then men? More moral then men? What does having a vagina have to do with being a decent person? Because that is the premise of your argument that women are generally better people which again is ironic because as the link I provided shows we know that women are more likely to inflict violence upon their partner and their children then men are and the reason given is control, they simply want to control and dominate them. So again what your saying is provably false. Everything your stating is based upon a sterotype that is provably false. Its a terrible argument.

  • Unit1

    Girls like you are awesome! We need more adequate people like you =) ♥

    Yes, indeed, violence is violence.

  • rabbit3891

    I personally like a woman with some fire, luckily I've never been with a woman that could kick my ass. I don't think women should feel that it's good to be that way, but if I heard a man crying about it I would look down on him.

  • BettyWhite

    I agree with that, violence is violence and it's wrong no matter the gender. I never laughed at someone being beaten up or hit.

  • DeadBattery

    So true, if I slap a girl I am guilty cuz I have hit a woman. If a woman slaps me I am guilty again for apparently doing something wrong in a woman's book. doesn't even matter if it is actually valid. Wtf?

  • AdamThomas

    Most people just don't see it as big of a problem because women aren't as strong as men, it's like being hit by a child, people just watch in shock, find it funny and think "little bastard". Thing is if you just stand there and take it, it still hurts. I've fought in muay Thai and boxing, I still wouldn't just stand there and allow anybody to beat me up. As for self defence, the biggest problem is that when men defend themselves all of a sudden people want to step in and save the woman from the man she's just been beating up, which makes no sense at all.

    Anyway I've seen things like this happen in real life and after watching these I've always stepped in to cool the situation down. Every single time, even though the woman was very clearly the aggressor, they try to convince me that the guy is bullying them and not the other way around. One guy after I saved him told me the girl who was beating him up just beat up his friend the other day with a frying pan and split his face open.

  • FakeName123

    I think part of it is biologically. Many people think since men are physically stronger - even the weakest of men is usually stronger than most women - he can handle himself.

    In the past that was the case, but today we - as a progressed society - look down on violence, especially male on female violence. Thus guys don't dare to really defend themselves while our mindset is still in the primal state of "he could do it with ease". Thus a cognitive dissonance gets created and makes the violence from women towards men somewhat funny for many people.

  • awesometjgreen

    Haha don't encourage him to fight back he'll just end up in jail :-) but yeah this is right women need to stop beating up men because they can get away with it

  • Psychoblaze

    In my case I laugh because it just proves my point how fucked society is , I just laugh at all the people who always victim

    To me I just love the irony of life and makes me lose my remorse on people like them

  • Fathoms77


  • chrisbigman

    I personally don't find it funny for anyone to abuse anyone. And men should not take the abuse. That doesn't mean they need to hit the woman - unless she keeps going at him and he needs to do something to protect himself. But under no circumstance should he "just take it".

    "He can take the blows of a woman? Can't he?" - He shouldn't have to take it, and he shouldn't take it. And some women can hit rather hard. Which brings me to the next one...
    "He should have enough self control to not defend himself" - Um, anyone who tells a man (or a woman) not to defend himself (or herself) - even against a woman is a moron. Any strike to a person can be devastating. Even if it's not immediate, they can become lasting effects down the road.

  • Prof_Don

    Most people will see a woman physically hitting a man and think "he can physically defend himself if he wanted".

    Men in particular, will see a woman physically hitting a man, and not want to be put in a legally compromising situation, and just walk away. Combine that with the "he can physically defend himself if he had to", and unfortunately I can see why many men don't intervene.

    Think about it. Why legally risk myself in a situation that has NOTHING to do with me by physically defending against this woman for another man, when 90% of the time he is the physically stronger one when they are both unarmed? He should defend himself!

    • atira

      There's risk in a men defending himself. Defending yourself physically against a woman might get you arrested or socially outcast. That's why men rather do nothing just wait for the woman to stop.

    • Prof_Don

      @atira if the man being attacked by a woman doesn't want to defend himself due to that risk, I'd be damned if *I* take that same risk for two strangers that I dont even know!

  • Splintercell

    This is wrong, just because he's a guy doesn't mean a women should do this.

  • Words_and_Wisdom

    I followed you for a good reason and this just proves why I did. Thank you!

  • BeHappy1985

    Because its funny. Why Is It "We" Laugh When Men Are Physically Abused By Women?

  • BruceJender

    Because men are supposed to know how to defend themselves, whilst knowing they can't hit back when a woman assaults them.

    A bit of a dilemma to be honest.

    That last video is disgusting...

  • Kylesar

    "... Because if he does only then will violence be wrong!"

    I love this part. I see it so damn much, the woman hitting and assaulting the man and no one bats an eye, but the moment the man hits back, all I hear is "violence isn't the answer."

    Only when the man has to defend himself does "no one should hit anyone." When said at that context in that timing, they're STILL condemning the man

    It's all bullshit and one of the reasons why women do it so much these days. They KNOW society's on their side. All they have to do is start crying and their natural born victim card activates, be it to police or people in public

  • Kuraj

    We laugh because if we don't, the matriarchal world we live in for millennia will call us a chauvinist swine.