A Man Should Never Be Ashamed of His Gender


I am sure most men have noticed how the male gender is currently shamed by society, specifically from the misandrist feminists and self hating males known as white knights. Men and women should be supporting each other instead of trying to prove one gender is superior to the other.

Sadly, both genders are trying to prove one is superior to the other. Feminists constantly show misandry and most of us men defend ourselves from misandry. However feminists and a lot of women take the defense against misandry as misogyny. Feminists constantly say slogans such as "girl power!", imagine the outrage if a guy said "male power!". Society tends to deny that Misandry is real.

A Man Should Never Be Ashamed of His Gender

Men's physical bodies and faces aren't completely appreciated by straight women. I suspect this because I've talked to a lot of straight women on here that said they find the female body and face more aesthetically appealing than a man's body Yet they still claim to be straight. There are a lot beauty pageants for women but only one beauty pageant for men, that doesn't even have female viewers. Women probably only like what us men can do with our bodies, not how our faces and bodies look. Us guys should be complimenting each other more often so we know that at least someone admires our appearance. I'm a straight man and I can still notice if a guy has nice aesthetics but of course I'm not attracted to men.

A Man Should Never Be Ashamed of His Gender

Virgin men are always shamed by society, specifically by other men and women. If a man hasn't had sex, everyone starts to make fun of him and nobody comes to his except for men like me. Maybe that man is shy, which is why he probably hasn't had sex yet. Don't blame him. I admit I still haven't lost my virginity and I don't care what people think.

A Man Should Never Be Ashamed of His Gender

Society tends to always make men seem less than women. Women are always put on the pedestal and men are always made to feel less. Respect for women is always demanded by the feminists and those white knights(male feminists). Yet men aren't respected, both genders should be respected equally. Society and a lot of women look down on men.

A Man Should Never Be Ashamed of His Gender

Feminists want every woman to wrongly believe every man is "thirsty", a "pig", a "creep" and or a "pervert" and that all we want is sex. I've noticed that whenever a man walks by a woman in public, the woman starts to look uncomfortable, implying that she believes since he is a man, he is automatically a pervert. I always avoid eye contact with women because I don't want her to think I'm a creep. It's pathetic and rude on the woman's part to act like that around men. This is my facial expression when I see that behavior.

A Man Should Never Be Ashamed of His Gender

The reason why I wrote this my take is so us guys can support each other instead of trying trying to put each other down. Guys, don't be ashamed of your masculinity and your gender, be proud of it. I'm not trying to offend women, I'm just addressing a issue (double standards) that isn't addressed very often.

A Man Should Never Be Ashamed of His Gender
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  • Anonymous
    This "society" has formed because women got a voice to spread all their hate and lies... and even got the boys... who they regularly indoctrinate with their myths and lies from childhood.

    The childhood brainwashing of boys by women is the MAIN REASON why "society" continues to oppress men... and is proud of it...
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    • ADFSDF1996

      I've noticed that, it's very sad.

    • RedVulcan

      I think I've seen you before, at the feminism getting worse post? Try varying your writing style if so, being anonymous only helps up to a point.

    • Anonymous

      Not only should the women never be alone with boys in today's society... school teachers should be male instead of 90%+ female so that boys aren't abused and brainwashed their whole lives.

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  • Rissyanne
    This was a great take. I have a 28 year old son... so I see the what you are saying. Feminists doesn't want equality... they want superiority.
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  • Phoenix98
    Please I'm damn proud to be a man, never been ashamed of my gender, this generation of people especially feminist? Absolutely but being a man and my gender? Never.
  • Jayson101
    Absolutely right. It is deplorable that academic institutions have fostered this fake and artificial moralism in men that they should be ashamed of themselves for who they are.
  • ThePetSquirrel
    If you come out the womb a straight white male, you're already classified as a "privileged racist, sexist, homophobe."
    It's unbelievable to me how brainwashed these PC social justice fairies are, and how pussified the world has become.
  • Danfrombackhome
    Any man who lets rainbow haired no dick getting land whales make him feel bad about being a man isn't a man.
  • equus
    men's rights is a joke.
    • vampivy23

      Oh yes. The fact that mothers are heavily favored in courts involving custody (and alimony/child support) regardless of parental ability, men receive harsher punishments for the same crime on average, men are more likely to be the victims of violent crime, men make up nearly half of domestic violence victims (1 in 4 men have been victims of [some form of] physical violence by an intimate partner within their lifetime) yet there are ZERO domestic violence shelters for men (at least in the US), women are currently graduating university at a higher rate than men, and female-on-male violence is often portrayed as a funny (not abusive) situation. But yeah, men's rights is a joke, amirite?

  • Anonymous
    It's more that I oftentimes hate the cards I was dealt with for being born male

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