Your Can't Be "Proud" Of Your Race, Sexuality, or Gender


It just is.

No black person should be "proud" of being black. It isn't an achievement or an accomplishment. No white person should be "proud" or being white. That too is neither an achievement nor an accomplishment. Should you feel ashamed of being black or white? No, of course not. But being proud of something you had nothing to do with is illogical.

Because I believe genetics play a large part in sexuality, I feel the same way about homosexuality. It isn't something to be proud of. Again, it's not an achievement. Being gay isn't inherently better (or, in my opinion, worse) then being straight. It just is. You were born that way.

Don't be proud that you're a woman. What is there to be proud of? Genes mixed in a certain way. What an accomplishment. You worked hard to make that happen, right?

Your Can't Be "Proud" Of Your Race, Sexuality, or Gender

(Don't take credit for the work your chromosomes did)

The problem is, when people take "pride" in things that are entirely out of there control they center their identity around it. Naturally, because their entire identity is built around these factors, they are very sensitive to criticism.

Take for instance, black lives matter. (Yes, I'm going there). Most people understand there's a difference between me criticizing black lives matter the movement and me criticizing the idea that black lives matter. But, somebody who is "proud" of their race isn't always able to distinguish the two. Black lives Matter is a movement started by black people, so in their mind my criticism of the movement is a criticism of black people (which is true- I'm criticizing certain black people. But not because they are black) and, by extension, a criticism of them as a person.

And what about gay pride parades?

Your Can't Be "Proud" Of Your Race, Sexuality, or Gender

At gay pride parades, gay people aren't talking about how great it is to be gay. They're celebrating and dancing and having fun and listening to music. Only a stiff would have an issue with that. I have absolutely no problem with gay people celebrating- that's only natural, after years of being treated differently. But why gay "pride." Why not gay "victory" parade or just a parade to celebrate a ruling. Even if people oppose your way of life having it isn't an accomplishment- and if it is, you are basically saying you choose to be gay.

This was a short, quick, off-the-cuff MyTake. The next one will have a lot more. That said, I hope you enjoyed.

Your Can't Be "Proud" Of Your Race, Sexuality, or Gender
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  • Fathoms77
    I just think maybe it's the wrong word. Literally speaking, you really can't be proud about something over which you had no control. I get that.

    But I think when people say they're "proud" to be whatever, they're simply embracing the history and roots of whatever that is.
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    • agreed. They mean they aren't ashamed. I'm not ashamed to be queer, it's who I am, but I've got no control of it.

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  • Anonymous
    I don't think these people feel "proud" like it's an accomplishment. I think these things are more of a show of solidarity. It means they will not be ashamed of being born how they are.
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    • Yes, I understand. Maybe I'm taking it too literally.

    • AlexisFaye

      Yes you are taking pride a little too literally here.

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  • echoaj
    I agree with you that it doesn't make sense to be a proud black, proud white, proudly gay, proud American, proud etc... The color of your skin, sexual orientation, culture is not an achievement.

    Putting that aside I think "Pride parade" is really more a statement of the achievement of how gay rights have come so far and the hurdles gays had to go through in order to be accepted in society rather than the statement about "proud to be gay."
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    • @echoaj I agree. Like I say, I think the term should be victory parade personally. Because that's what they are celebrating.

    • echoaj

      good point. either way, I don't mind. good my take tho!

  • RainbowFanGirl
    I don't think they are saying they are proud of these things becuase they achieved it, I think they are saying it becuase people have shamed them for being born the way they are, and they are rising above that. Nobody should be ashamed of the way that they are born.
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    • @RainbowFanGirl if you aren't proud of something I don't think that means you're ashamed of it. I think there's an in between where you're neither proud nor ashamed.

    • Kiran04

      Nobody should be proud of it either. Pride is just the first step to racial superiority. The KKK is proud of being white. They're just further down that road than most people are, but BLM is quickly arriving at that point. Being proud of your skin color is grade A fuckin' stupid.

    • @Kiran04 I think they used the wrong words.

  • Saoirse_Nua
    I have a feeling it is all getting lost in semantics - As you say all these groups are perfectly entitled to celebrated their culture etc - I am Irish and we celebrate being Irish on St. Patrick's day - It is just a term like Black/White/Gay Pride that somehow has become political - I am a total "Live and Let Live" person, if you don't impinge on me or others, do what you want.
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    • @Saoirse_Nua I agree, and yes I do think all these groups are allowed to celebrate. I think I define pride differently then a lot of people here. Typically I associate pride with achievements. So you can't be proud of having blue eyes because you were just born that way but you can be proud that you're in shape because you worked hard to achieve that.

  • macix670
    I agree but you should take into account the historical context. Women, gays and Blacks were historically oppressed and denied their basic human rights. The 'pride' parades are just to show they're not ashamed of being gay and won't go back into the closet.
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    • @macix670 right, which is why I suggested they be called "victory" parades because that's more accurate- they are celebrating because they have the same rights as other people. Of course they're going to celebrate. That's awesome.

  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    I'm with you bro. Having white skin or black skin is not an accomplishment. Some people are gay just like some girls like guys with tattoos or some guys like girls with green eyes. Who you are and what you like is genetics so why treat it any different. They are just normal.
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  • cipher42
    There's a reason they call it "pride". Perhaps read up on things before writing about them. Basically, the point of pride in this sense is not that they're being proud of themselves simply to be proud of themselves. The point is that for people such as black people and gay people, they have historically long been told by society that they should be ashamed simply for being who they are. That they are less than others because they're black, or gay, or trans, or whatever. The purpose of pride is to counteract that, to make a point of NOT being ashamed of who they are. It's not about them being proud of something they are just because, it's about them fighting back against the systemic oppression that has so long told them to be ashamed.
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    • @cipher42 I still maintain that it's dumb to be proud of something you aren't responsible for. And there's a happy medium between being ashamed and being proud. Like I said in the MyTake you shouldn't beat yourself up for being a certain race or gender. You shouldn't feel bad about it and you should feel positive about yourself in general. Some people would define that as "pride" but I don't.

      Like I say, it's great to celebrate and whatnot but that's different then being proud. When I think of being proud I think of something I achieved. I enjoy being straight and I'm happy I'm straight but in no way am I "proud" of being straight.

    • @cipher42 I think in this instance you're correct but my post is correct as well. Depending on how you interpret "pride."

    • cipher42

      The issue is that you're interpreting pride differently from how they're interpreting it, and therefor in this context you are interpreting it wrong. Basically, their pride is pride DESPITE what they are, not because of it. It's just having self confidence basically, but called pride because they're actively working against systems that bring their pride/self-confidence down. The reason you being proud of being straight is different is because no ones actively telling you that you're worse than other people because you're straight, so you don't need pride to have standard self confidence.

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  • StickStickity13
    Proud definition- feeling deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of one's own achievements, qualities, or possessions or those of someone with whom one is closely associated.

    So you can be proud of your ethnicity. Satisfaction with your qualities and people you associate with
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    • RedVulcan

      The dude is saying it is irrational to base your identity around things you can't control. You can only be proud of your ethnicity or gender or sexuality or whatever to a certain degree.

    • @RedVulcan I don't think that's true, you can be proud of a friend, but you don't always have control over what they do.

    • RedVulcan

      Yes, and you can only be proud of them to a certain extent, you can't introduce yourself to people as "Alex Trebek's friend". In the same way you cannot introduce yourself as gay, black, or a woman/man. It is simply not a cornerstone of your identity

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  • Kiran04
    You hit the nail right on the head. You should be proud of accomplishments and the content of your character, not your skin color, gender, or sexual identity (I mean, I'm an attack helicopter and you don't see me bragging). People who are proud of being black are just as stupid as people who are proud of being white. I see no difference between Black Lives Matter and the KKK, except that one is honest and one isn't.
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  • Riggers
    Nah, anyone can be proud as long as they're not a white male. For some reason the entire planet seems to hate white men.
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  • TheInvisibleMan
    Actually being gay is not simply a thing of genetics or whatever. Sure there are predispositions, but childhood is the determining factor. And it's not normal, or natural in any way, but the media forces it with these parades and bullshit, and through movies etc. and creates predispositions for more gays. Homosexual people take up about 4% of the world population according to statistics, at least I think so, I forgot already, but the media makes it look like its 40%. Also the parades are stupid and pointless, because it does not achieve absolutely anything for gay people. Walking through the city with police guards isn't freedom, it's bullshit. Those who hate them will only hate them more after the parade, and those who don't will be indifferent. So what does the parade achieve actually? Absolutely nothing
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    • @TheInvisibleMan normal is a subjective term. I don't think anybody believes 40% of people are gay.

      Natural- that behavior has been seen in other animals in nature. So being gay is actually natural.

      The parade is for them to celebrate. It isn't for anybody else. And yes, them having the ability to celebrate is freedom. That's what freedom is.

    • You totally didn't get my point. First of all, humans are above animals. And deviation can happen anywhere. Normal is the internal compass we all have and thats what makes us disgusted when you see gay people having sex ir whatever. Just like necrophilia and zoophilia are sick. You could justify that too, but actually its sick and we all know it. About 40%, I was talking how the media forces that sickness upon us. There isn't a single TV show in the last 10 years that doesn't include gay/lesbian scene or episode. And about freedom, when you walk through town guarded by few hundred police officers, thats not freedom. Bin Laden (while he was alive) cpuld have walked through New York with such heavy guards and he would be safe. But dies that mean that he is normal, free, loved or accepted? No. It just means you are guarded so you are safe. It has nothing to do with freedom. Freedom is walking down the street alone and nobody touches you. Cause you are free and accepted.

    • And celebrate what exactly? The fact they were born fucked up and that over half of the world hates them? Nothing to celebrate there. Live your life, do what you want, but do not promote sickness and try to make it look normal

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  • Library
    This is well said. I'm not proud of anything I didn't achieve. People really need to learn their vocabulary.
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  • Karaas2
    Because being black, women, LGBT has been considered a shame, we use the word 'pride'. Don't forget the whole history
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  • Brokenheartedx
    Proud should only be shown at a goal that has been set

    The person who was over weight who loses weight should be proud of their own goal and dedication.

    The kid who didn't do well at school but worked harder than anyone to get a degree should be proud

    The drug addict who kicked drugs and becoming a better person should be proud..

    Race religion or sexuality is correct it isn't an accomplishment, it's not a goal and shouldn't be proud it's who we are.. no one set a goal in their life to be gay or white/black etc.. so why should anyone be proud

    Achievements are proud moments.. skin colour is not
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  • Anpu23
    I can't be proud of my heritage, my history? The fact that my people overcame great odds, or accomplished great things?
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  • Elarra
    You can be proud of things that are out of your control... especially since the things you mentioned on her in the past have been considered something to be ashamed of. So why all of sudden that now that it's no longer a shame we can't be proud of it? Completely stupid and the only people who think this way are those who never had anything to ashamed or not accepted about them on a societal standpoint. Pride isn't about an accomplishment, it's about something you really like and want to show off and enjoy. Merriam-Webster even offers one definition of pride as "a feeling that you respect yourself and deserve to be respected by other people". So, again, how can we not have pride in these things? I don't understand.

    Also, it's not really your place to tell someone they are or are not allowed to have pride in something.
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  • relaxrelax
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  • ThatGuy98
    Couldn't agree with you more! It's retarded how some people thing they are something special just because their genes are a certain way...
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  • Jersey2
    I am proud of who I am. Maybe you just have low self esteem. I am proud of my heritage, family, history. Why do you hate so much? Let people be.
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  • damnwinter
    Oh yeah. I fully agree. People get lost in this 'pride' narrative, even if the idea to begin with is to develop pride as opposed to shame about an objective reality. But being proud of this reality is logically as wrong as being ashamed of it is. So, the key word here should be 'normalized'. All these things should be normalized: not being straight, not being white etc.
    So all these 'pride' parades and movements or whatever you want to call them, are subtly turning into a 'Look at me, I am special' parade. Surely, not for everybody, but with some people, that is unfortunately the case.
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  • YourName123
    your supposed to be sorry and embarrassed for being a white male. Everyone else's shortcomings were determined to be your fault.
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  • 1066wasoverrated
    sure you can. be proud of anything that makes you what you are.
    Every one is equal
  • Phoenix98
    Sure you can, I'm proud, debunked.
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  • Adigelunar
    Good post--
  • SlightlyCrazy
    I've been saying this for years !!!
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  • Anonymous
    It only makes sense to say you're proud of who you are when it's common place for others to say that being that is bad, and you should somehow be ashamed. Instead of being ashamed, they're proud. It makes sense for homosexuals, half of the population thought they didn't deserve equal legal rights. As far as BLM, only about 2% of Americans owned slaves during the era of slavery, and many people did not agree with it, that's mostly why the civil war happened. There is still some racism left, coming from all sides, and I guess this drives people to feel like they're being shamed.

    On the other hand, you cannot help which country you are born into either, yet I think it is perfectly legitimate to be proud of your country, to be proud of your family, your friends, and these are also not accomplishments.
  • Anonymous
    TGs had a hard life to become what they are finally.

    They're the only ones.
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  • Anonymous
    Exactly! Same as people who are "proud" to be American or whatever. It was just chance that you happened to be American or syrian or argentinian or whatever. You can be glad you're American but not proud
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  • Anonymous
    Being black is diffrent from being African. Black dont have heritage and we fight and come along way.

    Being black is more than just rasict it a culture. Thing now.
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  • Anonymous
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