Why Don't You Feel Sympathetic or Emotional About Terrorist Attacks in Iraq?


So, as an Iraqi myself I couldn't believe how unimportant we must be.

So many people die everyday in Iraq and Syria and why won't people change their profile pictures for us? Why won't they mention us in some hashtags? Why does nobody mention us in anything??

Why are people dying out of sympathy for the incidents that happened in Paris and Orlando?

Why Don't You Feel Sympathetic or Emotional About Terrorist Attacks in Iraq?


Why Don't You Feel Sympathetic or Emotional About Terrorist Attacks in Iraq?



I can't believe this, is it because everyone thinks we created ISIS? Is it because everyone thinks we are ISIS?

I can tell you that about 99% of all the Iraqis fear ISIS, we hate them, we try to fight them and we're also scared of these monsters.

ISIS uses the Quran as their ''order to kill''.

kill all the non believers

That might be written in the Quran and i have to admit it but I have seen no Muslim that agreed with that phrase. It's about being a human being and no one who is normal would agree with killing people.

NOT TRYING to put muslims down in any way.

I read the Quran and I don't need anyone to jump to conclusions and tell me I'm quoting it wrong or whatever. I was raised with their culture and I like everyone equally.

I am a Christian by the way but that's another story.

We're one of ISIS number one targets and another ''Khufar'' (non believer) in their eyes.


A huge amount of muslims also get killed because they don't follow their belief like the Islamic state wants them to.

Let's see what kind of incidents happened recently in Iraq...

July 4, 2016 :

Why Don't You Feel Sympathetic or Emotional About Terrorist Attacks in Iraq?

More than 140 people died when a suicide car bomb blew up in a busy shopping street in central Baghdad in the early hours of Sunday, many burning to death as subsequent fires consumed cafes and stores in the Islamic State’s worst single attack on the Iraqi capital.

Dead: 142

Wounded: 212

August 3, 2016 :

Why Don't You Feel Sympathetic or Emotional About Terrorist Attacks in Iraq?

An IED explosion today morning at Hor Rajab in Southern Baghdad, which was targeted on a patrol of al-Hashd al-Sha’abi

Dead: 1

Wounded: /

August 3, 2016 :

Why Don't You Feel Sympathetic or Emotional About Terrorist Attacks in Iraq?

An official source in Anbar Province confirmed that dozens of civilians were killed in an aerial bombing carried out by military aircraft upon Qa’im near the Syrian borders.

Dead: 30

Wounded: 17

TWO of them happened just yesterday??? It happens everyday!

Everyone makes such a big deal out of everything but when it comes to Arabs and Muslims we're unnecessary and should not require help from anyone. There's no humanity.

I also like to mention refugees, people who want to live in a safe place and leave everything behind them, travel miles, live with the constant fear of getting deported and most of their family members stay at ''home''.

I talked to refugees at school and they were no older than 18 years old. They left their family behind and have to live on their own here. They are shy and feel out of place especially the girls.

I have to admit that if we wouldn't accept any refugees it'd be safe but how can you turn down people who want to live on? They can't do anything about the bastards that try to get in here and cause trouble.

Always remember that they want to live on like you want to.

Why Don't You Feel Sympathetic or Emotional About Terrorist Attacks in Iraq?
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  • madhatters4
    i think primarily the media contributes to this. the attacks and events in other countries receive far more media attention than the events that happen in the middle east.

    but everyone should feel definitely sympathy for innocent Iraqis who want a life like everyone else in the world but are being terrorized by the same radical groups
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    • love to hear from the person who down voted my opinion, as to why they down voted it. sorry if you disagree with the truth

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  • BaileyisDarcy
    I don't care for pretty much any of these things.

    They're on the news so often that I'm pretty much desensitised.

    I feeld bad for the people. But I've lost the care factor.
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    • Anonymous

      you don't feel bad if you lost the care factor

    • Well i do.

      If i see it on the news, Ill have a moment of thought running along the lines of 'fuck, that sucks' before shrugging and going on with my life.

      Its on the news every second day. The first week i was appalled at what was happening. The second week i was disgusted. Third i was beginning to get tired of hearing the same thing over again.

      It has happened now so many times, and the news makes the same big deal about it. I've stopped giving a damn. Ill still spare a thought for the people this has happened to, but there won't be any emotion and Im not about to do anything about it.

  • NoFcks2Give
    As an American I can personally atest that most people here are fools of patriotism. Most Americans believe first world life has more value than others. It's stupidity at its finest. Past indifference, straight to blind arrogance. I love America for many things. As far as its populaces outlook... It's not much to look for there. Outside of entertainment or a very limited concept of our own economy, American's don't know much else, this is the main reason for the fear the "silent majority" has. This level of idiocy seems harmless on the surface, but it trickles down to our voting process. Which seems simply like how democracy works. Go deeper. Our votes select leaders that have influence in global economic systems. Most Americans can't name terririst groups outside of ISIS. I've nearly come to tears watching people trying to find the bodies of their loved ones under pieces of concrete and metal. Trust, many Americans, especially educated and intellectual blacks and hispanics feel your pain. You're being oppresed. Part if that means a large group if people that go unaffected simply dont care. These are lesser individuals, that live to serve a system they don't even understand. They bought in, and if there's any shift. They fall to fear. Be safe. Look out for your family, and most importantly forgive the ignorant.
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  • Dawnofanewhorizon
    Oh I feel very sorry for Iraq. It was the victim of an illegal invasion by the US and UK and was illegally occupied for six years.

    Iraq would be a far better country today if Saddam was still in power or if the US and UK governments did not decide to shut down the Iraqi Police.

    I wish the US and the UK were held to account for the invasion, both nation states should be made to rebuild Iraq from top to bottom regardless of the expense it costs the taxpayers of both countries.
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    • Anonymous

      i have to admit that saddam was an asshole but kept us safe

  • willow74
    I don't mention them on the Internet, because most people don't care online. I mention it in real life conversation, so that it becomes personal and has more of an impact on the people that I speak with about it. My dad works with a man who is an Iraqi refugee. He invited him on a family outing, and my entire family got to meet him, shake his hand, hear his stories, and then spend time with him like he belonged to the family. We spent the entire day canoeing on the river and laughing together. It was the first time hed experienced such a thing. He said he'd only seen such scenery in movies. He's around my age, and if I wasn't already in a relationship, I'd have asked him out that day. That being said, the stories that he had to tell about his home, his family, and the tragedies he had been through broke my heart and allowed me some insight into that part of the world. Yes, I am very sympathetic toward people like him and people like you, who only want to do their best in life but are held back because of a war that my country started and that I'm powerless to stop. The only thing that I have the power to do to try and change people's minds, is to share with them the stories that he shared with me and hope that it affects them in the same way.
  • NedfromtheNed
    Why would a western media outlet devote an equal amount of time to an event occurring in the east as it would one in the west? It wouldn't be good for viewership.
    It is unfortunate the things that happen in our world today.
    If you truly are looking for something to blame, look at what you are reading this very reply off of. Look at your television. Look at your radio, if you even have one.
    These devices have not done as they were intended to: they have made us more artificial and distanced us.
    "A man sits down in a hotel dinning room. He eats his breakfast and watches the news. Along the bottom scroll bar he sees a headline reporting the massacring of thousands of people in Iraq at the hands of ISIS. He is not phased.
    A name and a face flash across the screen, a local policeman was shot and killed the prior night. It pans across his house to show the bullet holes in the exterior siding. Meanwhile, bullet casings in the street are being analyzed by investigators. The event that happens next week will be the fiftieth drive by shooting of the year.
    The name of the fallen officer nor of the population being systematically killed will be forgotten by the time he sits down for lunch and sees the new news real. "

    The truth of the matter is that these massacres have always occurred, but it is the fact that we are being constantly bombarded by such news that we are not affected by it. Had this been 1890, people would be impacted more by such events because they would be heard of or seen but once in a lifetime at most.

    Welcome to the digital age, where life is meaningless and every person a statistic.
    • Anonymous

      because the west took part in it and is to blame for.

    • What is this in reference to?

  • springocelot
    I used to have Iraqi boyfriend from Basra and I know how much they hate ISIS. One of his close friends in the army got killed fighting ISIS and I felt really bad.

    At the same time, I've lived with muslims long enough to know that they are fatalists by nature. Time and time again, I have seen seemingly well-meaning muslims let their more religious and fanatical "brothers and sisters" in the faith walk all over them without objection. That's how such messes are created, because there is no bottom-up opposition. So anything bad that happens to a muslim by another muslim, they just chalk it up to fate.

    I also believe such things are happening because most people don't understand islamic mentality. They operate by fear and respect fear. And the best way to strike fear is by being extremely authoritarian. That's why if you notice, most muslim-majority countries have authoritarian forms of government because that is the only form that can strike fear in the hearts of religious crazies from going out of control.
  • AEther
    because my county is the most awesome, and white people are better.. oh and also there's a magical guy in the sky that only likes people that read the same magical book about him that i read. [all said with bitter sarcasm]

    it's a combination of things, firstly, basic tribalism, "us and them". which i theorise has an evolutionary purpose (that can and should be overcome) : simply put, the genetics of the group are more likely to survive if the group has trust and empathy for its collective self, and this is more practically applied with relative distrust and alienation of "them over there".
    that's part of the seed of most racism and bigotry.

    secondly, people don't really care about every murder that happens in distant lands as they would about one next-door, it's just not possible, we hear of horrific events all over the world constantly.
    aside for not having made any connection to these people and thus having nothing to knowingly mourn or regret, we just don't have the capacity to empathise for everyone like we would about someone we have real care for. so we basically pick and choose who we "care" gets killed, and the media or an ideology helps us choose by telling us which ones are most sad, creating a cyclical pattern of grief or disinterest for certain topics.

    so, the things that are least alien to our own lives are made more sad.
    the reason iraq is so alien to "the west":
    we (the west) have a shared culture in many ways, western culture is really just the descendant of christian feudal Europe, since america is a colony of Europe.
    but iraq is of the muslim cultural branch. different alphabet, architecture, religious heritage (obviously) and (though i would guess/hope it to be less of an issue today) ethnicity, along with many more less definable elements.

    despite being much less culturally diverted from our own than, for example, japan. the muslim world is still very much more "them over there". partly because our cultures have been at war for so long with us constantly "crusading" the levant for the last thousand years and such, and islam in general being (understandably) a little miffed.. but also it hasn't been made familiar and appreciated in the same way as the exotic orient or the wilds of africa.

    so.. put all these things together, and then explain and perpetuate it with the statements of my opening sentence and you have your answer..

    i'm not sure if you were looking for a literal answer.. much less such a rambling one. but there you go.
    • AEther

      oh, by the way that was my answer assuming that "you" was plural.
      if it was singular, meaning me specifically, then i'd say that i agree, i find it quite distasteful that people make such a cruel distinction.

    • AEther

      agree with you i mean.

  • posted
    I don't get that bothered by them anywhere really, it's become a norm unfortunately now, very few things are stupider than strapping an explosive to yourself in my opinion. Obviously people will care more about their country, maybe some similar ones. Middle east has a lot of constant killings going on their as well so it's not as 'abnormal'. A lot of it is what the media decides to run with, though it's also determined by what people want to see. Anyway I don't see what sympathy does, people on facebook tinting their pictures red white and blue is the equivalent of me having a bowl of cereal... (Google trends show it only lasted a few days as well before it completely dropped off) It just shows that people are paying attention to the cult of fuck ups. Also it really does seem like another world, just trying to imagine a group of retards wildly firing assault rifles around in a town and taking it over is just crazy when you think of it in terms of North America. If something like that happened here (even for a few horus before the military slaughtered them), everyone would go nuts. There? It's really more of a 'norm'. Different culture, far away is a big part of it. A bombing happening where the movement originated from, in contrast to someones 'backyard' will always be less scary and relevant to them.
  • WoOolfy
    hahahahahaah yeaaaah... Wanna now why? Because people are brain washed, they believe what they are told to believe ^^

    Personally I don't feel sorry for any of the countries that were attacked cause they were asking for it. Yes I feel sorry for all the dead people but ALL mean ALL as for Iraq and other Islamic countries as well.

    For me what's happening isn't a surprise I was waiting for this cause all this time I was wondering Iraq and other countries are being attacked mainly by America and other countries helping America soo Iraq is still silent about it why don't they attack back? Cause I know they can... aaaaand finally! They said "enough". Aaaand now all the brain washed people are getting more against You all. It's sick cause as You said there are NEVER news about children killed in Iraq, civil being victims of the attack out there, no minute of silent for You... So for me France and other countries don't deserve a minute of silent either. I'm talking about innocent people that don't have nothing to do with the game wars that our lovely politicians are playing. PLUS this are not time of wars, all countries have their borders settled why do You need war with another country? One answer politics and their hunger for money and power.

    AND if someone doesn't get my thinking? It's simple, if would be a ruler of a country and he got attacked, kill my people? Not a war on neutral grounds but in my lands were my people live no? I would bring a blood bath to the countries attacking.

    I cry for all or I don't cry for anyone.
  • TripleAce
    Lets look at it this way. Maybe 90% of muslims are wrong then if they are refusing to believe such a phrase to kill infidels

    You see thats where the religion fails. If it says it in your book. How could you say isis is wrong then?

    To answer your first question. First world country lives usually get more attention. We are also talking about USA, not just a first world country, the most powerful of them all.
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    • Anonymous

      i guess isis has other goals than to only kill people and please 'allah', where do you think they get their money from? they seel iraqis oil all over the world and get suported. also hitler was an atheist and killed like 6 million jews.

  • nalaa
    People, do. But let's face it, Iraq is a war zone, ruled by muslim extremist. It's kinda what people expect from the area.
    The reason the other attack get more attention is because they happened in Europe and you don't expect or have that kind of violence on a daily basis
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  • Alex88F
    why should i have sympathy for it? i dont sympathyze with people who basically permits these fuckheads to prosper or even take over their cities. i dont give a shit about it. the middle east can burn for me until everyone down there will try to evolve one bit
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    • yucel_eden

      You sir are the reason why this world is full of hate.

    • Anonymous

      i hope no one will ever like you

    • Alex88F

      @yucel_eden no im just being real to what i think - if a country and his people has no idea how to stomp out extremism then for me it has no real right to have my emphaty. we all have to some degree allowed this thing, terrorism, to get out of hand (the American government and european countries as well) it is worthless to empathize for those for spoon fed terrorism since day one. Be the people in his native land, be it the Others who didn't care about it. Im making no borders here, but sure as hell im not guilty. And no, i dont feel i should give a shit about it. Why? if i would claim that we need a war action i would be labeled as a reactionary warmonger, if i would say we need peace i would be labeled as an hippy. Whatever? i dont care. Again, its their problem now. When it will be knocking on my door then that will be my problem

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  • BlueEyedHipsta
    I feel like every time I watch the news a terrorist attack has happened, the media has made us insensitive to it. There's a line in the movie Hotel Rwanda (about the mass genocide in Rwanda) which shows a rwandian talking to a news presenter and asking how people can watch these things without intervening, the reporter simply says "I think if people see this footage they'll say 'oh my God , that's horrible' then go back to eating their dinner"
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  • Snarkymalarkey
    I think we should take as many refugees as possible. We should show them what freedoms OF and also FROM religion are and teach them to appreciate and respect individuality, something they've probably seen very little of.

    As for all the terrorist attacks on the Middle East I feel awful for the senseless violence and loss of innocent life, but this in my opinion is the fruits of Islam, the fear and hatred of education, the oppression of the individual specifically their sexuality and choice in their own bodies and lives. yeah the west has problems too, but I'd rather deal with Tmz and tumblr femnazis over being forced to walk around in a bag in a bombed out desert.

    I just think the rest of the world has progressed so much that the Middle East is never going to catch up. If I we're a betting woman, which I am, I'd say that annexation and dissolution of middle eastern countries is a real possibility in this century. I'm not saying it's any specific persons fault or that being Muslim is what the problem is, I'm saying that Islam as a whole just outright rejects what's important in the world today and now its inadeqacies are really showing.
  • SweatshirtSundays
    Doesn't matter to me whether the terrorist attacks are happening in Germany, France or Iraq. As long it doesn't directly affect me, I remain unsympathic and mind my own business.
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    • Anonymous

      wow you're horrible..

    • Why should I waste my time moaning for others misfortune? Seriously.

    • Anonymous

      it is not a waste of time because it makes you human and you lack humanity

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  • WeeGeeTheSecond
    If you don't know any muslims that agree with the Quran, you/they have two options..
    Either you do nothing and continue to suffer terrorist attacks,
    Or you stop with this bullshit PC mentality that Islam is a "religion of peace" and admit that Islam is in dire need of a reformation.

    As long as Islam continues to be violent, people WILL continue to blame it for terror attacks, and rightfully so.
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    • are you religious?

    • Anonymous

      i have to admit it that the kuran made me shiver and is violent but i tell you that many people are scared to leave islam because of their relatives and parents, many refugees converted to christanity here because no one can threat or hurt/kill them for changing their belief

  • kittenmitten
    Sadly, it's common as hell for people to get blown up, shot, or lynched in the middle east. Every single day innocents die. Their lives are not less worthy than those of the French but it's just so common nobody gets impressed. It's unfair but that's human adaptation to everything. During WW2 30000 thousands of innocents were dying each day and after a while people got used to it. It's terrible but that's how humans work.
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  • jacquesvol
    Why Don't You Feel Sympathetic or Emotional About our past own Terrorist Attacks in Iraq?
    Starving half a million children first
    The horrible graph:


    Bombing and invading, killing

    I'm not sure 'madman Saddam' killed as many as the people who removed him.
    Iraq has about as many inhabitants as Texas. Imagine a bunch of Arabs killing that many Texans.
    How many Arab capitals would we nuke?
    • jacquesvol

      When terrorists attack, they’re terrorizing. When we attack, we’re retaliating. When they respond to our retaliation with further attacks, they’re terrorizing again. When we respond with further attacks, we’re retaliating again.

      When people decry civilian deaths caused by the U. S. government, they’re aiding propaganda efforts. In sharp contrast, when civilian deaths are caused by bombers who hate America, the perpetrators are evil and those deaths are tragedies.

      When they put bombs in cars and kill people, they’re uncivilized killers. When we put bombs on missiles and kill people, we’re upholding civilized values.

      When they kill, they’re terrorists. When we kill, we’re striking against terror.

      At all times, Americans must be kept fully informed about who to hate and fear. When the United States found Osama bin Laden useful during the 1980s because of his tenacious violence against the Soviet occupiers in Afghanistan, he was good, or at least not bad — but now he’s really bad.

    • jacquesvol

      No matter how many times they’ve lied in the past, U. S. officials are credible in the present. When they vaguely cite evidence that the bombed pharmaceutical factory in Khartoum was making ingredients for nerve gas, that should be good enough for us.

      Might doesn’t make right — except in the real world, when it’s American might. Only someone of dubious political orientation would split hairs about international law.

      When the mass media in some foreign countries serve as megaphones for the rhetoric of their government, the result is ludicrous propaganda. When the mass media in our country serve as megaphones for the rhetoric of the U. S. government, the result is responsible journalism.


  • Ahmed_Sy15x
    the Quran doesn't say kill all unbelievers, the Quran exactly says: kill them if they attack you otherwise don't assault them, God doesn't love Assaults.

    you're making people think bad of the Quran :|
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    • Anonymous

      i'm sorry but there are many other terrifying things written but i won't quote them. I recommend you to look for yourself

    • i know, you mean when it says: if your wife doesn't keep your secrets advice her, if that didn't work don't have sex with her, if that didn't work then hit her...

      or when it says: cut the thief's hand regardless of his/her gender, but if he/she repentance, God is so generous.

      I'm not bigot or something, i just have read both the Quran and the Bible and i know almost everything about them, so if there's a problem just tell me, thanks.

    • oh and in the case of "Kill all unbelievers" i should say go and read these verses ---> 2:190(بقره), like i said before it says: fight those who fight you and don't assault, god doesn't love assaults.
      and in this verse 2:192(بقره) ---> it says: God is generous if they stop fighting you.

      I'm not really religious but i hate those idiots who say: Their god told them in their book to kill everyone. without even reading the Quran.

      and by the way the Quran says: if you kill a human it's like you killed the whole humanity and if you save a human it's like you saved the whole humanity. chapter 5 verse 32.

      so that makes it clear to you

  • renogaza
    its funny that the terrorist attacks are caused by ISIS and they exist solely because of the United States of AMERICA's Central Intelligence Agency, well.. karma does come around, sadly the world is paying the price, not america..

    my deepest sympathies for the victims of the orlando bombings and terrorist attacks all over the middle-east and Europe..
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    • renogaza

      funny that america has yet to pay the price for their war crimes in ww2, they have yet to pay the price for the starting the vietnam war, and have yet to pay the price for the several middle east wars, and now karma has boiled it all down to this fine global mess that not even america can win against. the bible did say that an empire was destined to fall, now we know that it was actually america.

  • Tamera952
    Because it’s 1,000,000 miles away and we’re numb to the topic and subject.
    Plus I don’t understand why any war or conflict we fight we have to stay there indefinitely — Plus its usually religion based violence, The stupidest of all kind, and so we just figure they’re going to kill themselves anyways so we just tune it out.
  • Jxpxtxr
    We do but it's unfortunately nothing new to hear of terrorist attacks in war zones. Completely different story when it happens in front of your own doorstep in a country that is in peace and supposed to be safe. It may be sad but seeing headlines in the news of "Suicide bombings in Iraq" isn't as half as shocking as seeing a headline saying "Suicide bombing in Paris", solely because one is completely unexpected while the other isn't.
  • englisc
    I can empathize with such people, I think it's terrible what both the Western governments and groups like ISIS are doing over in the Middle-East. But at the same time they aren't our people so we don't really hear as much about that as we do attacks closer to home, and obviously it affects us a lot more when our people are killed than people millions of miles around the world.
  • TayTay21
    Because Iraqis want that type of violence. People felt sorry for them having to live under a brutal dictator like Saddam, but the minute he was ousted, the violence began and has never subsided. It turns out that Saddam's brutality was just a necessary tool to keep order in what is a very violent part of the world.
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  • ManLikeAMan
    When they left Ottoman, they began to live their own destiny. Because, they liked English side. They listened what UK said. And also they left their religion, or they lived or own religion that they thought Islam. They supported PKK when they were on their own strengths. So innocent people are living the results.
    • yucel_eden

      Most of what you said is bullshit. If Iraq listened to uk then why did uk Invade Iraq.

      Only true thing is Supporting pkk but everyone in the world supports pkk except turkey and Saudi. Is every country in the world like Iraq?

  • Omar5881
    Westerns judge Islam with an ignorant form
    They see exactly 0.06 % of the WHOLE 1.6 billion and say Islam did it , we deny it's acts all of us Muslims denied it , and there's Hadith aganist them
    We are arabians love we worth nothing to this word our blood is cheap thousands die and no-one knows 5 dies and they start crying on them , just forget it and try to live
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    • TheSpartan

      Unfortunately, while most Muslims do not support groups like ISIS, there is a strong minority that does, and this type of Islamic conquest does have a strong historical precedent. As far as ISIS is concerned, they're just imitating the early Muslims, both of whom carved out Islamic caliphates from the Middle-East and North Africa, subjugating the non-Muslims. The sad thing is that groups like ISIS will probably always be common place in the Muslim world.

  • Raymond_Reddington
    Because its normal there. Do you ask a bird why it flies? Or a fish why it swims? They do that because they were born to do it. Just like people in Iraq are born to blow shit up.
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    • Anonymous

      yeah right that makes total sense, what kind of super dumb comparison is that?

    • It's the truth sweetie.

  • rjroy3
    Because that part of the world is constantly in turmoil, so it feels like "oh, just another bombing. There will probably be another next week". As bad as it sounds. People get numb to it.

    But when bombings happen in western countries where that's not a regular occurrence that is a huge deal.
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    • Kind of like mass shootings here. We're just like "eh" when it happens now

    • rjroy3

      @FallOutBoy2001 I don't think you understand "constantly". Or that simply 3 people counts as a "mass shooting".

    • It happens almost every week, so I'd call that constant or nearly constant

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  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Great post but in this day and age, our attention span is controlled by the media. The events definitely stay longer in the media and the extent of coverage varies on how close to the media base it happens.
  • UncagedAgent
    *makes an uninformed, impersonal generalization about the world's emotions*

    *Goes anonymous*

    OP, understand this. It's not that we don't care about Iraq, it's that if we had a 2 week long campaign for every bombing, murder, or terrorist attack that goes on in Iraq, or even it's major cities, we wouldn't take down the Iraqi flag Facebook photos for the rest of time.
    • Anonymous

      That's why someone has to make the world aware of all the suffering! it doesn't matter if it happens every day or every damn second, people die and that's what matters not the number of times and how unimportant and normal it is now to expect people dying everyday! i'm anonymous because i can and well you're the reason why i make and uninformed, impersonal generalization about the world's emotions, you're the perfect example.

  • ThisisDyari
    First: we Muslims are NOT allowed ever to kill anyone even if Christians and we HAVE to give them all their rights when living with us. We are only allowed to fight the ones who fight us (non believers like isis) God says in holy Quraan (who killed one is like he killed all the people) We Iraqis are the most disa
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    • Disappointed people 😔 and these comments from people outside here broke me so much

  • TheSpartan
    Simple, because these types of actions are commonplace in the Middle-East. Once these attacks become common in Europe, we'll be desensitized to it here, too. Hell, we've already practically becomes desensitized to everyday attacks in the developed, Western world.
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  • SensualScribe
    You answered your own question... it is so common place in Iraq that people do not blink an eye at it.
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  • BeHappy1985
    Because why would I? Also I don't know them, more or less 150 thousand people die each day. Why Don't You Feel Sympathetic or Emotional About Terrorist Attacks in Iraq?
  • harabi
    Because they are not part of the west. I don't feel sympathy because Iraqi people are usually modest unlike morally corrupt westerners. I sympathize with jihadis who only strike the evil - like gay clubs, bars, heavy metal concerts, Charlie Hebdo, possibly AVN awards and nudist beaches, etc. praise be upon them may they purge avay the devil.
  • RedneckCowgirl
    It's always sad when there are tons of deaths also when there is only one death. I always think about my kids and how if they get killed in attack. I will cry myself to death. Some people think that I'm soft because I'm sympathetic. I'm tough, but a nice person at the same time.
  • Ghassan
    I hate how if any small thing happen in the west, they such big deal out of it. Even though it is a big deal, but people dying in big numbers in Iraq and Palestine every single day isn't? and most of them care about gay marriage more than people dying. It's just messed up these days.
  • QuestionMan
    Because they're not a part of the West.
    It's one thing to see France get attacked since they're a part of the West and a Western country doesn't get attacked that often, unlike Pakistan, Iraq and Syria who face terrorist attacks quite often.
    You can't ask for the same sympathy from the West for a region that isn't a part of the West. People are always going to care about those that they have some connection to or resemblance to, more than someone from a strange land.

    Just as you I'm sure would care more about a cousin of yours getting robbed than some guy in Guatemala getting robbed.
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    • Hotsoup

      Innocent civilians are dying. We are all human and we should feel sympathetic toward other human regardless of their geographic location and their race.

    • @Hotsoup We should but we don't if it doesn't impact us in any way.

    • Ghassan

      So, no equality in this case? the western mentality is always not good.

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  • Slimtight
    I will give you my perspective. For years the United States fought for freedom in Iraq. And what did we get for it? Anti-American riots wanting us to get out to leave you guys alone. We left in our country is in shambles. We built it up we freed you and you did nothing to help yourselves. You deserve every tragedy you get. Don't tell me it's the government. It's the people the people never backed a solid government that the United States attempted to set up. We lost American lives helping you guys what did we get for it? Anti-American slogans trying to force us out. You deserve anything you get. It is your own fault
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    • Anonymous

      america fucking destroyed us, ''freed'' us don't make me laugh, so many died and nothing happend everything got worse, you just killed sadam hussein and nothing more, you just finished us you'll never hear an iraqi say that you helped us in any way. We were just a huge space f oil to feed you, you stole it.

    • Anonymous

      my family , innocent people were being stolen from and they held many iraqis as hostages and also raped many women. You'll always get hate from us and every single arab because you never helped us in any way, if you would've helped us no one would blame you right? you destroyed us, killed soooooo many innocent people only to make you look like the good one here and say you wanted to free us! you stole all our oil and made us poor, shame on you for saying this, you're uneducated and you have not been through that war! how can you say that you helped us when it was WAR! how do you help people when you started a WAR!

    • Slimtight

      As you see it you always and I see it my way and now you know why we no longer give a crap

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  • Dimmu

    you dont count in this world
    usa killed millions of iraqi and afghani people, isreal robbed a land
    and this is not terror
    but when some muslims kill like hundreds or thousands everyone loses their mind and start to talk like a smart ass

    guess what do EDUCATED PEOPLE think who is more threatening world peace usa or isis

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  • Phoenix98
    I hate all terrorist attacks regardless of where they happen or who they happen to.
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  • waspcreative
    Most opinions here are pretty inaccurate.

    The reason is very very simple and has to do with our primal instincts. Like most other things in life really.

    The closer you are a place or person, the more you'll feel.

    I don't care that much about Iraq it's too far away.
    Europe? Now it raises an eyebrow, we're geographically and culturally closer.
    My country? Now I'm gonna be even more paranoid.
    My city? Uh oh...
    My neighborhoor, now I'd be pretty scared.
    My friends? :(
    My family? :( :( :(

    Similarily, which do you care most about? Your friend get shot, someone got shot in your neighborhood or if someone got shot in another country? Obviously the ranking is friend, neighboor, country.

    There is no need to overthink things like this. Islam, media, all of that don't matter and has nothing to do with why people don't care. It's much more simpler than that. It's our genetics and survival instinct.

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  • Kirah
    Because it's further away from the Western world, and that shit happens all the time there.

    Snow in Bangladesh is news-worthy, snow in Canada is not.
  • Darkone1
    Wow another brilliant idea to attack Muslims, You need to provide evidence.
  • kelvinmed
    You should honestly blame the media and news sources. They choose to prioritize what people should think our care about. Many people don't heard about those tragedies or don't care because of the views of middle eastern countries.
  • gobsmacked3
    The Media- you are the 'enemy', so there is no benefit in forwarding the propaganda agendas of their masters by showing tragedies happen to all. By doing show it will cause people to question about the lies being feed them

    Like ISIS- the offshoot of Al-Qaeda that was initially funded and supported by America and its allies back in the day. Most of ISIS weapons have been supplied by America

    it is shameful and hypocritical and few see through it or worse, care to see through it.

    Lastly, you are Muslim, so the propaganda perpetrated against your faith again comes into play. You guys are still getting payback for 9/11, even though most now see 9/11 as more than likely an inside job

    very sad, in fact heartbreaking :(

    Stay strong sister for there are many who do care for you and your Nation
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    • I just have question , i see lots of opinions like yours on here and i can't really understand it, are you an arab guy who is not muslim living in a middle eastern country among muslims?

    • @IceCubedude No, i am Irish with a staunch belief in Humanism

    • okay i see , well you know the description i described earlier? yes thats me and a hundred thousand, christians, living among muslims , sharing neighbourhoods with them, do you know how life is like?

      they play in the same sports team, go to the same school, live in the same towns/villages, get the same education, eat the same food, have close values, buy from each other, hang out together and in short it seems like a pretty average day to day live. then you go home , you open facebook, you start reading newsapapers you read what your friend who you hung out with a day before writes stuff that makes you sick, you listen to them talking in their mosque every Friday criticizing you, your religion and way of life, it was so bad once they even started talking about whorresh christian women look...

      or if thats not enough, wait until you get into a fight with one them it could start as simple as starting at each other which develops into a fight and them expressing (verbally)...

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  • Maxemeister
    Exactly why I didn't change my pic for Orlando or Paris, or do any #'s or whatever. There are too many terrorist attacks in the world
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  • FakeName123
    Because there is no media bawling its eyes out. It's quite simple - most people do not really care about everything that is across their own horizon.
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  • PT1911
    I do feel sorry

    And as much as I love my country, they took a country and made it go. from bad to worse, resulting in the instability we have now.
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  • RationalMale
    Because Iraq is a barbaric nation.
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    • Dipsy

      The government might be, but there are sure a heck lot of good people there. I assume at least 99% of them are good willing people

    • @Dipsy islamic nations are almost all barbaric and don't even recognize freedom of religion...

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