I Was Accused of Stealing From Kids?! (RANT)


I Was Accused of Stealing From Kids?! (RANT)
Today I volunteered for a School Drive. I sorted and counted school supplies. At the end of sorting we were told each volunteer could take school supplies. So when I was picking up stuff I noticed I didn't have room in this backpack. Little did I know I was putting school supplies in the laptop shelves rather the places where you can put books. So, I told my mom don't worry I'll get another backpack. But instead of the staff lady saying, "oh sweet you can't get another bag," she literally embarrassed me and told me I am trying to steal from kids that need books for school.

I wanted to scream and call her a bitch. Instead I put everything back and put my head down. I am so fuckin upset. I can't stand when people all of a sudden think or assume we are stealing without knowing the situation. Like I think I am going to have to report to the school board. Like what the fuck!? Why would I want steal from others? I work and go to school and I deal with my issues! I respect this school; 'it's the school I lived in for 10 straight years! What the fuck would I be stealing for! I just can't stand the humiliation to have someone assume that I am stealing from children.

Maybe it's one of my core beliefs that confirms that I am worthless and doing something very wrong. I wish she didn't ruin my experience. I really do. I get yelled at everyday all day by customers. I didn't need this today on my day off. I don't understand how greedy and evil a person can be. My backpack didn't even look huge or packed. I don't understand why I didn't yell maybe I was afraid I would get punished or that I would have to deal with more hurt. I don't understand why the other staff just watched as I got humiliated and talked down to like I was stupid. I can't believe I experienced this of all places I was expecting it to be while I was volunteering.

I Was Accused of Stealing From Kids?! (RANT)

Oh, Why couldn't I fuck explain myself better instead of saying I need another backpack. Why didn't she notice what I noticed later that I was putting everything in the backpack shelves. I have this weird urge to come at her with my word and see her again. I don't understand society and how it works. I don't understand how those types of people exist and reproduce. Ugh! I am not sure what I am going to do with these feelings. I wish I didn't feel gross inside. Or guilty. I want to take my pain and numb myself away. I want hide under a blanket and never let the light in! If I could have it my way I would give up trying and just live outdoors and look up at the clear blue sky.

The way I see it society is always looking for a bad guy! Someone to blame for other misfortunes. Someone to attack. Well Fuck that! I better than that or what others expect people to be like. Not ever person is criminal. So of us come from hard proud working family. I know I was raised better than that.


I Was Accused of Stealing From Kids?! (RANT)
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  • Xfitchick
    Its difficult to prove your innocence once you are accused. If you don't have witnesses or proof its one word against the other.
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  • Waffles731
    good take
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  • Moonstar2024
    A Walgreens staff once accused my autistic friend of stealing some lipstick and her mom was so mad. My friend would never steal by the way she's very nice.
    • apple24

      And the funny part is that I work as a security staff at walmart! I wouldn't accused someone even if I couldn't find their items. I usually just ask, oh I can't find this, can you show me on your receipt? And if they don't have it than I say you can still pay for it. Its no big deal. It happens all the time @ work.

  • broken_heart_at_48
    You should go to whoever accused you and explain your side and tell her you don't appreciate her attacking you and embarrassing you and ask them how they plan on fixing it. How they plan on changing the impression of you that they put in other people's mind. Make sure they understand that they should get all the facts before publicly humiliating someone because more than likely they can't repair the damage they've done
  • kelvinmed
    Lol I was stealing supplies from my internship site one person saw me put something in my bag and asked me if that was it but little did he know I already had more stuff
  • Mustachekitteh
    I would have gone off on that woman's stupidity. XD
  • ice_vampire
    It hurts.
    Though no one ever accused me of stealing. But I can imagine the humiliation especially in public in front of others.