10 True Stories of Animals Saving Humans From Near-Death Experiences

10 True Stories of Animals Saving Humans From Near-Death Experiences

When I was little, I remember reading a book about animals saving the lives of humans. I remember that book being super heartwarming, but unfortunately, I lost the book and can't find it anymore. However I do remember some of the stories from it along with a few others. I thought I would share some with you!

Animals are much more amazing than we give them credit for. Here are 10 instances where humans have saved us from certain death.

Winnie the Cat

Winnie the cat was in the presence of her sleeping family when all of a sudden the house filled with poisonous carbon monoxide. Winnie could detect that something was gravely wrong and sprang into action by meowing loudly and scratching her sleeping owner. When her owner finally awoke, she was able to get the rest of the family up and call 911.

10 True Stories of Animals Saving Humans From Near-Death Experiences

Winnie’s owner says that the cat had saved their lives. She believed that the carbon monoxide had come from a broken gas-powered pump in the basement. Officials said that if Winnie has waited slightly longer, her and the family would have fallen to the hands of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Mila the Beluga Whale

A rookie diver was apart of a freediving contest at an aquarium and decided to do so without the proper diving equipment. The 26-year old female swam with whales in chilling, 20 feet deep waters, and when she tried to surface for air, she found that her legs cramped up from the freezing cold waters.

She thought that her life was over and begun to accept her fate until Mila began to push the diver to the surface with one of her legs gripped firmly in the whale’s mouth. Due to the flat teeth in the beluga’s mouth, she was unscaved.

10 True Stories of Animals Saving Humans From Near-Death Experiences

After the incident, she says that Mila saved her life. Officials said that belugas are sensitive animals who have a close relationship with humans.

Kilo the Pit Bull

A couple was returning home from a grocery trip when they heard a knock at the door. The man, dressed in a FedEx delivery suit, said that his scanner was broken and asked if he could come inside for a pen so that he could sign the package.

This then turned into an armed robbery attempt.

Shots were fired, and the couple was scared for their life until their 12-year pit bull Kilo went after the robber and would take a bullet to the head for his owners.

10 True Stories of Animals Saving Humans From Near-Death Experiences

The bullet bounced off of Kilo’s skull and exited down his back. After a few days of veterinary care, he was up and walking again like nothing happened.

Lulu the Potbellied Pig

When Lulu’s owner, JoAnn Altsman, had collapsed to the ground in pain from a heart attack, the pig had rushed out the house and lied in the street to stop oncoming traffic. She tried so hard to get people to help, going back into the house to check on her owner, then lying in the street again to get someone to stop.

10 True Stories of Animals Saving Humans From Near-Death Experiences

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, a driver had pulled over and stopped, following the pig back to the house where they found JoAnn on the floor, and they immediately rushed her to the hospital. If it weren’t for Lulu’s intelligence and bravery, JoAnn would have died from her heart attack.

Buddy the German Shepherd

When Buddy was just an 8-week old puppy, his owner taught him to call 911 when he began experiencing seizure-like symptoms. He would use his teeth to hit a button that automatically called the emergency services.

10 True Stories of Animals Saving Humans From Near-Death Experiences

In 2008, when his owner went into epileptic shock, the dog had used the skills he had learned as a puppy to call 911, and began whimpering into the phone. An ambulance had arrived at the scene to find him unconscious, and he was rushed to the hospital. After a couple of days in ICU, he made a full recovery.

Willie the Parrot

A 2-year old girl would have died if it wasn’t for this magnificent bird.

Megan Howard was watching little Hannah while her parents were out, and had prepared a Pop Tart for the child to eat while she had ran to the bathroom.

While she was in the bathroom, Willie the parrot began screaming and flapping her wings frantically. “Mama! Mama! Baby!” the parrot would say over and over again. SHe had rushed out the bathroom to find the child gasping for air and her face a pale blue, the half-eaten Pop Tart lodged in her throat.

10 True Stories of Animals Saving Humans From Near-Death Experiences

Megan performed the Heimlich maneuver on the kid and saved her from choking, but she credits Willie as the real hero here. He even won Red Cross’s Animal Lifesaver Award for his actions.

Mandy the Goat

An Australian farmer had fallen over a pile of manure and busted his hip. Too injured to get back up, he was alone with his goat for 5 days.

10 True Stories of Animals Saving Humans From Near-Death Experiences

The goat had huddled next to him to keep him warm from the cold of the night, and had even kept him fed with her milk. She stayed with him throughout the ordeal and kept him alive for the time he had spent out there.

Eventually he was found by his friends and received medical attention.

Toby the Golden Retriever

Debby Parker, a 45 year old woman, was eating an apple one day when a piece of it became lodged in her throat. She began choking and gasping for air, and even began trying to do the Heimlich maneuver on herself when she realized it was no use.

10 True Stories of Animals Saving Humans From Near-Death Experiences

That’s when Toby the dog had sprung into action. He got up on his hind legs and pushed Parker onto her back, jumping up and down on her chest to perform some sort of doggy Heimlich maneuver. After a number of attempts, the apple had dislodged from her throat, and he licked her face to keep her from passing out.

She is thankful for her dog, as if he hadn’t did anything, she probably would have died.

Kerry the Horse

A 40 year-old mother of two was alone one day on her family farm when she heard the cries of a distressed calf. She rushed outside and realized that the calf was separated from her mother and couldn't find her among the other cattle.

She moved the calf into a shed with her mother, but as she tried to approach her, the mother heard the calf crying and charged, knocking the woman over and running over her.

10 True Stories of Animals Saving Humans From Near-Death Experiences

As the woman began moving away, she noticed her 15 year old mare kicking at the cow, giving her enough time to crawl under the electric fence.

Ningnong the Elephant

An eight year old from England was on vacation with her mother and stepfather in Thailand. The highlight on the trip was making friends with a four year-old Asian elephant called Ningnong. Little did they know that this elephant would end up saving their life when a tsunami hit in 2004.

When the tsunami hit,he sensed that something was wrong and took off running to the eight year old, and when the wave hit, he stood in front of the little girl as a wave crashed on shore, saving her life.

10 True Stories of Animals Saving Humans From Near-Death Experiences

Animals are absolutely amazing. Do you have any wonderful animals in your life?

10 True Stories of Animals Saving Humans From Near-Death Experiences

Thanks for reading this myTake! <3

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10 True Stories of Animals Saving Humans From Near-Death Experiences
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  • Only_Women_Bleed
    That was a great read. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed Lulu's story the most.

    My stepdad has told the story of a German Wirehaired Pointer he had in his 20's named Rocky. I seen pictures of him, he was a badass, cool looking dog. He was a hunting dog that my stepdad would go pheasant with. Really smart, very loyal.

    Anyways, the story goes that my stepdad was at work and his dad was home with Rocky. There's a little girl riding her bike in front of the house that Rocky is eyeing from the yard. As she goes to cross the street, some guy comes speeding down the street at an absurd speed. Rocky notices the danger right away and darts towards the girl and knocks her off of her bike and out of the way right when the car hits the bike and Rocky. Rocky was killed instantly. He was only 4. The girl was fine.

    My stepdad's dad picks him up and carries him into the house and calls his son and says, "Rocky is dead. Come home." They both cried. My stepdad was heart broken and filled with anger over how this guy took his dog's life but the fact he sacrificed his own life for a little girl he didn't even know helped the healing. He was proud of him.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    Animals are awesome and very smart. Stories like the ones you posted show just how intelligent animals can be.
    Nice take. 😊👍🏻
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  • SovereignessofVamps
    I <3 animals, here's another but it's a dog saving a dog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5OEKA47xFI
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  • FatherJack
    The first picture is outstanding & heartwarming , the lioness could have killed that guy in a heartbeat , but loves that guy to bits. A cute little domestic cat hangs around my house , not a cat expert , but I'm told she has chosen us as owners !! Excellent , uplifting take , German Shepherds are smart dogs have handled them & equally smart Rottweilers serving with the British Army , nothing gets past a sharp dog & human handler team !!
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  • Luci92
    Awesome Take!!! I actually had a book about all of these stories, it recapped them all really well and I thought it was amazing.
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  • lizee
    Lovely stories. It just says to me that if you take care of your animals, they'll take of you. Love always wins out.
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  • YourFutureEx
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  • Kapakani
    Wow rainbow girl!!! Outstanding take mate!! It's refreshing truly to see stuff like this on here beyond the norm sex talk.( not bashing that, but it gets repetitive you know)..

    But this was a great read! I had no idea animals could perform such feats. This gave me a big


    Tho less Loki ish lol.

    Good take :)
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  • Fathoms77
    That top picture is amazing. It evokes such a unique mixture of sentiment and fear... ;)
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  • BaileyisDarcy
    I've seen a video where a dog deliberately, unprovoked, attacked a young child who was riding his tricycle. The kids mum couldnt get there fast enough and the dog was dragging the kid, the family cat runs out and attacks the dog, chasing it away!

    I know how people always say cats are selfish creatures but given the chance, they can do some pretty amazing things to prove otherwise.
  • Unit1
    I don't know if this story is true but I'm going to share it (i can barely remember it):
    Your very first picture reminded me of it.
    Centuries ago there was a man and a lion in the desert. The lion resided in a cave and was crying out loud. The man decided to investigate and found the lion been hurt by a big thorn in it paws. The man approached this lion and carefully removed the thorn from it's paws. They were since then befriending a little until the man had to move on.

    Later this man was put in an arena to fight until death against any opponent (like in rome's times). Guess who was the opponent? The exact same lion! They have recognized each other but they didn't fight. Instead they had a hug.
    I don't know how the story went on but this is as far as I can remember.

    Anyway, my own input would be: Animals are better (and sometimes smarter) than most humans. Humanity is disgusting!
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    • lizee

      That story is one of the famous Aesop's Fables of Androcles and the lion and it is a great story I agree.

    • Unit1

      @lizee Can you fill me in what happened after the man and the lion were facing each another in the arena?

    • I did hear of this! So heartwarming :)

  • lazermazer
    Great great take👌🏻 fresh content.
    I don't know if my dogs will do anything like that but i love them.
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  • SlightlyCrazy
    Dammit I'm crying now
    I really didn't want to but I can't do shit with animals
    I love them so much
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  • SleepingSnorlax
    Love stories like this
    I heard of a police office thats saw a car pulled over on a highway he got out to check it out. There was a man sleeping inside and while he was tryjng to wake him up two men came and attacked the officer the three men were dragging him into the woods with the intention to kill him and the officers k9 unit managed to unlock the door of the cruiser and ran over incapacitated (not killed) two of the men and chased the third one off

    Im getting a new dog soon i can't wait for that bond i miss it sense my old dog oassed away a few years ago :(
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  • sp33d
    That top picture sells it for me. I'm not easy to get moist-eyed, but that works :D
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  • Josht13
    Would've been 11 if harambe was still around. #dicksout
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  • LittleSally
    I loved this. One of the best takes I've read.
    Animals really are amazing. =)
  • Relentless_Hippie
    Wow, reading these made me want to cry. Awesome take! I'm definitely bookmarking this one.
  • FrankReynolds
    Never underestimate a animals capabilities you will be amazed.
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  • Mustachekitteh
    Damn those animals are awesome!
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  • Dlc20
    I love this take!! Good job, this is so cool!
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  • Rissyanne
    Thanks.. this was the sweetest thing..
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  • Zorax
    Very interesting stories, great Take :D
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  • TatyanaTheEmpress
    Beautiful article, I love the stories :)
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  • Sunflower19
    Aw this made me smile!! Such a sweet take!
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  • theCatcherintheRye
    Who the fuck is cutting onions?
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  • candyaurora
    This is why I simply adore animals 😊
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  • Alex88F
    animals > people
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  • MoreThanFriends
    The cover picture is adorable lol
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  • Popo21
    I love animals :')
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  • HulkkSmash
    Nice take
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  • soosooboo2
    aww cool
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  • Gothlesbian
    Loved it. Thank you!
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  • Relinquished
    Where's my boy Harambe?
  • ChocoLada
    Amazing, I love those stories, cool article 👍
  • Anonymous
    This was nice to read!
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