We Just Don't Care Anymore: Kylesar's Top 10 Dead Horse Subjects

We Just Don't Care Anymore: Kylesar's Top 10 Dead Horse Subjects

We've heard them a million times. It's gotten old as hell and we're tired of hearing the same stuff with the same content.

What is a dead horse subject?

A dead horse subject is one that's been addressed time and time again. These subjects get annoying as hell because they typically contain the same shit from post to post.

For this list, anything is free game.

Let's just get this over with. My top 10 Dead Horse Subjects:

10) Alpha/Beta

We Just Don't Care Anymore: Kylesar's Top 10 Dead Horse Subjects

This takes the bottom of the list because of all the dead horse subjects, this is the least discussed, but it's still discussed quite a bit with it all being a the same. Basically, some guy talks about how the trait of an alpha and how much better it is being an alpha than a beta. Chances are, if you have to write about Alpha/Beta, you've somehow convinced yourself that you're an Alpha when you're not.

If you're like me, you don't give a flying fuck about this whole Alpha/Beta thing.

9) BLM

We Just Don't Care Anymore: Kylesar's Top 10 Dead Horse Subjects

BLM is Black Lives Matter, a movement dedicated to stopping police violence against black people. You'd think a movement like this would be a good thing.........Nope. They have their own form of racism that's apparently justified in their eyes and the eyes of media outlets that support them.

We all know that BLM is just a bunch of radicals that further drag the name of black people through the mud. They spray-tagged a memorial. A Confederate memorial, but still. Their demands are unreasonable. I've read through them all and they're either incredibly vague, unreasonable or impossible to accomplish.

The reason this takes the #9 spot is because new things tend to pop up quite consistently. That, and the fact that BLM is the least offender (for this list) of the "PC Crew"

8) The Candidates

We Just Don't Care Anymore: Kylesar's Top 10 Dead Horse Subjects

The only reason this isn't getting the #3 or #2 spot is because of one factor: Time of Year. It's election year, so it makes sense that people would talk the candidates into the ground.

Basically, subjects on the candidates go like this

Trump is a racist, sexist bigot

Hillary deserves jail time for [insert long list]

Why Trump is the worst choice for president

Why Hillary is the worst choice for president

I hate both of these candidates. They both suck. If some new development arises with either of them, then it makes sense to discuss it, but these questions are all the same things. Hillary's Emails and Trump's mean comments.

There's a wholly original take discussing which fictional characters would make for better candidates than either of them.

If you want to discuss them, please post some article about something new. Don't say the same exact shit every other opposer is saying.


We Just Don't Care Anymore: Kylesar's Top 10 Dead Horse Subjects

MGTOW stands for Men Go Their Own Way, a movement dedicated to and only for men, where they shun Long Term Relationships, not just with women, but period.......so no, turning gay isn't gonna get a MGTOW to get married

GaG went through a phase where MGTOW was heavily attacked, and I can kind of see why. From a bird's eye view, it's kind of hard to not find some pretty hateful comment about women. I decided to swallow my initial doubt and dip into MGTOW on Youtube. I found some things to live by and I found a lot of stuff I disagree with. Their core sentiments are agreeable, like a lot of movements, but again like a lot of movements, extremists and bitter opposers blow it out of proportion

I don't hate MGTOW. In fact, I'd consider myself a "purple piller." I'm never going any further than that though.

6) Men Suck

We Just Don't Care Anymore: Kylesar's Top 10 Dead Horse Subjects

Between Men and Women Suck, Men Suck takes the #7 spot. Be it talking about why men these days are all pansies to things like Alpha/Beta, to comments addressing any sort of male complaint about women as "bitching and whining" or coming from a "sexually frustrated basement dweller," we get it. We have a dick. Blame us for shit. Tell us to talk about our problems, then dismiss it as bitching and whining.

The most common offenders are people who talk about "real men" and what they do or why the man these days are feminized by feminism and the current school system.

This also goes into some Feminist questions and takes that do their level best to either make women the victims of men's problems, (For example, Hillary's whole things about women being the primary victims of war.), finding a way to marginalize it, or finding a way to blame it on men, removing any accountability from themselves.

Now I'm not saying they don't bitch and whine. Sometimes they do, but it's gotten to the point where anytime a man complains or brings up an issue, there's between 1-3 women commenting that they're just bitching and need some pussy. As if pussy is the solve-all.

Do men have problems? Fucking definitely, but when we try to address them, don't brush us off

5) SJW

We Just Don't Care Anymore: Kylesar's Top 10 Dead Horse Subjects

I'll be the first to tell you I hate SJWs: People against Free Speech. #2 of the PC crew and the biggest advocates of Political Correctness. Now don't think for a second that I support Hate Speech or Harrassment. If someone advocates violence against someone or tries to get their fans to attack someone online, they deserve to get banned. However, this is something completely different.

Read this Article: https://www.onenewsnow.com/education/2016/08/21/princeton-bans-the-word-man-from-its-vocabulary



In the second article, the man was charged for disagreeing with feminists. Criminal harrassment, they called it. However, he wasn't threatening or advocating violence ONCE. For that reason, he was found "not guilty." However, it's the fact that he was about to go to JAIL for a disagreement. That's highly against free speech.

I'm not against consequence. If someone says something stupid under free speech, I agree with using free to call them an idiot. I've done this many many times and had it used against me. Locking someone up though is bullshit.

4) Nice Guys

We Just Don't Care Anymore: Kylesar's Top 10 Dead Horse Subjects

Look, Nice guys suck. That was established a long-ass time ago. Then GaG come out of nowhere with the extreme Nice Guys Suck phase. All I saw were these types of questions and Take. This phase lasted a hell of a lot longer than the Veganism Phase.

Beware the Nice Guy

Nice Guys suck

Nice Guys are boring

Nice Guys aren't really nice guys

These are the points in nearly every discussion about Nice guys. I honestly don't think there's anything original to say about it anymore. Nice Guys are terrible. We honestly get it. Leave them to die a bitter death.

3) Religion

We Just Don't Care Anymore: Kylesar's Top 10 Dead Horse Subjects

Be it Christianity, Islam, Atheism, whatever, I'm tired of seeing things talk about how terrible they all are.

Islam has their Terrorists

Christianity has Westboro Baptist Church

Atheism has their condescending neckbeards

Whatever. Believe what you want. I follow some atheist channels on Youtube with a Muslim best friend while going to church on Sunday. Who gives a flying fuck at the end of the day? You can talk about your beliefs without coming off as a complete asshole.

Sure Atheism isn't a religion, but it definitely engages actual religion like one, which is why it's lumped in with them. They all attack other people's beliefs.

2) Women suck

We Just Don't Care Anymore: Kylesar's Top 10 Dead Horse Subjects

Far more than men suck posts, you have the women suck posts.

Western women are terrible

Why I'm dating foreign not western women

Women these days are entitled and narcissistic

Blah Blah fucking blah. Women suck. We get it. They're all gold digging whores who go on a thousand dick journey then want a good man to scoop them away when they're done.

We hear this way too much and we just don't care anymore. If you have a legitimate problem with some of the things women do or the games they play, talk about it, but don't go on about how women these days are ruined or we only have girls and how you want a "woman." Sorry, but talking about Girls vs Women is no different than Boys vs. Men.

These are the posts that make women see any problem men have as just bitching and whining.

Do women have problems? Fucking definitely, but generalizing women or blaming women for all your problems is bullshit. BOTH GENDERS, as well as Feminism and MGTOW have contributed to the Gender Divide and the Gender War.


1) Feminism and Anti-Feminism

We Just Don't Care Anymore: Kylesar's Top 10 Dead Horse Subjects

We all knew this was coming. The dreaded F-Word. The 3rd of the PC crew. Like with BLM and SJWs, I won't hesitate to tell you I hate the movement..........at least the 3rd wave of the movement.

I used to be a pretty dedicated anti-feminist. Going online to search up feminist bullshit and then go find a feminist to destroy. However, I'm done with that shit. I'll still discuss feminist bullshit, but only if I see some bullshit point.

3rd wave Feminism has done a lot of bullshit (that alone can take up the entire 20,000 for a take) but repeating the bullshit feminism has done gets old pretty fast. Take it from me. I used to do it.

Feminism is the overwhelming winner of this spot. Far more than anything else. If they do some bullshit or a feminist makes a bullshit point, call it out, but seeing a thousand takes on it is annoying as hell.

I think they need to take a good-ass look at themselves and wonder why less than 20% of pretty much any population would consider themselves a feminist, and not just brush it off as "internalized misogyny" or "sexism." That's all I'm gonna say about this.

I know that the candidates will be laid to rest after the inauguration, but I think we need to lay the rest of these subjects to rest. There's just nothing else to say that hasn't already been said. They're annoying.

Alright, Peeps. That's it. Signing out

We Just Don't Care Anymore: Kylesar's Top 10 Dead Horse Subjects

(I fucking love Ballet)

We Just Don't Care Anymore: Kylesar's Top 10 Dead Horse Subjects
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Most Helpful Girl

  • WhaChaChaKing
    I disagree with you on feminism and the blm movement but I agree that I'm extremely tired of hearing about all these.
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    • Reflexy

      Whatever your views on feminism are though it is definitely a topic that comes up on this site all the time, whether attacking it or defending it. BLM more so recently but not as much.

    • @Reflexy I disagree with his views on them but I do agree that they come up entirely too often. Tired of all these overdone topics.

    • Why? feminism is shit. I think any woman who calls herself a feminist is probably too privileged to realize how good she has it.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • SaltyPotato
    I was beating a dead horse once too. Boy did I get a surprise when it ejaculated, silly cunt was playing dead.
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  • BeeNee
    You are FURTHER beating the crap out of that dead horse by in fact pointing out AND talking about all of the dead horse subjects. I mean if you want something to go away, you and everyone else has to stop talking about it and bringing it up too because of course, every comment is going to in fact, be about such subjects.
    • Kylesar

      To solve a problem, you have to first acknowledge that you HAVE a problem.

    • BeeNee

      Your problem is a totally subjective one. Clearly people are continuing to write ad nauseum about these topics as everyone can see them everyday, but all those people are simply going to argue that they have the right to their own opinions... as you have yours... so essentially unless you intend to be the arbiter of suppression of free speech, your own included... this "problem" which really isn't a problem in the scheme of things, shall continue on for as long as people have opinions are there are new people to read those opinions. Basically you're fighting a losing battle, and that's a good thing, otherwise none of us would have free speech.

    • Kylesar

      Not once have I ever said this was anyone's problem. The title of the take (where I literally take ownership of the list) implies that this is all a personal opinion

      I speak for no one but myself, nor do I want to speak for anyone but myself

      By saying I'm fighting a losing battle, you assume I'm fighting one to begin with. I'm not. I'm merely pointing out what I'm tired of hearing. The same subjects all saying the same things. I have no reason to fight the right to say it.

      You're not telling me anything I didn't already know before writing the take.

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  • PatriarchalOppressor
    The whole freedom of speech issue was decided in the US long ago. You can't force people to stop talking or writing about their concerns, unless of course you're a psychopath, dictator, jihadist, Hitleresqe or Stalinesqe. These conversations will continue - despite you being triggered or growing weary of hearing them.

    Here's a better idea. Shut off your computer.
    • Kylesar

      I'm well aware that I can't force people to stop talking about whatever they damn well please. Even if I could, I wouldn't.

      These are still dead horse subjects though that people get tired of hearing about.

  • pervertedjester
    The first time I heard some one use BLM in a topic I thought they were talking about a new sandwich. 2.bp.blogspot.com/.../IMG_6023-1a.jpg Once I realized that wasn't the case, I made a sandwich.
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  • Prettyapathetic
    You will never understand why religion is harmful... no matter how many times I tell you.
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    • Kylesar

      I can look at Islamic Terrorists and Westboro Baptist Church to see the harmful effects of extremist religiosity.

      I don't care how many times you tell me. I can see for myself

    • It's not that.
      It's all those taxes being wasted on churches to brainwash everyone. All those bigoted church leaders who are really molesters. Being taught out of the Bible that homosexuality is evil and in Islam that women are objectively inferior.
      Threatening people to give your life to a Jewish zombie is disrespectful. Why would i want something that promotes ignorance to be alive and awake?

    • Kylesar

      Look at how you word it. To any Christian or Muslim, you're attacking their beliefs, which will result in immediate deaf ears.

      You can't defeat an ideology by attacking it. You defeat it by letting other come to those conclusion themselves. If they're wrong, you have to show them WHY they're wrong, not just say "oh christian pastors are all child molesters." They'll say "not all" and leave it at that.

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  • paxamor
    The first two recommended takes under this were, ironically, 'Am I Alpha Enough?' and 'Why Both Candidates Suck.'
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  • Righttobeararms83
    Seems like now you have to identify with one group or the other or be ridiculed or harassed not that I gaf. Years ago you could only be into grunge, metal, hip hop, rap, pop etc now its social movements and indulge in this new victim culture thats sweeping the first world.
  • Animegeek23
    Oh boy, another BLM "are racist" rant. They shouldn't give people like you internet access. You probably typed in Google, "BLM is racist" and regurgitated it from a conservative website
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    • Kylesar

      So you want to restrict my internet access because I said something you don't like?
      Sounds like a violation of free speech, so thank you for proving my point

      I'm black myself and I don't give a damn about politics. Their demands are highly unreasonable and some unrealistic.

      I've seen some highly racist shit coming from BLM, which is why I'll never associate myself with them.

    • Freedom of speech doesn't stretch to the Internet. Any site can remove you if they want, if you say something out of line. Freedom of association.

      I don't care what race you are. The police state in this country needs to stop and that's beneficial not just for blacks but for everyone. This country's police is too militarized

    • Kylesar

      You said they should restrict my access to the internet. The only thing that can do that is the Gov't, so what you were saying is that the gov't should restrict my internet because you got a bit salty

      Sure a website can remove you at will, but any smart website will know that silencing freedom of speech will get them replaced. You can't silence someone on the internet. Too many websites and too many platforms. Look at Twitter, about to die a slow and painful death because they think they can keep people from speaking their mind. As soon as another site springs up that does something similar, Twitter is done for.

      If it's beneficial for everyone if the cops stop, then it shouldn't be Black Lives Matter. It should be ALL lives matter. BLM wants to defund the police and put it into BLACK communities. They only care for black people, not anyone else and especially not for white people. If you want a movement that does, BLM isn't it

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  • Fathoms77
    Yes, well, there's this word "trending," see, and if all of these disappeared, 90% of the trending topics on earth would disappear. :P

    I'm all up for NEW trending topics but people actually have to pay attention to those, right?
  • Shorty1991
    You forgot rate me's and body shaming. But yeah, I agree most of those subjects are repeated constantly.
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  • CheerGirl38139
    Very good. I'd also like to add a generic number 11 encompassing all private body parts, their shapes, sizes, and preferences thereof. :)
  • lizziepooh03
    This was awesome. I quite enjoyed reading this and if we ever meet in a person, it would be my pleasure to buy you a drink.

  • willix
    haha... i think you're just offended that you're on top any more. though you proably don't have much going for you, some peasant from a third world country who cannot accept the world has changed.
    • Kylesar

      What are you even talking about?

    • willix

      cos most people who post stuff like this bemoan not being on top. then prove why you deserve more rights.

    • Kylesar

      I'm just gonna assume you're either trolling or that English isn't something you speak

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  • John_Doesnt
    Yes, I don't care about any of these subjects anymore. They come up too often even on GAG.
  • NajemEddine
    specially feminism
    hearing it makes me want to kill them all :p :v
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  • Gommers
    Bonus dead horse topic: Any question asked by a woman that isn't original.
    Disagree 2 People
  • Pilulu
    This deserves to be more promoted. Nice take. *Claps*
  • TheTruthHurtsImSorry
    Spoken like a true beta.
    Disagree 1 Person
    • Kylesar

      So you try to toss the Beta label on everyone?

      That's beta talk in itself

    • You sound a little salty.
      I didn't hurt your feelings did I?

    • Kylesar

      Not at all
      You just so happened to prove my point

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  • Rocket_Queen
    I really love this take.
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  • ThisDudeHere
    I completely agree with everything here.
  • Sexualchrist
    Brilliant. Just brilliant
  • admles
    11. Penis Size
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  • orphan
    don't care didn't read.
  • Alex88F
    this shit has got to end
  • Bitterpill
    I entirely agree.