No Thinking, No Moving


I usually do not explain my poems, I usually just leave them open to interpretation, but today I am writing a poem, this is longer than my other poems, and touches on a sensitive subject. A couple of years ago I was sexually assaulted by a woman at a nail salon, besides the obvious harassment, it was also embarrassing for me since it was in public. This poem pretty much describes how I felt about it and my progression of moving past it.

No Thinking, No Moving

Walking around, I have no fuel that keeps me going

I am already late for the train

The pain is finally slowing

How long has it been since I have seen people come to this station?

I see people, or is it my imagination?

No Thinking, No Moving

Do you want to know the truth?

The truth is, that I am waiting for it to rain, so I can have an excuse to get away from my mind

But the people

Where are the people?

They use to come here all the time!

Walking around, I have nothing to say

Where are the people?

They took my voice awayI

I see the train pass, and yet I'm not moving

I see people have fun and laugh

No thinking, No moving

No Thinking, No Moving

Don't you think I want to forget that day?

Just because I was nice

Did not give you the right, to take my trust away

No I'm not angry

Maybe once, I was homophobic

But now, I forgive you

The pain is locomotive

So it moves, but there is no departure time

I see the train moving

When will it be my time?

No thinking, No Moving

No Thinking, No Moving

No talking, the people just walk

No sitting, the people just talk

I do not want to talk about it!

I will be late for the train

The train does not run long enough

To ease this pain

Now I see, its time for me to get on the train

I see all the people now

Who understands my pain?

You think you understand me!

Just give me the ticket

No Thinking, No Moving


Why is everyone else moving and I'm not

This train is all that I have got

People are walking around me now

I feel that I am moving but I feel as if I'm standing still

Walking around

No thinking, No Moving

My feet are on the ground

No anger

No pain

No moving

No rain

No Thinking, No Moving

Walking around

The people are now moving

I am on the train now

No thinking, No moving


No Thinking, No Moving
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  • Junlian
    Beautiful poem. Are have you written a novel before?
    • Thank you, I wrote a novel recently but I have not published it yet, I am going to edit it first before I send it to literary agents and publishers

    • Junlian

      Awe! What's it called? What's it about? I want to buy one. Ugh! So much I want to talk to you about. If you don't mind if we can keep in touch. It's rare to hear a gager does a novel like I am.

    • well its a fantasy novel

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