Why I Believe More Americans Need To Go To Church


Although the rate of church attendance in America is certainly declining, especially among the millennials, the cause of the church attendance decline is actually not due to philosophical debates between atheism and Christianity. Instead, the real cause is logistics. People are not going to church, not because they have lost faith, but because of practical issues.

Why I Believe That More Americans Need To Go To Church

For Christians who do not attend church and non-religious and unaffiliated people who are stuck in a muck, this myTake is for you. Here are my reasons why you should make some time for God and faith.

1. Discipline

Being a Christian often means that you attend worship services once a week and that you commit yourself to other church activities. Many denominations teach spiritual discipline as the requirement of being a disciple, a faithful follower, of God. Some denominations go even further and form monasteries, pursuing the epitome of a godly life.

If more Americans are in church, then their discipline towards God may spread to other areas of their lives, like how they interact with other people or whether they break free of bad worldly habits.

Why I Believe More Americans Need To Go To Church

2. Sacrifice

Being a Christian often means that you imitate Christ to the best of your ability. Because Christ represents the epitome of self-sacrifice, Christians should make sacrifices for the benefit of the community.

If more Americans are in church, then they will hear the word "sacrifice" frequently and actually have the courage to do it. Christ provides that courage.

Why I Believe More Americans Need To Go To Church

3. Godly Love

Being a Christian often means that you receive godly love from your heavenly father. God loves all his children and wants to save them from evil somehow. The main purpose in a Christian life is to be saved. How that is achieved varies from denomination to denomination. I am not a theologian, so I won't discuss the details about salvation.

If more Americans are in church, then they will hear God's love and learn how to be loving. Discipline and sacrifice are important factors in love. Obedience of God's commandments is an act of love for God.

Why I Believe More Americans Need To Go To Church

4. Spiritual Fulfillment

Being a Christian often means that God fulfills you spiritually. God is the most important thing in your life. Everything is structured around God. You attain spiritual fulfillment through God. God fulfills your god-shaped hole. With God, no other worldly thing is of greater value.

If more Americans are in church, then they will seek spiritual meaning and fulfillment through God, with God, and in God. Seeking pleasure in addictive, harmful food and toxic substances will just lead people to a life of misery. Seeking pleasure in God will be richly rewarding forever.

5. Community

Being a Christian often means that you have a community, the church. Humans are social creatures. They interact with people, because positive social interaction strengthens intimacy and maintains peace in society. Christians can also use the social network to find new ideas, new people, and new opportunities.

If more Americans are in church, then they will expand their social circle. They will meet new faces, and new faces mean new ideas and new opportunities. Watching TV all day is not a productive behavior. People need to go out and MOVE!

Why I Believe More Americans Need To Go To Church

6. A Truly Changed Heart

Being a Christian often means that you have a truly changed heart. You do good things, because you believe that God calls you to do them. You are led by the Holy Spirit. If people praise you, then you should tell them that God is the one that should be praised, and who knows? Maybe people will see your good works and be led to God. All glory goes to God. All good comes from God.

A person can be forced to do good things against his will or for the wrong reasons. If the person is forced to donate to charity because Mama says so, then that is not a good behavior, because the goodness does not come from his heart. He is merely going through the motions. If the person participates in a research study to make a few quick bucks, then the act is not good, because the motive is to make money for himself. It is possible that this selfish motive can turn wicked, if the person lies in the research experiment and intentionally goes against the instructions. Of course, such a wicked behavior is unlikely to happen, because his God-given conscience guides the choices he makes.

If more Americans are in church, then they will learn how to repent and forgive.

Why I Believe More Americans Need To Go To Church

7. Constantly Improving Oneself

Being a Christian often means that you are constantly striving to improve yourself. You are always aware of your sinful nature and your tendency to sin. To sin means to miss the mark, the target of God's plan for you. As a Christian, you look at your mistakes and learn from them. You look at other people's mistakes and learn from them. Do not overcriticize other people so much for making mistakes. We all make mistakes, and we should all do our best to correct them. We should have faith in God that God will give us the strength to improve ourselves and fight sin. We should be thankful every day for making these improvements, because they are signs that God is working in us and truly cares about our well-being.

If more Americans are in church, then they will be informed about how to improve themselves. Sermons and Bible studies do just that. They make the biblical material relevant to modern life.

Why I Believe More Americans Need To Go To Church

8. Constantly Exploring Oneself

Being a Christian often means that you are constantly exploring yourself. You study the Bible regularly, understanding social interactions, human nature, and the qualities of God. You look for strengths and weaknesses in people. You search for your own identity.

If more Americans are in church, then they will constantly explore themselves.

Why I Believe More Americans Need To Go To Church

9. Conformity

Being a Christian often means that you conform to God's standard instead of the fads of the day or popular ideas of your time. You may see people going on the Atkins diet or the Paleo diet or what-have-you diet. You may see people buying special-brand clothing or going gluten-free. Listening to God may help you conform to God's standard and not be so easily pressured by popular culture. Instead of adhering to popular cultural norms, you try to surround yourself with God's people, the church. Hopefully, they are obedient servants of God too. Surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded people reinforces the godly life. At the same time, you should not think too highly of yourself. If people praise you, then you should tell them that they should praise God. Only God deserves the praise. If people criticize you, then you should reconsider what you did wrong and whether you really are doing what God wants you to do.

If more Americans are in church, then they will conform to God's standard.

Why I Believe More Americans Need To Go To Church
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  • RedThread
    1) discipline - I work hard for my family because they're getting older. I work hard so that I'll be able to afford the type of lifestyle I want. I've never really needed another reason than that.

    2) sacrifice - I learned this when my sister got burned on over 70% of her body in a car accident. Her legs got amputated and she needed assistance for a while. Then a few years after that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I took care of her and drove her to radiation treatment. I'd do anything for the people I love. They are my world.

    3) Godly love - I don't believe in God but I do love everyone in my life. I think it's hard for a religious person sometimes to fathom that an atheist can sacrifice and love just as strongly as them. The fact that I don't believe in an afterlife encourages me to live a life that's worthwhile today. I want to experience and love others strongly because this is the only life I have. I don't think this life is a test or a trial run for a greater reward.

    4) spiritual fulfillment - I know it may be hard to believe but non-religious people can feel an almost transcendent experience at times. The more I learn about mathematics and science the more powerful I feel. The fact that human life is so small compared to the scope of the universe can be daunting but the sheer fact that we have the ability to codify and define this universe makes me feel HUGE. Religious believers may get this sensation from what they call God or from reading scripture but I get it from observation of the material universe around us.

    5) community - this is something can be provided in a special way through religion. I admit I don't feel any comradery with other agnostics or atheists. We usually don't have anything in common besides the fact that we are unconvinced of things like religion. I do find community through my hobbies. I have a sense of friendship in gaming communities and other geek hobbies.

    6) truly changed heart- again my sister and mother come to mind. They are the greatest people I've ever met. Their struggle to survive truly changed my heart. It made me realize the type of person I wanted to be. It made me realize what truly matters in life. Things like hope, compassion, love, acceptance are everything. Life is fragile. We live in a cold universe where good kids can get terminal cancer and murder can sometimes go unpunished so we shouldn't be afraid to love or be loved while we can. Human beings have the power to light up the darkness.
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    • RedThread

      7) constantly improving yourself - I think we are naturally driven towards this if we allow ourselves to be. In the business world, we need to constantly work hard to stay relevant and to improve ourselves. When it comes to morality, my dealings with other people cause me to be more accepting and open minded whether it's about race, culture, religion, sexuality, etc.

      8) constantly exploring oneself - this is important for everyone to do. I think by being introspective, we can expose our own biases whether they be religious, political, social, etc. It encourages us all to be more complete people. We are all hypocrites and we can all be incredibly biased which is why looking inward and being skeptical of all our views is so important. It's the only way we grow.

      9) conformity - now this is a notion I simply can't get behind. I value individualism and descenting thoughts and opinions more than anything else. I think acknowledging those cultural differences is important.

    • RedThread

      Anyway I wrote this not as an insult to religious people or the religious way of life, but simply to spread understanding that many people feel fulfilled living differently. We are similar in a lot of ways but the sources for these similarities tend to be completely different. Coexistence and tolerance is possibly only through acceptance and checking our holier than thou mentalities at the door.

    • LadyTerror

      This was interesting to read!

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Most Helpful Girl

  • ginny_weasley
    I feel sorry for the people who feel the need to have their moral compass reset every Sunday by going church. I am atheist and don't need some God to remind me to be a good person. America doesn't need God and we certainly don't need more religion. What we need is respect for other people.
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    • relaxrelax

      it's not about being a good person
      its about whether GOD exist or not
      and if he does he makes the rules
      if he doesn't anything goes and i really mean anything

    • @relaxrelax then he isn't very compassionate. The world is a very dark place right now and there are horrific things happening all over the earth. I blame selfishness, greed, and people refusing to value human life.

    • relaxrelax

      i blame people not believing and following his word
      cause he gave everyone free will

      its there choice but most people ignore it and kill murder rape and he has to hold them accountable unfortunately, he would forgive them if they actually changed, or the word repent

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  • kaylaS91
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  • btbc92
    I agree with most of the things you said. However I must point out some things as a sister and believer.

    #1: It is not an logistics issue. The bible makes it very clear that not everybody is God's child or of him. Not all so-called Christians a re actually believers. I have come across so many people who left because they simply don't believe in the bible or believe in God. They don't believe that God exist. Why? Because they never had a relationship with God in the first place. They went because their parents made them. So a faith without a relationship in God is just a religion.

    #2. God did not call us to religion but a relationship. Most words and things have been tempered with the Bible, and this is why believers are getting attacked in and out of church. Because the one who is supposed to shepherd the sheep led them astray. AND you have counterfeit pastors and other people who were not called nor ordained by God himself, and they appointed themselves or by the government to that rank and status. Matter of fact it is not about the status. Then you have women pastors who are NOT supposed to be pastors according to scripture or a deacon nor a bishop. A believer cannot be in order if there is no order in the church. And this is why we have more non believers and atheist who can't and refuse to believe because we are not being an example. You also have churches who is preaching different doctrines that is not biblical or of God too.

    #3. A believer needs to also be strong both in and outside the church building. If there is error in the church, the person should not stay unless God command otherwise. Overall it is coming to a time where we will not be able to attend service at a church building, but to come together as the body of Christ. That is the church. A believer should still praise and worship him wither in church or not in church. Since its a bit difficult to find a church where I live that is of God, AND is teaching the scriptures and not something else, I get my feeding offline broadcast. That is something until I'm lead where to go.

    Overall again, you've pointed out some very good points. But this needs to be addressed to the one's shepherding, not just the sheep. However at the same time, we cannot force people to go to church. They have free will. Church won't change people, God does. And he only does it when that person wants to change sincerely.
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    • btbc92

      And I have been to plenty of churches throughout my Christian life where I just never made friends, and kids and adults aways thought I was weird and awkward. I was very mature for my age as a toddler and child, I had the mindset of an adult. I was able to discern things and people didn't like me nor my late mother. This is about getting people saved, not church numbers. People can go to church day in and day out, but if they are not saved that's it. Christian or no Christian, you can and will still go to hell.

      We can't force people to do something they don't want or is in it for them to do if they don't have a reason for their life to do so. A lot of people hate God period. It's sad, but again, we can't dwell on that or other people. Our relationship with him comes first. We have to responsible for ourselves first before we can share testimony and the gospel to others when God leads you through his spirit. Not act out of your own free will or you can get into trouble.

    • relaxrelax


    I am Eastern Orthodox, so the Church is a pretty big part of my life. I value it for the reasons you mentioned, but also because I see it as one of the last strongholds of true conservatism in the West. We are still insanely traditional and conservative, which I appreciate. That is precisely why I converted. Too many Protestant and even Catholic Churches have sold out to "Progress," becoming feminized and allowing same-sex "marriage."

    I will add however that as far as faith goes, I am not in the best spot. I believe that God exists -- Thomas Aquinas has confirmed this -- and that Christianity is true by virtue of the history for Jesus Christ and his Resurrection.

    But I do not believe that God loves us anymore.

    I struggle deeply with the problem of evil. God to me just feels like another deadbeat father who is turning a blind eye to all of the evil in the world. And yet, he is still going to have the audacity to judge us in the end. I love religion, but I absolutely hate God.

    I cannot give God my heart -- I have come to accept that -- but like the Pharisee, I can give him my actions. I can do what I know I am supposed to do, and obey his Church ardently, but I will never have faith.

    And I can only pray that this will be enough.
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  • ladsin
    I disagree 100% with this, but am slightly busy so you'll have to forgive me for my brevity. But I'll give a small retort to each section, and then give a final ultimate reason why it's bad.
    1.) Going to church has very little to do with discipline, would you say I was disciplined if I went to class once a week?
    2.) People can sacrifice many things for many reasons, going to church has nothing to do with that. Theists can sacrifice things in life without church attendance and atheists/ nonreligious can sacrifice things without belief and church attendance.
    3.) God is not all about love (at least not the Christian god as explained by the bible) m but regardless church attendance would have nothing to do with this regardless.
    4.) No such thing as a god shaped hole, but regardless people can be awe-inspired and fulfilled without church or faith.
    5.) Yes, churches serve an important purpose of providing community, but it is not necessary.
    6.) The heart doesn't do thinking or decision making for anyone, but regardless one's beliefs and actions can be changed for the better without god. Google the superiority of secular morality (by matt dillahauntey) or talk with me because I enjoy the topic.
    7.) Being a Christian is about believing without evidence, not becoming a better person. Again even assuming your belief (that it makes you better) church would have nothing to do with it.
    8.) The bible is about being a slave to an omnipotent bully, nothing about valuing humanity, or bettering oneself etc. Again church would not affect someone reading more of their bible or receiving fulfillment though.
    9.) Conformity is not always a good thing, and this is evidentially wrong. Christians have been changing their views on every commandment from the bible since it's inception.
    Lastly, and most importantly, church attendance/ religious affiliation is correlated with worse societal problems, more rape, murder, teen pregnancy, theft, etc. Societies health on the other hand is associated with secularism.
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  • RationalMale
    The problem is, church isn't really relevant anymore in far too many cases. Nor does church mean people act more Godly--I know a girl who had a hookup in an empty room at this place.

    Also, another simple problem is... not much action. Plenty of talk about this problem or that problem, but never any goals or solutions. Too feminized--too much talking about loving everyone and just turning a blind eye to actual problems.

    For example, this place preached a sermon about how whites need to be less racist after the Charlestown Killings, even explicitly saying how whites should be fine with a white girl dating a black guy. Did he talk about black on white crime and black on white hatred in the USA? Nah.


    There's a reason why church is dying in the USA. It needs to die and be replaced by something real.
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    • relaxrelax

      what we call church isn't actually church
      cause the church is the people not a building

    • @relaxrelax The Church is the people. Church is religious organizations people go to and participate in.

    • how many churches have you been to? some preachers are really good and inspiring and make u wanna improve urself, some are boring and meh, and some are plain weird.

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  • Tanuron
    How sad to read stuff like this really, which ironically if their is a God (And if he care to achknowledge our exsistence) the whole bible is mockery of God and would probably piss him off, since their potrayel of him is like a child with anger issues. Like really, the supposed all knowing, all wise, all powerful is supposed to be a big baby? Share a lot of common traits with Hitler and many other Tyrants, "Dont believe in me, burn" attitude. Yet further irony, the most peaceful countries on earth are very low on religion all together, religion just brings war and suffering really, except buddism at least, since they kinda just learn to accept and embrace people for their differences without judging them, cause its not wrong to not be a buddist, but it is wrong to not be a christian for example.

    Makes me sick really, churches in general, can't stand all the hypocricy, the brainwash, the mockery of the devine, the unfairness, cruelty and so on it has brought into the world and how it keeps maintining it, would be better if it just died out, would be so much more peaceful on earth if religion didn't exsist.

    Anyway, have too much to say about all of it, so ill just shut up.
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  • steveguitar
    I think people are doubting god, because most people start to realize that nothing happens though prayer or through going to church. Plus science is discovering things that we never knew before, starting to debunk all the beliefes of the past. God didn't create life, there are amino acids found in nebula in space, which means that when a sun dies it spreads that around space. Amino acids are one of the main keys for life to exist, in our solar syste we got very lucky. Beliefe in a god is a very self centered view of humanity.

    Besides you look at religion and it grew the exact same way as society, women underneath men. Women cannot in most religions hold he highest positions in the church, not even being a priestess. So people are moving away from these views.

    The exact reason why native Americans do or used to do rain dances, shows exactly how religion developed. We now know through research that God doesn't control the weather, there are many more powerful and complicated things happening. But back then nobody would have been able to research weather the way we do nowadays.

    Humanity made up god to explain things he couldn't.
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  • MusicLover8098
    Not a Christian, but my whole family is, and I still get made to go to church, so I think I can chime in. By the way, I mean no offense by anything I say, these are just observations.

    So here's the thing with church, just because you go doesn't make you a believer. I mean, look at me for example. Going to church won't suddenly make you a better person or a more religious person. What you want isn't for everyone to go to church, what you want is for everyone to be Christian. Now the problem with that is that according to the Christian Bible, Jesus himself says that Christans will always be the minority. So let's say all Americans do start going to church, then Christians wouldn't be the minority anymore, which would mean Jesus was wrong. Now like I said, I don't mean to attack your religion, simply to point out that this actually is how Jesus would want it to be, a small, exclusive following. Remember that according to the Bible, only a very small number (I forget) of people will actually go to Heaven.

    Well that's all I have to say. Just thought I'd bring up an interesting point. Good luck on your journey 😊
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    • You don't have to be a believer or have perfect faith. That is the entire point. I doubt all of the doctrines of my Church but I still attend because I respect it, and have that little bit of faith inside.

  • Riggers
    Tbh I'd rather spend my Sunday's doing something other then going to a building with a pointy roof and talking to imaginary friends with a load of other crazies, but if that floats your boat matey then whatever.
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  • hifromkai
    I don't believe in Christianity

    I get it and I've studied it but I don't believe it personally
    I'm not going to start spitting reasons why anything is wrong and I'm not here to start arguments but realistically all of the things listed can be achieved in other ways

    You don't need to be religious or go to church to be disciplined or to sacrifice or to have godly love or to explore yourself or improve yourself or have a change of heart

    I didn't put conformity because honestly I don't see conformity as a good thing

    Innovation does not come from conformity life doesn't conform to boundaries one sets when you draw a line in the metaphorical sand life is the wind the blows it away.
    If you draw that line again life will just blow it away again.
    Because the boundary was never supposed to be there and once there it will never be there for long. Because life shouldn't have boundaries or limits.
    That wind is pushing against your boundaries.. instead of drawing that line over and over and over again.. The next time life blows your boundaries

    Instead of tripping you need to step over it

    Only then can your life truly be... Life..

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  • MidnightStar
    I was taught love is what every religion speaks of, maybe i was taught wrong. I have looked at a few religions close enough to see similarites between tthem. We dont need more churches we need more good people doing good things. Some of the most hateful people i have ever meant attend church every Sunday and Wednesday and i say hateful because what kind of parents cast out their own son just because he's gay?
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  • Prettyapathetic
    Omg kill me. More brainwashing more ignorance more people defensive over something they have no proof for more unjust situations.
    Just downvote me if you already are pissed 😊
    Don't bother arguing either...
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    • relaxrelax

      study your history its real

    • @relaxrelax how about you study your history... hypocrite.
      Damn many of you Christians are so self centered!

    • relaxrelax

      Genesis 6:4

      There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

      do research on giant foot prints, giant skeletons, egyptian giants, study and test all things
      approved unto GOD

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  • LunaLawliet
    Going to a place that worships a fairy tale won't teach me any of these things.
    Hard work and perseverance will.
    I don't need to conform to "God's standards" to be a good person. My morals are completely different from someone else's, and that's okay. Everyone is unique, and has the potential to be great. That's really all that matters. God has nothing to do with anything. Stop trying to force your beliefs.
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  • SvetlanaSavachenko
    I don't think church would be such a good place for me to be. I could just see it now.

    Oh my god who let the fucking Whore in here? Deacon hurry up and tell her she isn't welcome here!!

    Half the men in the congregation would fall to their knees and pray. Oh dear god please don't let my wife find out I fucked her.

    That's OK I'll pass.
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  • Jxpxtxr
    Sorry but I've met so many shitty personalities that are Christian, Muslim, or some other religion that I call total bull on this.. Being "religious" certainly does not make you a better person.
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    • OrangeBoy

      "Being "religious" certainly does not make you a better person."

      Phrase of the day.

  • HeelLover
    Hell No. You people hate tattoos, the LGBT community, and sex before marriage. Religious people are so uptight. Also you can't force people to start going to church.
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    • No we don't. I'm catholic and I have stretched ears, tattoos, and piercings, I'm lesbian, and I've had sex before marriage, and nobody hates me in the church.

    • relaxrelax

      i don't hate gay people doesn't mean i have to agree with them, i have gay friends love them but are beliefs are different

      when you are a kid you get forced to go to church lol but once older its up to the person

    • @yellowgirl00d then you are going to hell and you know it!

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  • FallOutBoy2001
    No. We don't need more religion, blinding people with ignorance, we need more science and better communities
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    • relaxrelax

      wrong there's enough science in the bible

    • The same science that gave us the redefinition of gender? So much for being a pillar of objective truth. As far as I am concerned, science sold out for the sake of political correctness and now has no more credibility than it did during the medieval period.

    • @relaxrelax There's very little science in the bible

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  • KittieCat
    You may see people going on the Atkins diet or the Paleo diet or what-have-you diet. You may see people buying special-brand clothing or going gluten-free. Listening to God may help you conform to God's standard and not be so easily pressured by popular culture.
    Maybe' people do these things (out side of brand clothing but for some it is true) because they're true. I don't need Jesus to tell me not to eat gluten, my toilet tells me that
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  • Sami365
    Not for me. I don't mind it if others need/want religion, but it's not for me. You can do all of the things listed above without Christianity. Also, I do not want to conform to your God's standard. I aim to be a good person, not because your god wants me to, but because it's what we should do as humans. I want to be a good person so I do that for me and the people around me.
  • FlutteringFeelings
    They need to go now. Some people when they hear "church" they are automatically ready to bring christ and put the religion down. But no baby there is more to this world and many options to choose out of. This world is built in a versatile way not to hear lazy people lie and make an excuses and blame others on why they're not making a specific decision.
  • BiscuitesSwag

    I don't always agree with Onision, but I rather am a good person who doesn't need to be reminded by a holy ghost to be a good person than some brainwashed Christian who doesn't know sh*t about their own holy book.
    • relaxrelax

      Onision is a dumb ass
      he's just funny other then that he is wrong about a ton of things
      I've seen his videos

    • @relaxrelax
      Okay, go pray to your holy ghost and keep thinking that rockers are bad people, you won't change my opinion.

    • relaxrelax

      why would I think rockers are bad people ughh
      where did you get that idea lol

      let me teach you

      genesis 6:4
      There were GIANTS on the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

      do some research on
      giant foot prints,
      giant skeletons ,
      egyptian giants,
      giant history
      there's sooooo many stories

      hun GOD loves everyone but just like a parent he has rules, and its okay to mess up he loves you either way, he just wants you to accept him, and love him back

      he is not looking for perfection its not possible

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  • Fathoms77
    I certainly agree that Americans need a healthy helping of just about all of those listed in the Take. :)
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    • Religion doesn't seem like the answer though

    • Sabretooth

      @FallOutBoy2001 not for the most part. i've noticed that most crunches, if not all, don't preach from the bible.

    • Fathoms77

      @FallOutBoy2001 Doesn't have to be. I was just referring to what Americans are clearly lacking these days. :)

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  • Sunflower19
    I don't go to church anymore because it's filled with too many hypocrites. A relationship with God is all that you need. You don't need to go to church in order to be a Christian.
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  • SinisterS
    Religion ether bring wars and conflicts or it brings stupidity (most religious persons are borderline retarded not all but most). No religion is not talking love and peace, if you hear love and peace its not cos of religion but cos of person that i saying it... Just look trough history and trough influence religion have on people. Its not positive in any way and if you think its positive and want to argue just open your eyes...
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  • LittleSally
    All of these can and are achieved without the 'help' of church.
    And if you truly loved God and the church as much as you claim - then why are you ashamed of it - anonymous?
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  • capturemyheartnow
    I am a Christian and I am faithful to my religion. But I don't regularly attend church. But when I go to church i pray with full dedication and purpose. Whether people like to go the church regularly is for them to decide. And those who are not christian are also God's children and they should follow the beliefs of their own religion. Ultimately people of all religions and those who are not relegious are God's children.
  • GoldMeddle
    I'm good. I see absolutely no reason to go to church, and I don't think church is responsible for these things either. If somebody goes to church and turns out to be a good person, you can't say "It's the church."

    I've met some pretty awful churchgoers. They sure aren't practicing what they are preaching.

    I respect your beliefs as long as you respect my beliefs. I believe that nobody can prove whether or not there is a god. I also believe, if there is a god, he isn't a biblical god.

    I can't just change my beliefs I'm afraid. If I went to church and attempted to I would get nothing out of it and just think "this is ridiculous" the whole time.

    If having religion in your life makes it better, so be it. I don't need it or want it in mine.
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  • BuchitaBuchys
    Going to church does not make you anymore that sitting in a garage makes you a car.
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  • jameson187
    How about evolution? It's known we have near similar genetic makeups of other animals. Also religion was used to control people like political parties do today.
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  • Gommers
    More people should go so they can figure out how to be decent human beings instead of the stupid pieces of shit they've become.

    Those intelligent enough to just treat each other with kindness and respect are exempt.
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    • bjjk067

      If your claim is true explain to me why the biggest assholes i know go to church every Sunday and Wedsneday?

      Your religion for the most part doesn't dictate how you act in real life. Most people dont follow the religious rules but claim to follow the faith

    • Gommers

      @bjjk067 At least there'd be something in the back of their minds to kind of make them think before acting.

      People are generally shit, anything to make them less shit is good.

  • bente2
    Why I believe no one should go to church: because it preaches and teaches unhealthy values and does the opposite of uniting people but makes room for hate instead.
  • Rawrzz
    • Rawrzz

      Oh fuck me. What the hell. Fucking Onison. My God someone please flag this shit. I have no idea how I linked this garbage. -____________________-;

    • Rawrzz

      Well. That was strange. Now it's back...

  • tyber1
    Why fewer people should go to church: God is a fairy tale and you're not children
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  • Maxemeister
    What scares me is that countries like North Korea, China and Russia are ahead of us in religion. They're atheists.

    A God that makes your life more difficult just to prove your worth to him is like a cruel king. I'll never go to church
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  • TripleAce
    No church. We dont need more people getting brainwashed to accept one religion and reject others

    We need unity not seperation
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    • relaxrelax

      study your history and you will see its true

    • TripleAce

      @relaxrelax whats true?

    • relaxrelax

      the bible and also plenty of other books honestly

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  • Sojex
    I firmly believe that today's religions will eventually become mythology like every religion before. One day we'll accept Math and Science as our Gods and that will be the beginning of the true Golden Age.
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  • Cherokeehp
    Honestly I don't go to church for a few reasons, but the main one is that I've been questioning my religion lately and I don't think any of the churches fit what I believe. For example, even though I went to a Catholic school for a long time I never wanted to be Catholic due to the way they treated homosexuals. They say God loves all his children and that we should not judge each other but then judge each other because of who they love. I know things are changing in the Catholic church but there are a few other things I don't agree with. I don't want to join the Islamic faith for a variety of reasons but one of them being all the rules and regulations. I don't think God will deny me admittance to heaven just because I eat pork, or I don't
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    • Cherokeehp

      My finger accidentally pressed submit.

      Honestly, I'm baptized as a baptist and I don't 100% agree with everything they believe. I just believe that there is a God, there is a heaven, there is a hell, and that even though we all sin we can all get into heaven if we truly have a good heart. If God loves all his children like the Bible says then he will judge us for who we are and how we treat others. I don't think God has an attendance sheet of how many days we've been in church, or how many times we donated to the church, and all that stuff.

  • ChickenJo
    I completely disagree. I am an atheist and I do believe that churches can instill good beliefs in people but I this simply doesn't happen enough. I personally am an an atheist but that's because I believe science more because of the evidence and that I dont agree with the Bible on a lot of subjects.
  • Noxifer626
    I find this take hilarious. You think God demands you go to church while simultaneously believing God is everywhere.
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    • I like your pov! Good point srsly. I do like church, but I don't think it's needed to worship god.

  • Thrifty
    Church is ok, but a real relationship with God through Jesus Christ is key.
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    • relaxrelax

      he is right

    • Which is only possible through the Church, his visible body on Earth, the pillar and ground of the truth. The Church is the way by which you do that.

  • ThisDudeHere
    The day when someone forces me to go to church is the day I will actually consider getting violent.
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  • godfatherfan
    The world would be infinitely more peaceful if all religions were wiped out completely. Religion is the basis for so much hate and violence it boggles the mind. I was raised Catholic (alterboy until I was around 20), which is why I am agnostic now. The Catholic church is so out of date they have lost touch with most young people. The "theories" have so many holes in them it is pathetic.
    Sorry, if there is a God, it obviously knows it is the shit and certainly is not so filled with hubris it needs us praying to it all the time. If it did, it would show itself.
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  • slatyb
    I don't go to church because I find the whole Christian myth ridiculously silly. Almost none of the creative elite in the US or elsewhere are religious. The people created the hardware and software that you are using to read this message are not religious. Research scientists -- not religious. Writers and actors who create film and television -- not religions. Writers of literary fiction -- not religious. Journalists -- not religious. Composers of popular music -- mostly not religious. Sure, there are a few exceptions, but by and large all the creative people are completely silent about religion.
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  • TheTruthHurtsImSorry
    I find it funny how when someone makes a non-threatening post about religion atheists are attracted like flies. You'd assume it would act as repellent.
  • phil2
    I am a Christian, great take and feel free to add me
  • zagor
    I go maybe twice a year when I visit my parents, and its booorrrriiinnng. If it was just the sermon it would be OK, but the other ritualistic crap puts me to sleep.
  • Callieeee
    Yes, please confirm to gods standard Of Old Testament warmongering genocide and New Testament cult of human sacrifice. Jesus was a nice guy with marginally basic understanding of morality and had a way of getting those across to the ignorant Jewish peasants of ancient judea/Palestine/wherever the fuck, through parables. Follow Jesus if you like, but my advice is to NOT subscribe to a specific religion. All you get with that is shit mixed in with the chocolate, Exposing yourself to grand stupidity and often hateful dogmas and you may not even taste the difference.

    Ditch the church and discover what spirituality means to you, because it's a personal experience not something that mafias like the Catholic Church can dictate.
  • SovereignessofVamps
    I like it during the holidays. But lots of people who go regularly, they just do crazy stuff anyway.
  • EllieLexis513
    Most of these things you listed people can get without setting foot in a church. I've never had a positive experience at a church save one last year. But most churches are fake and many of the people in them, including the preacher themselves, can't understand what the Bible says or misinterpret it. I learned more about the Bible reading it for myself and doing research than I ever did going to church. Church has turned into a social ground rather than an actual in depth study of the Bible and God's word. I literally go to church only for holidays and Mother's Day because my mom wants me to go with her. She knows I hate church, but am working on my relationship with God. However, church just isn't the place for me. I feel it's a place where the fakest people gather every Sunday for a few hours.
  • lightbulb27
    Good as I haven't seen this written on this site before.
    I don't buy that 80% of the population is Christian, I'd bet it is more ilke 40%... but a lot of people associate with Christian by family association.

    I primarily liked #3 item. A lot of people on this site need God (which is love) and they need to spend time learning about what Jesus because they have big issues in life and they are gonna want God (love) because that is what they are looking for, even though they often are running from it.

    Some of this... if read from a laymans perspective... won't make sense. A lot of the things thrown around in church are confusing to people who are not involved in it frequently.

    Thank you for sharing.