Girls and Guys: We Really Aren't That Different

Girls and Guys: We Really Aren't That Different

I have a surprise for you, we aren't really from Venus and Mars. I know: WOW!

Girls and Guys: We Really Aren't That Different

I have read a lot of these weird arguments and myTakes. They are about what girls and guys do differently, who is more shallow, who should be the one asking the other party out and so on.

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I really have no clue how they get this information, but I have to guess: from their own experiences. It is very nice to read about your own experiences, but I would like to know some examples from your own life instead of reading between the lines, "all girls and all guys are like this and that".

Girls and Guys: We Really Aren't That Different

I do not get how some people can't think outside of the box. You need to see that all people are different, beautifully unique individuals! The fact that you are a male or a female doesn't automatically give you a specific way to behave. There is much more into it. It is only the gender roles our society has formed that make us think we really differ much. It is sad how we grow up thinking we must be in a certain kind of way just because of our gender, but why really? Often these roles are very unnecessary and makes people insecure and life harder for some.

Girls and Guys: We Really Aren't That Different

There was this myTake about who cares more about looks, girls or boys? And as the writer of this take was a guy, you all can guess the answer was GIRLS! Another myTake was about "Guys should pay for the first dates", well should they? I do not think there is any girl in this world that would really care that much if their dream guy won't pay for the first date. But the writer of this myTake actually was a guy, maybe he had some good points? As far as I read, it was all about him thinking girls want guys to pay.

There are really shy guys and girls on this planet. Even if they aren't the same gender they behave more alike each other than shy people and extroverted people. For example shy guys and extroverted guys can't really be put in the same category for everything. So if you have to use generalization do it right, say for example "many guys/girls". It sounds wrong almost every time to say "All girls/boys" or even "most girls/boys".

Girls and Guys: We Really Aren't That Different

These traditional gender stereotypes have stuck for a long time. Sometimes they might be amusing but mostly not. It's not like there aren't any stereotypical girls and guys out there, but you can't really say it is very common. Wouldn't the world be boring if every girl and every guy was the same?

Girls and Guys: We Really Aren't That Different
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  • Library
    Sometimes I really wonder if guys and girls are really that different. I feel that I don't have that much in common with the stereotypical man. According to the traditional gender stereotypes chart, I'm more feminine than masculine lol.
    Is this still revelant?
    • whyisitso

      Yeah, so all this weird generalistion makes no sense, because not everyone is the stereotypical version of their gender.

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  • ThisDudeHere
    This all seems nice in theory but doesn't really work like that in practice.
  • Harpesian
    I knew that already. I just find it strange that so many people buy into this stuff. It's more nurture than nature; we're born pretty similar.
  • lost_alice
    if that differences between man and woman were real I would be a man hahah
  • Anonymous
    there are genetic and hormonal and brain wiring differences. period. no debate on that.
  • Anonymous
    Panic! At the Disco!!!
  • Anonymous
    From a young age we are pushed into gender roles... and we are heavily influenced to be the person we are supposed to be and be attracted to the opposite.