Guys and Girls Aren't As Complicated As You Think They Are

Disclaimer: This is MY understanding of the topic. This may not be for some people, but it gives you a rough idea of the whole situation. Your opinion is YOUR opinion and I can accept that for what it is. It is hard to tell what people’s intentions are (if they are good or if they are bad).Take those lessons with a grain of salt.

It seems like the phenomenon of “trying” to understand both (or one gender at the very least) is more complicated than it is. What happens if I told you it wasn’t that hard as you ought it would be? Gosh it would make life much easier for everyone in the end!

No misinterpretations/misunderstandings.

What is she/he thinking?

He/She is giving me missed signals?

My bf/gf thinks this.. am I right or are they wrong?

If all those questions had accurate/factual answers, it would be smooth sailing from here on in correct?

Guys and Girls aren’t complicated as you think they are!

From my understandings most of the time it depends on who you ask. If you asked a guy he would likely say that women are more complicated. If you ask a woman, she’d say guys are more complicated. But why is that?

Women (Emotionally in tune) We tend to have a lot of emotions and hormones that can alter our moods in just seconds. We have the tendency to over analyse and over think when we aren’t really supposed to. Sometimes a small situation can turn out to be a big one because of it. Our fears can get the better of us. Listen and supporting us when we need it, goes a long way for women.

Men (Logical thinkers) Like the simple things in life. They see it as they perceive it and they go by the saying “What you see is what you get.” They don’t like drama and they don’t want unnecessary stress. They don’t have the capacity to maintain focused on a topic for several hours. It’s straight to the point and no games.

Relationships. You have two VERY different genders wanting to be together. A guy wants to feel desired. He wants to be understood deeply and he wants to know that when he has issues he can always lean on you and expect not be judged by it. Girls want to know they matter. They want to be cared for without even having to ask. A guy who is considerate and thoughtful who is not only a friend to her but also her lover. On top of that she wants to know that the relationship is solid, that the both of you are still connected and close. Girls like the romantic side of the relationship the guy likes that he isn’t lonely and that he has someone to share his life with.

The complicated part. We can’t ask a guy to think like a girl and vice versa. Guys don’t think like girls and girls certainly can’t think like guys. So we are supposed to read each other’s mind? Not quite lol You want something to be done.. ask. You're concerned about something in particular.. talk about it. Girls don’t overthink the situation and guys.. be considerate in how you word things. The last thing both people want is to overthink and offend someone in the making. Trust me it’s more drama then anyone should deal with. It also helps (girls) that the guy is not going out of his way to insult or offend you when his just simply bringing something up to discuss. No one is trying to attack anyone so there is no need to defend, it's how arguments usually break out.

What both genders want? To be loved, good sex and taken care of. It’s not really rocket science to figure that out once you think about it. Both genders want the exact same thing, but everyone has a certain path/road to get there.

Conclusion. We mentally think differently. We both feel differently about certain things and situations. How do you think guys and guys understand each other? What about girls and girls understanding each other? The more time you spend with the opposite gender the more you'll understand. If we all had the time in the world to get to know each girl or each guy out there it would make sense to have a better understanding as whom they are as a person. This goes to say that everyone is different; everyone has their own quirks and their own uniqueness. We won’t know that unless we put the time and effort to get to know them, and that is if we even want to, to begin with..

Just keep things simple. Keep it refined.

Thank you for reading my Mytake :)

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  • Very very interesting! So guys are logical and women emotional?

    I kinda get that yeah. A guy may always find a female physically attractive but may develop that affection for her after knowing her? It logically makes sense that it develops. Then somehow he is chastised for not having revealed his intentions earlier when how could he?

    A woman may not view a boyfriend material guy as boyfriend material if she met him when she already had a bf? That is really crazy, i. e. emotional right?

    Pls check this out, I just posted a question after reading this take?

    • "Then somehow he is chastised for not having revealed his intentions earlier when how could he?"
      Sometimes we would like to know where thing may or may lead to. If you just told us straight up "I'm just trying to get to know you better. And if it leads anywhere I'd let you know" but if you're already at that point of getting to know her to show her some affection already, doesn't that not indicate that you have an interest in her?

      Most of the time women you have a partner won't view any guy to be anything. If she's in a happy relationship she will view a guy just being another guy. If the relationship was unstable she will view the guy to be a potential whatever (future boyfriend/affair/sex lover) etc.

      I'd check out your question! Thanks for commenting :)

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    • 3. What can u do when she becomes single and has been single for a year? What if you know she might not be the "one", but is someone who can be all of these things:
      a) a friend for life
      b) someone you'd love to spend your first time with
      c) you'd love to be sexual/flirty with?

    • I actually had a question. Could you help me on it? It's about a really really sweet girl who is awesome and a guy likes, but given she's in a relationship he doesn't come onto her. They're assigned in a group at uni, so he can't help but get close to her in that sense. Years later she becomes single.

      Any help?

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  • Women are fucking complicated. That's part of female biology, since they carry the eggs and need the best men out there. That's why female bears make it difficult for the male ones.

    • Bears? Lol

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    • What things?

    • "bad boy who looks like Spartacus, has a six figure contract, or drives a Rolls Royce" lol

  • They aren't complicated at all actually lol nerds here just can't get laid lmao

  • Maybe you are right, but anyway I think that girls are very complicated only because most of them lie or don't show honestly how they feel at that moment.

    • That is very true. Some girls are just afraid/shy and lying seems to happen

  • These mysterious creautures called "gurls" ill nvr understand them nor will they understand these majestic beasts called "men" 😫😩😭

  • Worth it to read

  • That's why it's boring to analyze girls as a whole after a short period.


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