The 8 Worst People To Sit Next to On a Plane


1. The Un-dresser

The 8 Worst People To Sit Next to On a Plane

Some like it naked.

2. Inattentive parents

The 8 Worst People To Sit Next to On a Plane

Sometimes, children can be so annoying.

3. Chatty Cathy

The 8 Worst People To Sit Next to On a Plane

If you want to talk then why don't you sit side by side.

4. Hard to stomach

The 8 Worst People To Sit Next to On a Plane

It's not your place, man!

5. Mad Bladder

The 8 Worst People To Sit Next to On a Plane

Unfortunately, that's just unavoidable sometimes.

6. Seat-back guy

The 8 Worst People To Sit Next to On a Plane

So little space for you.

7. Carry-on baggage offenders

The 8 Worst People To Sit Next to On a Plane

It can't be a baggage!

8. Obnoxiously loud music listeners

The 8 Worst People To Sit Next to On a Plane

And they also repeat aloud as if you don't already hear it.

What else? Please comment!

The 8 Worst People To Sit Next to On a Plane
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  • Anonymous
    I flew on the airplane three times in my life, and during those three times, I was fortunate enough to be placed with Mom and Dad. They were the best passengers ever. :D
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    • Dipsy

      Can you actually choose where to sit beforehand?

    • Anonymous

      @Dipsy Beats me. I got my assigned seat. It just happened to be seated next to Mom and Dad. I guess airplanes wanted to make sure families group together.

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  • Paris13
    Beautifully Done, Hun, However... Never once a Problem, Thank God.
    However, I did Have an Issue with United Airlines with it Being a Bit too Cold for my Liking, as I was Flying to Zurich, Switzerland, and from there, caught a Nice flight On.. Swiss Air to Egypt.
    Food was Fabby!! Turkish Air too with the Chefs on Board with Big hats.
    Good luck and Great Going, @Adigelnar xx
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    • Paris13

      lol!! A few times I was lucky and got window seats. xx

    • Adigelunar

      Thank you:)

    • Paris13

      Thanks for the Like, hun. xx

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  • zagor
    - Kid kicking the back of the seat

    - Fat guy behind you so obese you can't recline your seat - this happened to me on a trans-Atlantic flight!

    - Multiple screaming babies - I had four babies within 2 seats of me, also on a (different) trans-Atlantic flight.
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  • meatballs21

    And also the kid who reclines his seat all the way the moment the plane leaves the ground... even though he's six and his feet don't touch the floor yet.

    Oh, and anyone who applauds when the plane lands.
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  • dipta
    They're the worst to seat next to on the airplane, on the lounge, to stand in line for check-in and everything else. They're just inconsiderate people, especially 4, 6 and 7.

    Also on long flights, people who fell asleep and don't turn off the lights, people who are constantly bothering the stewards for more wine or peanuts with their little light and impatience, people who are constantly reaching for their bag which is in the hand luggage container above your seat...
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  • MissMillionDollarMan
    people too big for their seats... which includes athletic people who are too big.
    people who elbow me in the face while sleeping
    people who stare over at my phone while i'm on it
    businessmen who act important bitch i have more knowledge about business in my pinky finger than you do... good luck finding with that rate hike bitches... also my horse is worth more than your car fuck off with your attitudes
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  • sjoes006
    The kid that kicks the seat. The person who sits in the aisle seat then falls asleep on his tray table. The person who take off his shoes and socks. The person getting deported who is angry about it and bothering the flight attendants. Young children in first class. Flight attendants who won't shut the fuck up on overnight flights in the galley.
  • Octavius
    I always say something to people like these. I ask them politely at first to stop. If they don't I tell them to stop without the politeness. After that I call the stewardess and ask for them to relocate the other person or find myself another seat.
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  • D1rk13
    Sat next to a guy who was bat shit scared of flying all the way from holland to south africa. He had several anxiety attacks and started humming louder and louder before each one. He kept the window closed the entire flight and barfed twice.

    Most annoying 11 hours of my life.
  • TheDevilInside
    The seat-back people are the most annoying ones. If I happen to not be in a good mood I would actually tell them to not recline too far. Especially when flying air Asia. You feel cramped already without someone taking up more of your space
  • G-Daz
    The One I most dislike is having to sit between 2 really fat people. I had that for a flight to Brazil and literally had no space at all!
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  • justagirl5
    Last flight I had someone kicking my seat for 6 hours. Not fun
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  • justkiddinaround
    I heard about one considerate fat bloke who booked 2 seats for himself...

    he was assigned a seat on either side on the aisle.
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  • BaileyisDarcy
    My brother who asks constantly 'are we gonna crash?' 'are we gonna die?'

    'if we die do I get Bailey's stuff?'

    Little brat.
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  • ChromAzonyx108
    re #2 it helps to realize that this will only be a temporary inconvenience to you whereas the parents are stuck having to deal with these kids all the time.
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  • jakebrake7
    One time I was on a plane and I was tired as fuck and there was this older dude probably 45+ years old sitting next to me and at some point I just passed out with my head leaning on his shoulder lol. Thankfully I woke up instantly and apologized ttohim. He was really nice about it. After that "incident" I just couldn't go back to sleep. It was an awkwardly intimate moment lmao. No homo.
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    • Awwww

      I got the middle seat one day and both women on my left and right... their heads all fell onto my shoulder. Ugh... so fucking annoying. What am I, a block of wood?

  • Jxpxtxr
    Lol those stories always make me remember my horror flight.. one time I had to sit next to this super smelly, obese guy on my flight to NYC & he kept spreading out all the time occupying half of my seat in addition to his own and when I finally had enough and attempted to push back his.. fat, he got super offended and was like "Excuse me, if you have a problem with me just say it cos I didn't pay to sit next to an obnoxious little brat on this flight" and I got up and said "Fine then, I didn't pay to sit next to a whale either" and upgraded to business class. Only flew business or first class on long distance flights ever since :P
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  • Donanski
    When you sit in the middle and the people on both sides have fallen asleep
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  • giggleswilmington
    I just claim my armrest, put in some ear plugs and go to sleep. Nothing bothers me then.
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  • Kantana
    What I HATE the worst are stupid parents that don't care to shut up their screaming brats.
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  • chrisbigman
    Yeah, I'd agree. That's partly why I don't fly as often. That, and the ticket prices.
  • Ghassan
    The ones I hate the most is the parents who can't shut their children up.
  • CorvetteGirl
    The guy that takes up 1.5 seats. That's bad.
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  • Saoirse_Nua
    That is so true
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  • helloitsmethere
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  • bruce3
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  • Whaaaaa
    Don't forget that guy that has a fear of flying
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  • MissSakura
    funny one
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  • jman46241
    Inattentive parents!
  • Omar5881
    That's why I take business class
  • Anonymous
    No the worst are people who repeatedly look into your eyes through their peripheral vision/indirectly
  • Anonymous
    K, ooh, now do the "BEST" 8 people to sit next to
  • Anonymous
    Screaming babies/kids
    Couples who spend the whole flight making out noisily
    Oversize passengers
    Passenger in front insisting on reclining their seat fully
    Men taking their shoes off (I don't mind women quite so much)
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