Is Masculinity Under Attack?


This is inspired by @Prof_Don's question, "Do you find this myth of "masculinity is under attack", to be true or false?"

No, masculinity is not under attack.

Is Masculinity Under Attack?

Just because things like feminism exist, it doesn't mean that masculinity is under attack.

Is Masculinity Under Attack?

If you feel threatened by feminism, then you are very insecure.

Is Masculinity Under Attack?

The hyper masculine culture is a destructive culture that doesn't allow men to be themselves.

Is Masculinity Under Attack?

It's mostly men discriminating against men.

Is Masculinity Under Attack?

I am a man and I'm done with this bullshit.

Is Masculinity Under Attack?

"Masculinity is under attack" is a myth.

Is Masculinity Under Attack?
Is Masculinity Under Attack?
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  • Phoenix98
    Lol let em attack it, I ain't gonna stop being old fashioned, masculine just because some mentally unstable overweight, rainbow haired land whale feminists attack me on it.
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  • Luci92
    Nice take.
    I love masculinity and I see it as a good thing.
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  • hellionthesagereborn
    That was just terrible. First and foremost feminism never fought for rights for women that men always had. For instance the right to vote was not something men always had, in fact they earned it in the US only 67 years before women did and unlike women who got the right to vote for free, men only got it so long as they agreed to comply with conscription ( a responsibility they always had and women to this day do not) which applied to police fire and military. In fact it was women who fought against womens rights to vote because they did not wish for the responsibilities that came with them hence them agreeing to womens suffrage only after being assured that they would not have the same responsibilities. This is just one of many lies of omission and general obfuscation of facts that feminism has done. Women have always been priviledged far more so then men. Now notice in your post about "toxic masculinity"(funny how masculinity is toxic but femininity isn't isn't it?) states how its men who punish men for being men odd, its almost as if women don't exist as if women are not the ones demanding that men pay for dates (over 80% of women polled in multiple surveys stated this was preffered) or that men be "ambitious" or men should "take charge" or that men should have money, men should be providors, that women preffer a man that makes them feel "safe" etc. all of which we know is true as we know that when a woman makes more money she will not date a man who makes less and on the rare occasion that she is the primary earner or sole earner the probability for her filing for divorce (already incredibly high under the best of circumstances) actually increase significantly (the probability of her cheating also increases). So we know that women want men to act like men, suprising as that may seem, it turns out women are attracted to men and men are attracted to women strange isn't it. Masculinity is under attack as boys who act like boys in schools get medicated or expelled (as occurred to one boy who made believed his pop tart was a laser gun, another who drew a picture of him punching a monster in the face).
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    • Then you have feminist claiming that men are rapist with their "real men don't rape" campaign or the "don't be that guy" campaign which is ironic since the CDC and NCVS both showed that men are as likely to be raped as a woman as a woman is by a man (but of course only a woman will ever be viewed as a victim) Then men being portrayed as violent abusers even though, again, the CDC and NCVS both showed that women are far more likely to abuse their spouse (and children) then men are, in fact 70% of nonreciprocal violence is perpetrated by women yet according to feminist, liberals and media men are abusers and women are victims. Then of course we have the removal of fathers from homes thanks to unfair divorce laws and men having no reproductive rights what so ever etc. etc. etc. basicly everything you said is not only wrong but provably wrong and not just provably statistically but even ancedotally. Its kind of like claiming the house isn't on fire as it burns around you. Just absurd.

    • I am NOT asking This to start a flame war, but how exactly does a guy get raped by a girl? TIA.

    • @Intraluminal same way a woman gets raped. Rape is sex without consent and frequently it is done with the explicit threat of accusing the man of rape if he does not cooperate which of course we all know would absolutely work, no man would ever think that he could accuse a woman of raping him and it not be ignored or laughed at. Also while he is blacked out drunk, at gun point which has happened etc. etc. Their is this idea that a man cannot get an erection unless he chooses to which is false. The same mechanisms that allow a woman to be raped, that is for her vaginal canal to unclench and lubricate are the same that cause a man to get an erection. Fear and adrenaline both have an effect similar to arousal which can with stimulation of plesuare sensing nerves result in erections. Also most men are so conditioned not to hurt women that they state outright they where afraid to use full force or any force for fear of hurting the woman which allows her to get away with it.

  • histiletto
    The idea of gender comes from compiled lists of human behaviors, desires, and appearances that mankind consolidated, while using the natural difference of the sexes, they proceeded to classify humans into two groups - masculine and feminine. Once established, they set up rules and standards to promote and enforce their stereotyping. These standards were accepted as the way life worked and civilization proceeded to use the gender theory as a gospel/truth reference. Of course, like all man-made ideas, there were flaws in this theory that caused a bit of contention. Males and females who were noticed exhibiting any thing that had been assigned to the opposite sex got rebuked, ridiculed, imprisoned, or sent away by death or exiling, unless they could convince others they were back in compliance with societal expectations. Many people were unjustly dealt with through out the ages, because of the misunderstanding cause from the gender theory. When societies started to experience more freedom of expression, people felt free to reveal how they differed from their stereotyping, which has caused alternative movements to be formed where people could live closer to the way they see life should be experienced. The concepts of masculine and feminine are not as stalwart as people were led to understand them to be. Men's and women's roles have experienced changes in that both are now able to do what the other's stereotyping had assigned, except in the reproductive process of humans. In this era, men and women are finding they have more in common as far as to what they like and the prospects they want to achieve. It shouldn't be a problem when a couple realizes she wears the pants and he wears the heels.
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  • damnwinter
    I used to root for men and sympathize with them because of the horrifying turn feminism has taken, but then I saw the counter-movements coming from the men's rights groups and so on, and witnessed the horrid things they say of us women and I am completely neutral now, screw it. Sure, feminism has taken a weird turn to say the least... but if u ask me, masculinity is now threatened by other things... like those guys who feel like their insecurities are now advantages - and that is where the world is going. Like, if you are a traditionally masculine guy, physically and personality wise, you will get shit from other men who complain all day long that descriptions of masculinity are outdated and oppressive (sometimes they are, like not being allowed to cry - that's unhealthy. And not allowed to be themselves like u mentionned. But really sometimes it's just a matter of growing a pair). You know what else threatens masculinity? Guys growing beards en masse, because they are so insecure that they think beards will turn them into men. It's all over the internet, I am sure you are aware :)) Happens to us women as well. If you're a beautiful feminine confident woman, you will fall prey to a flock of feminists telling you you're playing into the hands of the patriarchy or just random jealous women giving you bullshit for made up reasons (most common thing that makes people feel better about themselves when seeing a beautiful woman is assuming that she is stupid, which is often not true).
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  • AdamThomas
    It is under attack from the left. I don't say that out of insecurity or just because women have gained rights but because of what I've seen and things my girlfriend has seen working in childcare.

    My girlfriend studied childcare, has worked in nurseries and wanted to become a social worker. In her course though, they spoke a lot about gender being a social construct, about masculinity (mostly bad things), about boys wearing dresses and playing with dolls (encouraging it). I knew that the radical feminists had been attacking masculinity, but I didn't know it was so bad that this was being taught in university. That stuff had little to do with what she was trying to learn for, but they were really pushing it, and eventually she left because of that.

    Outside of that, it does affect the way women treat young boys. In nurseries they would encourage boys to wear dresses and play with baby dolls. In many schools they've banned games like cops and robbers, tug of war, dodge ball, any of the games young boys typically like to play because it's too "violent".

    Her female friends treat their boys like girls. They aren't allowed play outside much in case they get a bit dirty, if they're too boisterous they're expected to calm down, the number one question we always get asked is "if your son wore a dress or played with a doll what would you do?" and when we say that we'd tell him "that's for girls" we get told that we're horrible people. These Mums want to put their boys into ballet dancing and stuff like that.

    That's why I say it's under attack because they just seem to be so obsessed with treating their sons like girls and telling us that we're wrong for not doing the same. I don't know why they do it, maybe they actually wanted girls, maybe they believe it's the right thing to do since there are many other Mums who do the same thing. But it definitely happens.
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    • AdamThomas

      I also notice that whenever they talk about this stuff they never really want to encourage their daughters to become more masculine, I never hear that. It's always the subject of boys wearing dresses, make up and playing with dolls.

  • jp612612
    I think it would make more sense to promote @Prof_Don's question rather than try to hijack his thread. Your post doesn't even have any substance and is full of childish meme pics.
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    • Library

      I didn't hijack his thread. I wrote a myTake in response to this question and that's fine. People can do that. I didn't just have pics. If you can't read, I wrote sentences and attached pictures in relation to them.

  • Chico_brah
    Under attack is an extreme stance but to suggest that masculinity isn't being shamed as a direct result to third wave femininity is irrational. Toxic and hyper masculinity is a term that feminist use in attempt to shame traditional masculinity. Respectfully disagree with your take.
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  • Fathoms77
    "Under attack" is the wrong phrase, anyway. The definition is changing and some would simply say, not for the better. That's all.
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  • AleDeEurope
    I'm so glad this Take had so many pictures and so little to read, didn't waste much of my life reading this.
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  • Andruu4u
    Masculinity is getting bashed by feminazis and that's why they say it's "under attack". If I don't act like a white knight ass eating butler who doesn't wait to accomplish the task my feminized gives me, I am a fuckboy.
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  • Curmudgeon
    In many ways masculinity IS under attack. Because self-reliance is a large part of masculinity. And the statist controllers can't have self-reliant people; they want state-reliant people.
  • ThisDudeHere
    Just stopping by to mention how the first picture is stupid - Jets don't fly that close to each other on attack runs. And neither do they fly that dangerously close to the skyline.
  • TheInvisibleMan
    It is under attack actually. Being male and being a man are two completely different things. And you look at these fags nowadays with those retarded haircuts (hair to the side with an undercut), skinny jeans and big caps. Or those who play video games and watch my little pony and those japanese cartoons and what not. Or those who cry because "words can hurt". And say that those are men? No, they are a disgrace.
  • ClassicRocker
    Calling something a "myth", and then asking a true/false question is loaded as fuck lol... I hope he's not a real professor if he writes tests like that.
  • JiminsHoe
    I like this take a lot, I wish people would see others above their gender though, and not stereotype them, attack them, or abuse them due to their masculinity or femininity. I think its rude of the men who think masculinity is under attack though because sexism is really mostly targeted against women, and although it is still sometimes targeted against men, certain discriminations against men have been a result of sexism against women, they have sometimes dug their own graves. I mean trying to talk about masculinity being under attack is just kind of, i don't know how to put it. Its like saying All Lives Matter in a Black Lives Matter Debate, because racism is mainly targeted towards black people, and although all lives do matter, saying it in that situation is like trying to strip away attention from the fact that blacks receive more racism and hate. Get what i'm saying?
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  • sdistotallyme
    So you stll haven't figured out what women say they want and what they REALLY want are NOT THE SAME THING? Enjoy being friendzoned with that attitude.
  • RedThread
    I think toxic masculinity is under attack and it's a damn good thing. There's a very narrow definition of what it means to be a man and as someone who has never fit that definition, it's refreshing seeing things changing. I think men judge themselves and other men far more harshly than anyone else does. This is funny to me because you see men blaming women for things that most don't even care about. They do this because of their ideals of masculinity in their heads are so unattainable to them that they fear making mistakes or not living up to those ideals. It's kind of a prison of their own making. They get shackled by their own definition of manhood.

    This is why I just live my life and be myself. If I don't fit people's ideals of what masculinity means then screw them. Life is too short and I don't have time for the people who want to tear me down.
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  • Bobbyhill1
    masculinity has always be attacked. Whether it be, female on male violence, to a man being nothing but a horny dog its apparent in todays society. whats a myth? another group has gain rights that we always had? are you aware of how men were treated when they did not join the army in world war 2? or in the 70s or 80s and present day? each gender has their oppresion in their own ways and ignoring it, makes YOU apart of the problem. No, its not a myth that I would get a longer sentence for being a man, no its not a myth that I am not likely to get child custody and its not a myth that child mutilation for male babies is somehow considered moral.
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  • MementoMori_
    Hell yes masculinity is being attacked The United States is being femmed down.

    We're not supposed to win anymore because somebody might be offended.

    We're not supposed to be aggressive anymore because somebody might be offended.

    We're not supposed to be tough anymore because somebody might be offended.

    We're not supposed to fight to the death to defend our liberty, our country and our way of life anymore because someone might be offended.

    We're not supposed to be protective of women anymore because someone might be offended.

    We're not supposed to recognize any differences between men and women anymore because someone might be offended.

    We're not supposed to be the hunters, providers and protectors of the family anymore because someone might be offended.

    You're offended because I'm a man who acts like a man? TOO DAMN BAD! Get used to it because it's never going to change!
  • UdontNeedtoknow
    femi-nazi's hate men and there are an increasing amount of them in the news media today
  • Saoirse_Nua
    Great take and absolutely true
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  • echoaj
    wow, this was very good. Thanks for sharing.
  • Adigelunar
    well done,
  • Kiran04
  • IHateBeingaMan
    man i wish masculinity would go extinct.
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