Sexism Isn't What You Think: Here's What Sexism Really Means

Sexism Isn't What You Think: Here's What Sexism Really Means

Most people do agree that sexism is the discrimination or hatred of a sex. Some people, though, label things that are not sexist as sexist.

Women can be sexist too

A very small amount of people argue that women cannot be sexist, because men have the power. This is completely false. Sexism is the discrimination of someone because of their sex. Thus, if a woman discriminates against a man, it is sexist. Same thing if the roles were reversed.

Commonly confused discrimination that is labeled sexist

A lot of people say discriminating against someone because they are a different "gender" than regular people, is sexism. I will not be going over if I believe in this "gender" thing or not, all I am saying is if this concept of "gender" is true, discriminating against someone of another "gender" because they do not belong in the two genders is not sexism. This is due to the fact, if this "gender" idea is actually true, you would be discriminating against them because of "gender" not because of their sex.

Affirmative Action and Sexism

Sexism Isn't What You Think: Here's What Sexism Really Means

Some people think that doing something sexist to help a group that sometimes gets discriminated against is not sexist. This is not true. Affirmative action seeks to "level the playing field", but in all reality it is a form of sexism. It is sexist because it will place another sex, typically females, ahead of males just because they are females.

Sexism verse Insults

Some people think insulting someone of the opposite sex's looks is sexist. This is not true. For example, telling someone that they look ugly because they have small breasts is not sexism. Saying someone is a "stupid man/woman" is not sexism either, because you are not saying they are stupid because they are a man/woman. Now if you say something like, "you are stupid like every other man/woman", that is sexism, because you are calling everyone that is a man/woman stupid.

Movements and Sexism

Not supporting a movement does not make you a sexist. Some people claim that if you are not a feminist, you are sexist. This is not true. I do not support feminism because I hate women. I do not support feminism because to me feminism is not about equal rights. I do agree with equal rights for the sexes, but I do not believe that feminism stands for equal rights. Since I do believe men and women are equal and should have the same rights, I am not a sexist; even though I do not agree with feminism.

Sexism Isn't What You Think: Here's What Sexism Really Means
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  • Phoenix98
    What do you exspect in a society were a woman called a man sexist because said hello to her and then blamed him for sexual harrasment.
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  • RainbowFanGirl
    The first one is just common sense and the rest should be too. ;)
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    • Unfortunately today a lot of people do not have common sense.

    • I recall one professor confronted by a bunch of rabid SJWs. He tried to use logic on them, and had to give up after 2 minutes.

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  • genuinlysensitive
    Not only is affirmative action sexist it's racist. If you discriminate against a black man in favor of a white man it is racist, just like if you discriminate against a white man for a black man. PC is nothing but the justification for sexism and racism. The worst part is that admin guy who wrote a take saying we should just lie there and take it. Wtf is that bs?
    • I did another mytake on racism. That is where I talked about racism in affirmative action.

  • ThisDudeHere
    You are a white male so everything you say is eitehr null or sexist and offensive anyway. Ho dare you, you pig? Stop mansplaining.
  • Chico_brah
    Great take. You took the label of sexism and logically broke it down for what it is. I think people people in general don't really think about these things.
  • Mesonfielde
    Yeah, generally sexist things are when you attribute traits, behavior or expectations towards someone just because they have a penis or a vagina.

    For example, all women are submissive and desire to be humiliated, males have to pay for the date, etc.
    • And what of people who want those things? What of women who actually are submissive, and men who don't mind paying for dates? Do they not have the same freedom of choice?

    • @genuinlysensitive you missed the point. Does SHE want to be "submissive" BECAUSE she is a SHE, as in female? Is it a direct consequence of the fact that she is a woman?

    • @genuinlysensitive should HE pay for the date BECAUSE he is male? Should this be a rule universally applied to EVERYONE ELSE who has testicles, just because he doesn't feel like there is anything wrong with HIM paying?

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  • Library
    I agree with most of it. I just don't understand what you wrote under "commonly confused discrimination that is labeled sexist" and I don't agree with what you wrote for the affirmative action thing.

    But you know what else isn't sexism? Giving up on women.

    I've been accused of being misogynist just because I gave up on women.
    • I dont believe in the gender queer stuff, but I am saying that if it does exist, discriminating someone based on their "gender" is not sexism.

    • Giving up on women essentially claims that females aren't worth to be considered to be capable of creating stable relations just because they're female so I kinda understand the accusation.

  • Nuala
    I don't think I could agree with this take more... I do consider myself a feminist but I don't support most stuff feminists protest about now a days... I don't know maybe I should start calling myself an equalist or whatever it's called now.
  • Saoirse_Nua
    No argument from me I often say these isms go too far - If you pull yourself above someone else with your affirmative action then that is not progressive but discriminatory
  • Kirah
    Good take.

    People who say "women can't be sexist" or "men can't suffer from sexism" are retarded. Enough said.
  • Triss
    Yeah I agree with this
    I got called a sexist by a blue anon wtf
  • ManOnFire
    Nice Take. Always been my thoughts too. What I'm more concerned about though is the way women show their own prejudices. Like how you have women who believe that more should be done for their gender, yet will have attitudes that nothing should be done for people of other races. White feminists actually didn't like black people and especially black women and didn't care if they ever got rights, but wanted white women to have them.

    Muslim women don't want their men to oppress them in the name of Allah, yet can support or advocate attacks against Israel or other nations in the name of Allah.

    "Liberal"- voting women care about how liberal politics benefit them, but can still have the same Conservative-type values of feeling like Hispanics are taking all the jobs and should go back to Mexico, or that blacks don't need/deserve affirmative action, and support police brutality against blacks.
  • GoodLuckCharlie
    Affirmative action has always been confusing to me, because they're basically taking away men's rights and giving it to women. How is that gender equality? I believe everyone should have the same rights and opportunities. Oh, and don't forget responsibilities! The reason I don't support the feminism movement in Korea is because the women are saying nothing about the mandatory military draft for men, while they demand to get more rights. As a pacifist, I'm not looking forward to being dragged into the army and being forced to shoot a gun. The other option is to go to jail. (Woo hoo, South Korea is so nice!!)
  • mostwomenshouldstfu
    I don't care, I'm sexist every now and then to tease you wymynn, because I know it's a lie.
  • AleDeEurope
    I agree.
    Good Take.
  • BiscuitesSwag
    I fully agree with you, good take! :)
  • Adigelunar
    thanks for sharing!
  • Dred1614returns
    Great take. I fully agree.
  • Anonymous
    Trump will set it right.