How To Communicate And Understand Women


How To Communicate And Understand Women

There are three essential factors toward acquiring a better understanding of women and being able to communicate effectively:

1. Women's Nature

2. Hormonal Activities

3. Practices And Individual Preferences

The very first step is exploring women's nature. We have a human nature as well as our specialized gender expression which includes every design and mechanism related to each gender. If you wanna understand women, you have to understand how the gender represent itself.

1. Women's Nature

The Brain

The unisex does not exist in this category. Female's brain structure, analyst, emotion transmitter and hormonal pattern is completely different than males.

Pregnant Brain

Progesterone increases 30-fold in the first eight weeks of pregnancy, makes many women to feel very sedated. But it does not end here, woman's brain also shrinks during pregnancy, turns 4% smaller till the moment of delivery and it will return to the normal size six months after delivery. The brain start to find behavioral changes and develop maternal hormones.

Mother Brain

Women face physical, hormonal, emotional and social changes after childbirth. Thus woman requires "Physical & Mental" support in order to cope with the changes with an improved piece of mind and boosted relief which benefit not just the mother but the baby. In many cases, women find change of desires and taste after giving birth. Therefore the stress level is unstable mainly because the brain is under process to organize it's new information and any outsider interruption can cause the unnecessary breakdowns.

How To Communicate And Understand Women

The Second Adolescence Stage

Women go through adolescence twice, The second adolescence starts near the age of 43 and reaches it's peak nearly by 46. The second adolescence or so called "Perimenopause" shows up with night sweats, erratic periods, sleeping problem, bladder problems and could continue to number of major health issues. During this phase, because of heavy hormonal fluctuation they could be as moody as a teenager.

How To Communicate And Understand Women

Different Response Patterns To Pain And Anxiety

Female's brain shown to be more responsive to any small amount of stress. They attend to get impressed very quickly and find unstable emotions filled by anxiety. Women are less able to cope with high level of stress while this sensitivity can have benefits on it's own as it keeps the mental state alerted and flexibly aware, but it's continue in a long time can be damaging.

How To Communicate And Understand Women

The Sex Drive - Turn Off

Woman's sex drive is way more sensitive than a man. Women can easily get turned off and the sexual drive goes upset with no comeback in a while. "Anger" "Distrust" and even having "Cold feet" could be a reason to reject a man to the moment. Pregnancy and menopause could potentially impress women's sexual drive in a off road as well. In order to have an active sexual mood specially to have an orgasm, many certain areas in her brain must come to a closure.

How To Communicate And Understand Women


Listening is the most recognized mechanism of women. It is not a secret that women love hear. Women tend do understand the emotional parts of messages more effectively than men. Women process the messages on both sides of the brain and her brain responds positively to emotional phrases.

How To Communicate And Understand Women

Unpredictable And Complex Behaviors

Complex physical, hormonal and psychological structure owned by woman won't make the unpredictable behaviors too surprising. Women has a very independent dictionary. What's been expressed is not what she necessarily meant. If there is a "Yes" according to woman's exclusive urban dictionary could be a big "No".

How To Communicate And Understand Women

The second step is to explore hormonal activities which primarily works under brain's authorization and every element above are connected to the hormonal ups and downs one way or another as well.

2. Hormonal Activities

Complex System

Women's hormonal system "Menstrual cycle" and how it works is noticeably complex.

Follicular Phase, Ovulation, Cervical Mucus And Cervical Position, Time Of Ovulation, Ovulation And Conception, The Luteal Phase, Menstruation, are the cycle's processes during each month of occurrence.

Week 1: As estrogen begin to increase after her menstruation, she start to feel better, feel renewed as well as being optimistic and finding positive outlooks. Feels energized and outwards.

Week 2: Estrogen is toward the monthly pinnacle. She feels beautiful, sexy and more energetic, she feels on the top of the world, igniting and bursting out the energy and impacting everyone delightfully.

Week 3: After ovulation, estrogen dives down a bit, but fortunately the increase of progesterone avoids a full breakdown. She still feels energetic and active but there are moments of doubt and insecurity as well as being moody and grouchy at times.

Week 4: Both estrogen and progesterone decreases. She can be hunted by uncontrollable anger, depression, aches, mood swings, fatigue, poor concentration, she might need more free space and alone time.

Menstrual cycle is also followed by number of healthcare issues and risks as well, such as:

Absence Of Periods (Amenorrhoea), Painful Periods (Dysmenorrhoea), Heavy Bleeding (Menorrhagia), Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

How To Communicate And Understand Women

The last step in order to understand women and to maintain a healthy relation with them is to explore their culture and personal preferences. Recognizing what environment they coming from. Each area, each region and each location holds a different type of big and slight culture and system. Brain grow and set the principles according to it. There is a majority culture where high rate of people been recognized by it and then individual tastes that comes to be varied for each person.

3. Practices And Individual Preferences

Majority Cultures

American Women:

They strive to be independent and original in appearance American women are probably are one of the most unpredictable and hardest ladies to stereotype.

Canadian Women: Canadian women are very competitive in the workplace, Many are extremely feminine, wear make up, get nails done and wear the latest modern fashions.

Russian Women: Russian women hold the value in traditions and chivalry. They take pride in themselves and have dress to impress attitude. Most of them claim Russian Orthodox faith but almost half of them really practice it.

How To Communicate And Understand Women

How To Communicate And Understand Women
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  • Tdieseler
    Did this N**ga just try to EXPLAIN women? Dude, you remind me of when I discovered girls and dating, i must have read every dating book there was, watched every video... but when i went into the field... i shit you not... NOTHING worked. I had to bit by bit relearn how women work and think and all that, studying them, acting certain ways in order to get certain reactions, stimuli... response, hereby becoming one of the best players (without using the easy tools such as looks or money) in my city. Mr effin Perfect. but it was all experiments.
    Any REAL man on this earth knows that the key to understanding women is..."we will never understand women"... All you did was state bio-chemical facts...(i have to admit, i did like the part where their brain shrinks 4% during pregnancy, explains some of the outright STUPID decisions, and crazy craves some of them have lol)...

    You want to understand women, think "crazy"... and you'll be just fine. Me? I understand enough to know i won't fully understand them, i just play my role as a man. Works just fine.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    Am I the only one who's not complicated at all and is very simple to understand like when I say something I mean it, I'll say things straight up and well I'm just pretty simple and easy to understand (normal) lol
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    • Nicola_7

      nah i agree with you, im pretty straight forward. if it annoys me ill say, if i want something ill say etc. not all girls are a complex mystery guys, all this mystifying us is just making your lives harder, talk to us like you would anyone and i promise you will get better responses!

    • Anonymous

      @Nicola_7 yasss girl! I think most people should just be striajt forward too! Yeah I don't get why guys think all girls are complicated most are not and I 100% agree with what you said just talk to us like you'd talk to anyone or your guy friends

    • Well, you are misunderstanding some subjects. By nature, women has more complex physical and psychological system. That is a fact. Study further and you'd be amazed. But if there is a complex system, that does not mean it is necessarily too difficult to understand. Therefore, personally, to me it is very easy to understand women, actually emotionally, women's feelings and behaviors are so straight in front of the eyes. All someone need is to be eyes and ears in order to have healthy communication. With that said, you made an example of being "Straight Forward" there are millions of women across the planet. The nature by genetic as the gender "Female" all are the same. But the percentage of behaviors and how you practice to those foundations goes noticeably different. What you feel, do, see and behave would be completely different than any other women. The Yes and No example i have made because if you do research, there are several projects that occurred on thousand of women

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  • redeyemindtricks
    Lol... it's interesting *which* things you decided to copy and paste.

    Couple things bruh

    The first three words of the title are, "How To Communicate".
    ... but, I see 0 words in this whole take about... uh... how to communicate.
    In fact, I see 0 words in this entire take about how you think men "should" INTERACT with women AT ALL -- except for one very vaguely written bit about how we like when people listen to us. (EVERYONE appreciates good and empathetic listeners, dude. That's not a "female" trait.)

    Considering this take itself is a form of communication, it's amusing that you forgot to, erm, communicate that part.


    I laughed out loud at that part about "anger killing sex drive".


    BOREDOM kills our sex drive. Not anger. The right kind of anger can set the stage for the most satisfying sex imaginable. #mmhmm #hatefuckingisthebestfucking

    That whole list of the menstrual cycle?

    Uh, um, yeah... you kinda forgot... uh... the menstrual period itself?

    You have "week 1" starting AFTER the period. That's not how it works. The period starts on "day 1"... so, for the most part, "week 1" **IS** the menstrual period. At least half the week, even for women with shorter periods.

    But, like, lol yeah. How can you talk about menstrual cycles and leave out The Period?





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    • 1. Communication comes with understanding. My post is not about to hook up with woman. It is about basic understanding from analyzing underlying facts about gender expression and psychology. If you fail to understand that, keep your inside box life to yourself please.
      2. What kind of woman are you that you don't know you should not generalize women. Each human being and each woman with the other woman is different. Even in my post, i talk about possibilities and elements not 100 % the action of truth. Your individual desire does not go to all millions of women around the world.
      3. What kind of educated grown woman are you that you don't know "Menstruation" refers to period and it's the same by dictionary. You seem taking your lessons very well ma'am.
      4. So is that how people get graduated in your area? copy and paste? well this is not our culture where i live. So i am sorry i will study about copy-paste culture more to recognize it better.

    • Yr week 1 description *starts* with "estrogen increasing AFTER menstruation".

    • Was that hard to recognize the timing?
      First of all, ma'am , week does not mean (the actual week) it's a phrase compared to "seasons" each phrase of period to each season for a better understanding. I used week instead of naming the seasons.
      Second of all, Yes the first week is after menstruation, which goes to next chapter having the next period to the week 4. again comes to week 1 to end up with week 4. the steps and the cycle of moods in order due hormonal changes.

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  • Darkone1
    WoW man excellent mytake. You find the perfect balance between the "Physiology" and "General population Knowledge". You could have easily ruined it by using medical terms (pyknosis or congestion) but you achieve perfection.

    Woman are influenced by the hormonal swings cuz there are plenty of neural pathways between Limbic system and Hypothalamus.
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  • ManOnFire
    I think people try to overcomplicate women and make an issue of them being hard to understand a lot more than is the case or really even very necessary. And some women add to it by enjoying some idea that they have to be "figured out" and are more complex, as if it would indicate more depth.
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    • Super agree!
      You just pointed what's in my heart! "Special thank you for that" Women has complex system in compare of men. But it is entirely easy to understand women. And we say "Understand women" it is not like women are from another planet NO! easily there are some directions in women's mind and body that varied from male. For a better communication and understanding it is beneficial to notice, Despite the fact many men complain the complications and their daily encounters with women which is "men's fault" due lack of education and understanding. And then it's sad for me to recognize many women go through their life without getting a proper knowledge how both genders work by nature and human psychology.

    • ManOnFire

      @UnknownReflection Well, the thing is that we stupidly teach men to think that women are more complicated and need a special kind of understanding to really get them, and women re-enforce it like I was saying. Are women different? Yes, in some ways, but in many ways they're pretty much the same, but either have a variation in that sameness, or we just don't want to think they're the same. We overcomplicate women while we try to oversimplify men.

    • I agree! but considering the complex of women is about admitting the fact. But acting like it is completely out of reach is a very low behavior.
      Don't forget that for centuries women wasn't even important enough to be searched and analyzed. Still today women get treated badly and men constantly act like many emotional issues belongs to women and that is women's fault. Which is untrue. I hate to see uneducated men from the past and present taking their lack of knowledge on women. While this is their responsibility to understand the hormonal, psychological and behavioral differences. But at the same time, i am tired of men who say "So ok, women are complicated, this and that, i give up" they give up and still complain. The lowest behaviors coming by men when it comes to this subject. We must accept and teach the differences while accepting that understanding it is very easy and so reachable. So we take the responsibility and don't blame everything on women nor act like dummies.

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  • i1T2daty
    Don't talk, don't fix, don't solve; just listen. Listen to her words when she talks, listen to her body as she responds to your tactile play. pay attention to body language and be willing to admit your wrong - when that's the case
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    • That's something every man should learn. Communication and consistent affection and attention. Good points.

  • glock33sig357
    Like a woman told me women can't even understand women, just accept they good qualities and don't tolerate they excuses/ double standards for they're many; you're required by them to " Man Up and take responsibility for yourself " demand the same nothing less.
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    • It's a good point you have made. But claiming nobody can't understand women, even women themselves. This is where my disappointment comes from.
      1. Lazy men who just complain which this is their responsibility to understand and educate themselves, they take no desire yet complain and fail a lot as well.
      2. Women who go through their lives without fully be educated about what's happening in their brain, body , behavioral revolutions and psychological - hormonal activities. That's awful.
      Women is easy to understand. Very easier than some trying to make it sound like.

  • Idonthaveausername
    You did a good job at explaining the facts about women. The problem is you still need a translator to help you understand what it all means. Lol
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    • That is funny! i like that. But no, not really. To me it's really easy to understand women. Women has a complex physical and psychological system. Despite the fact a huge percent women go through their lives without knowing many certain facts and reaching a full understanding when it comes to their own body specially when it comes to sexuality. But it is not hard to understand it. It is the nature of our humanity. And it it easier than some people try force it be like. Also the fact that from every five friend of mine four of them are woman. I find woman easier to understand, handle and communicate with. I do appreciate your input tho. A work is only valued when all kind of opinions come on the table about it.

    • Each man and woman is different in their own way, but all humans have similar psychology. If you can understand the way someone thinks and why they think that way, you won't have any problem understanding them

      What you need to know about someone to understand them is what makes them insecure and afraid. Fear is the dominant emotion. People do everything based on what they fear will or will not happen if they do or do not do something. If you can figure out what someone fears, then the rest of them is easy

      I'd say that boys who grow up with female sisters and aunts tend to be able to communicate with and understand women better than those who haven't. Girls sometimes sound like a different species, but we are all human. We aren't that scary to talk to if you make us feel comfortable around you

    • I am failing to understand if you are just stating your side of perspective Or you are stating that how you look at it is right and the rest is wrong or unnecessary?
      Well, that is your way of understanding. To you and people like you maybe to tend just live life and earn your prize by experience. But me i'd like educate myself and study the nature and science that is out there as facts. And then combine it with my favorite course, "Psychology" which is the key understanding of every human being. Sure, i have already stated up there in my article. We have two nature. Human nature and gender nature. Which it seems you don't want to believe in gender nature. The fact is gender brain exist and i am tired of lazy men who tend to just say women is complicated which totally untrue. (women has complex system than men but it is not hard to understand) and then women themselves who go through completely uneducated about their own beings. Emotions are part of "Psychology" so of course fear is

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  • yotes-of-472
    I don't know where the adage of women are complicated and men and simple came from but a feminist probably coined it.

    I do agree that the sexes have different brain wiring, so to understand the opposite sex is quite difficult. I don't think this G@G forum will make men and women understand each other better. I think real life experiences does that. Not using message boards to chat and post with one another.
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    • You talking about experience. Majority of men from 20 years old to 60 years old putting the awareness and i assume you are not into science world of discussions, sessions and researches.
      However, experience is a very important factor. I attend to agree with you. But the DNA, Genetic, Psychology facts and differences exist. I am amazed how some people and as it seems a lot of people, enjoy living their life at the simplest level with the least of the vast information. Me? Noway. I enjoy studying the genders specially women. And i love to look at everything deep. The underlying factors. Not just like some populations who attend to live life by realizing normal instincts as "oh hey i have this genital! so i'm male, and then, oh girls do like it when you say that" and that's it. That is disappointing for me.
      And you point toward Feminism shows like the majority of the members in this community you are have no idea what Feminism is really about and these things has nothing to do with

    • The real movement.
      These posts are a sign to those men that i call "dummies" try to explore their life little bit more and try to get out of their stupidity and get their education to the next level.
      Experience might be enough but not for me and people like me.
      This community gives us this opportunity to sent a message through. But we can not expect everyone understand the message.

    • I'm just saying that writing on message boards doesn't get inside what somebody thinks. To do that, you need the face to face contact.

      I am aware what feminism is. I have a different interpretation than you and others. Don't we all?

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  • capturemyheartnow
    I try to understand women more by their body language.
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    • That's a good way. But that is entitled to "Body language" category which is little connected to my topic above but it is totally an independent subject on it's own.

    • Your topic is good and it is more scientific in nature , but I understand women from the practical side from experience and i am not at all aware of your scientific nature of evaluating women and communicating that way. But my ways are fairly effective although You are more scientific. I think , less than 5% of the people will understand , interact and communicate with women the way you do. You are miles ahead of me. If I thinking of keeping you by my side to guide me.

    • Your expression toward me is very flattering! that's so nice of you and i appreciate it.
      Your way is suit and effective enough. Despite i believe everyone must start with the roots and underlying psychological and scientific elements. Yet, everyone has their own way and as long as it works fine, nothing is a problem. In your case body language is very important factor on it's own. And During the time where i am sharing my own outlooks to different group of people, your 5 % example proved me over the time! the newest update is here! the comments on this take shows a lot!

  • Mesonfielde
    Lol you just need to learn the ability to read emotions from facial expressions / voice pattern / general "vibe"

    Then you'll be able to understand why anyone does anything as long as their IQ is above 95
    • Facial expression, voice pattern, and vibe is something related to body language and they physical traits. We should studied that when we are like 15 years old. And they are so super simple. When they told me general population can't understand or live their lives upon such deeper factors i did not believe them. But here another proof arrived.

    • I had to learn of some of these from a book

      But it worked out afterwards

    • In my opinion it's good if people look into books and researches out there and understand deeper underlying of what happening in our body than normal stereotypes. So i admire you for your the least search. It is a bit strange to me how our society or we should say global society mostly live their lives by normal experiences and just the instincts they grow with only and just according to how they've been taught, seen and heard. My article is not the full documentary, it's only one piece of a bigger image. I am not saying people should see the way i see. But it is just so strange how most of people put their lives ahead based on simple lifestyle and the least certain knowledge and understanding. I felt so agreed when one of the members here commented to me that only 5% of society would understand and do as you wrote.

  • Likes2drive
    Interesting take, trying to figure out the mind of a woman sounds even more complicated now 😊
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    • Thank you :) but no please don't give up! work on it!! lol!

    • Yeah I kind of have a bit of experience since I was married 17 years

    • I can tell! I wish you the best further in your together journey.

  • sherbearee
    omg this is so technical
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    • Technical in a bad way or a good way! ?

    • sherbearee

      it's well written, though possibly too scientific to be really useful for the general population.
      but nice take overall

    • Thank you so much!
      You might be right! i mean your point can be understandable by looking at the some existed comments below. But i assume it is time for society to take further and stop living in a closed box about the presented facts about each gender and then personal intakes of each human being as well as psychology! One of the main reasons i have done this is to give the least tip to men who complain the complication of women like " it is women's fault" and then they take no desire to educate themselves about none of the courses. Nor science nor psychology. And women who tend to take everything way too easily about their own self! going through their lives not knowing what's really happening over the course of their brain activities and hormonal-behavioral co-relations. I appreciate your comment and opinion. It means a lot.

  • laurapalmer
    Science can't explain us!
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    • Oram52

      That's the problem nothing can Lol

    • Science does not explain everything. But it does enough. However, Not everything is science, Specially here. What i have said above is not only by science! Psychology and behaviors related to it is part of the role.

    • @UnknownReflection I know lol I was just making a joke

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  • Browneye57
    Written by a guy? Are you kidding me?
    Oh boy...

    • Is that a bad thing or a good thing?

    • Browneye57

      It's not a good thing. You have some points, but it's written like a girl. Guys aren't interested in all that crap cuz it's just all about their feelings.
      Remember, an average woman utters approxumately 20,000 words per day - a guy about 5K. That's what all that chatter is about - listen and nod once in awhile, let them chatter. They really like to hear themselves anyway and not so much interested in what you have to say or what you think.
      Also, watch what they do, not what they say. There is where the truth is.

  • Pig_Sty
    Very informative myTake. Keep it up! 👍
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  • ThisDudeHere
    "Why can't women just make sense?" hur dur
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  • Chico_brah
    Really good analysis lol. Bravo
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  • Kelfuma
    I base my understanding of women through the relationship of the trinity.
    • mistixs


    • Kelfuma

      You must really look beyond the Bible if you seek the to understand the trinity. First off, even though the trinity has always been, there actually is an order to the trinity. First was the Father, then came the Son, and lastly came the Spirit. This is seen in the creation of Adam and Eve: first there was God, then He created Adam, and from the bones of Adam, came Eve. Even though there are exceptions, all the most notable saints of the past have all been male. Didn't you ever think this was strange? Why wasn't there ever a female version of Jesus, Buddha, or Muhammad? Why weren't there any females in the first 12 disciples of Jesus?

      It is law: men are truly more spiritually powerful than women. Why were men always dominate over women in the entire history of mankind? However, this does not mean women are inferior at all. If there is a superior, there is an inferior. If there is an up, there must be a down.

    • Kelfuma


      In the real world, the very best of men let the women do the chasing, never the other way around. A man who chases women is doomed for life and he will never earn the love or admiration of the women. The Eternal Son of God is the beacon for which mankind ever strives towards attaining the Father. But it is the Infinite (or Holy) Spirit that provides the means in which all men may approach the Eternal Son.

      Look at the example of Christianity: all Christians ultimately depend on Jesus (the Son) in order to be with God. But it requires the Spirit (the Christian churches and communities) in order to really lead one towards Jesus and ultimately towards God.

      The basic message of this is that if you find God, you find every thing. Men have a more direct route towards God (doesn't mean it's easy AT ALL) but women ultimately depend on Men to guide them towards God. It's just like women ultimately depend on semen to be pregnant.

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  • bloodmountain1990
    Great take
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  • Adigelunar
    we r complicated
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    • Agree! lol! however, Complex system: yes but hard to understand: No.

  • Psychology
    Beautiful analysis.
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  • MancGuyUK
    They sure are confusing
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  • Anonymous
    You just made me even more confused...
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    • I firmly suggest you to keep your normal understanding and life. If you think about this article too much when you can't connect with it and never seen other perspectives. You will lose your own normal way. So ignore this and keep it to your own way like you never seen this.

  • Anonymous
    you said that good
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  • Anonymous
    I like how you're tried to analyse it, and I'm trying to understand it. I always thought trying to fathom the females was impossible though. SO confusing.

    As in even with female friends who are very into you, they suddenly text you, then go awol when you respond. When using WhatsApp it becomes obvious and is irritating to say the least (not to mention inconsiderate). I wrote a question on it, I'd love to hear your ideas.
  • Anonymous
    i usually start with the basics... sit, laydown, ccome here, and if they are ready... roll over
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  • Anonymous
    I think I'll just stay single
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  • Anonymous
    I still don't get it...
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